Monthly Archives: September 2017

A look at October’s Uchu Sentai Kyuranger & Kamen Rider Build Toys

With Toku series like Kyuranger and Build currently airing another new month means new toys for these two shows. Of course Bandai delivers again with some exciting things in the month of October. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger October features one big new toy in the form of the DX Orion Battler! This big mecha release for […]

Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Episode 14 & 15 Review

This past fortnight’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel has been a royal double-bill. In these episodes, we’re introduced to a new character as well as a new Zord! Here is Toku Toy Store’s review of episode 14, The Royal Rival, and episode 15, The Royal Rumble. The Royal Rival The programme opens at school with Sarah […]

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode 31 Review

As the battle to save the universe gets tougher and tougher, we get ever closer to finding out if our team of saviours can bring peace to every corner of space. The latest episode opens like many others with a recap of the last few episodes featuring the debut of Shishi Red Orion. After the opening, […]

Kamen Rider Build: 2nd Quarter Toy Catalogue Rumours

Recently, there has been rumors going around about some new toys for the second quarter of Kamen Rider Build. Toku Toy Store is here to keep you up to date with those rumours as they come in. The first new toy is the “Faust Driver”. The Faust Driver will allow the members of Faust to […]

Kamen Rider Build: Episode 4 Review

Build has certainly made an impression in the tokusatsu world so let’s take a look at the latest episode. The episode opens with a quick recap of the first 3 episode as told by Sento and Ryuuga. After the recap, the episode opens with Sento remembering some more about his time being experimented on by Faust […]

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