New Premium Bandai Kamen Rider Ex-Aid DX Gashats Revealed

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid ended a month ago but Bandai isn’t done with your wallet yet! Premium Bandai is back at it again with some more Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Gashats. Revealed today were 2 new Gashats to be featured in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending V-Cinemas coming out spring of next year.

The first Gashat revealed is one that was already known,  DX God Maximum Mighty X. This Gashat was announced a month ago when the movies were announced. It was to be packaged along with the DVD & Blu-ray special editions of the movie trilogy but now it seems you can buy this Gashat & DVD/Blu-ray set on Premium Bandai. Since it comes only in this special set, the price is pretty steep. Today Premium Bandai revealed the jingles and more photos of this upcoming Gashat. It’s assumed this Gashat will be featured in the Genm vs Lazer V-Cinema but since it’s coming with all 3 movies it could have more importance that that.

This Gashat is a repaint of Ex-Aid’s Maximum Mighty X Gashat done up in Genm’s colors. It has Kuroto Dan written all over it. The sounds also match his characters. It’s unknown if this Gashat will be used for a new form for Genm but it probably will be in at least one of the V-Cinemas.

Here are the translated transformation jingles:

“Gachan!” “I-mmor-tal!”

“The Ultimate God’s Genius” “Kuroto Dan!” “Kuroto Dan”

“God Maximum X!”

“God Maximum Critical Blessing!”

Extremely fitting for Kuroto’s new Gashat. He of course makes his Gashat be all about him.

But wait, there’s more…

The other Gashat revealed from Premium Bandai is the DX Gashat Gear Dual Another. This Gashat is just a greyscale repaint of the original Gashat Gear Dual used by Kamen Rider Para-DX. It’s basically just a Proto Gashat version of his Gashat. The sounds for the Perfect Puzzle and Knockout Fighter henshins appear to be the same as the original release. The new sounds come from what the Perfect Knockout jingle was. In the movie a new Rider known as Kamen Rider Another Para-DX will use this Gashat to transform.

Here is the translated jingle for the new Perfect Knockout:

“The evil power fist,  the dark puzzle chain! A champion of pure evil! Perfect Knockout!”

It definitely sounds evil! It appears this new Rider is the villain for the Para-DX with Poppy V-Cinema. With a Gashat revealed for 2 of the 3 V-Cinemas could more be on the way for the Brave and Snipe V-Cinema as well? Time will tell.

Could it be these two Gashats along with Doctor Mighty XX and Knockout Fighter 2 were the Gashats Kuroto was seen working on at the end of the show? It would make sense as these 4 Gashats line up pretty closely to his work here.



Will you be picking these Gashats up? Are you looking forward to the Ex-Aid V-Cinemas next year? Comment down below!

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