A look at October’s Uchu Sentai Kyuranger & Kamen Rider Build Toys

With Toku series like Kyuranger and Build currently airing another new month means new toys for these two shows. Of course Bandai delivers again with some exciting things in the month of October.

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

October features one big new toy in the form of the DX Orion Battler! This big mecha release for Kyuranger features 2 Kyutama: #13 Orion and SP All Voyager. Orion Battler has it’s voyager mode, warrior mode, and can dock/shoot voyagers in it’s cannon mode. It’s cannon mode can also be fired by all the other voyagers to create a very large attack force! This giant final mecha will retail for the large price of 12,000 yen in Japan. Orion Battler will release on October 7th.

Kamen Rider Build

Build has a lot of new toys this month including new Full Bottles, vinyl figures and weapons.

Let’s start with the Full Bottles; October 14th will see the release of the DX RocketPanda Full Bottle set. This set allows Build to transform into his Best Match of RocketPanda. As with most Full Bottle sets this set will cost 900 yen. Of course, these Full Bottles will work in the Build Driver and can be used to make Trial Forms with other preexisting Full Bottles.


This month will also feature 4 new vinyl figures for Build. All of these will retail for 900 yen in Japan.

First is the villain Blood Stark. He will release on October 7th.


Then on October 14th is the first of 3 new Best Matches for Build with the Flying Monotone! RocketPanda! vinyl figure.


October 21st sees the release of the Rescue Kenzan! FireHedgehog! vinyl figure.


Finally, October 28th has the Mane Cyclone! LionCleaner! vinyl figure.


The final toys for Build this month are ones releated to the villains Night Rogue and Blood Stark.

First up is their transformation device, the DX TranSteam Gun. The TranSteam Gun comes with Night Rogue’s Bat Full Bottle. This toy has a pin reader so it seems to be able to read the other Full Bottles. The chamber that holds the Full Bottles also has an LED that will light up the translucent pieces of the Full Bottles. Inserting a Full Bottle will activate the transformation while pulling the trigger with a bottle inserted will activate the finisher attack. The gun retails for 3,800 yen and it will be released on October 14th.

Next is the DX Steam Blade, the weapon for the 2 villains. The Steam Blade comes with Blood Stalk’s Cobra Full Bottle. Pulling the trigger will activate sounds and turning the vale will give you finisher attacks. When you combine the 2 weapons you get the Steam Rifle weapon. This mode has even more attack sounds. The blade retails for 3,000 yen and will also be released on October 14th.

Seems like a great month full of great toys for these toku series! Of course all these toys and more will be avalible at http://www.tokutoystore.com/ !

What toys are you looking forward to seeing in the show this month? Are there any you are picking up? Leave a comment below!







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