Everything we know so far about the Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear

Happy Kaixa Day, folks! In celebration of the date on the calendar that resembles Kamen Rider Kaixa’s henshin activation number, 9/13, Premium Bandai have published the pre-order information for their latest offering in the Complete Selection Modification line, the Kaixa Gear.

As with the previously released CSM Faiz Gear, the Kaixa Gear will be available in two forms. When pre-ordering, you have the choice of getting the Kaixa Belt alone or a complete set of all of the weapons and side arms used by Kaixa during the series. The full set, while costly, will net you the Kaixa Driver, Kaixa Shot, Kaixa Pointer and Kaixa Blaygun.

The Kaixa Gear differs significantly from the original Deluxe (DX) version of the toy. As with the Faiz Gear, a plethora of sounds have been added to each item included within the set. The keypad on the cellphone features individually pressable buttons, which can be used to unveil up to nine different sounds within the toy. By pressing the CALL button whilst the phone is ringing, you can unlock voice clips from Kusaka, Mari, and Keitaro. Moreover, the Kaixa Phone also carries three of the show’s background music themes: “Kaixa”, “Side Basha” and “Eyes Glazing Over.”

Kamen Rider Kaixa also uses a bayonet style weapon, the Kaixa Blaygun, which is molded in a large size with a total length of about 87 cm. By installing and removing blade parts, it is possible to reproduce “Gun Mode” and “Blade Mode”. The Blaygun emits light using LEDs, including an image of an Orphenoch to help you target your attacks.

The Kaixa Pointer includes the functionality to transfer between “Binoculars Mode” and “Kick Mode” by attaching / detaching the mission memory. Similar to the Orphenoch image in the Blaygun, the Pointer will emit an X for targeting purposes. The Kaixa shot operates in a similar fashion and can be transformed between “Camera Mode” and “Knuckle Mode,” again by attaching or detaching the mission memory.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of this set is the ability to communicate wirelessly between each of the set’s components. When the Kaixa Blaygun, Pointer or Shot interact with the Kaixa Driver, you can activate Kaixa’s Exceed Charge finishing attacks, Kaixa Slash, Gold Smash and Grand Impact.

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In addition to the product images you’ve seen here, Bandai also released a video featuring Murakami Kohei playing with the Kaixa Driver and Kaixa Blaygun, which can be viewed below:

You may need to sell a kidney to get it but we definitely think it’s worth the hefty price tag. Will you be picking up the CSM Kaixa Gear? Let us know in the comments!

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