Kamen Rider Build: Photos of Upcoming Toys Leaked

This year, at the end of year reception in Kawada, some upcoming toys for Kamen Rider Build were shown off. Most of these toys were still in some prototype form as they were unpainted. Thanks to Dengeki Hobby Web we have some photos of these upcoming toys.

Most upcoming toys shown off were some of the November releases. These include the Cross Dragon. The Cross Dragon comes with the Dragon Full Bottle and is used in the Build Driver by the secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Cross.


Continuing with Kamen Rider Cross, here is his weapon the Beat Crosser. Like the Cross Dragon, this toy is seen in its unpainted, prototype form. The Beat Crosser does have Full Bottle functionality but it’s not sold with any.


The toy for Build’s bike, which comes with the Lion Full Bottle can be seen as well. This bike is scaled to work with the Build Bottle Change figure line.

For other Build toys, some upcoming weapons and Full Bottles were shown off. Build’s upcoming weapon for his PirateTrain form, the Kaizoku Hassha. This bow weapon is also unpainted. Like Build’s other side weapons no Full Bottles are sold this this weapon. It dosen’t have any Full Bottle functionality. Also seen is the Pandora Panel, this toy comes with the Firetruck Full Bottle, which is needed to complete the Best Match with Vaccum. The Pandora Panel can hold up to 10 Full Bottles, so 5 Best Mathces. Both of these toys come out in November.


The final toy shown off at this event is the special Full Bottle for Build’s upgrade form RabbitTank Sparkling. This large Full Bottle takes up both slots in the Build Driver. It seems this toy is really close to ready as it matches the finished product from the toy scans. Due to the dim eyes on the bottle it’s possible this Full Bottle may light up on it’s own. This toy is out in December.


Away from this event, some images for a new Build Premium Bandai toy have been revealed. This item, the Snap Ride Builder, is an accessory for the Build Change Rider Series figures. It’s made to replicate the transformation sequence for Build’s Best Matches this piece allows the two halves of Build to be clipped in one on each side and have Build stand in the middle to get the show effect.

The images revealed showcase this being used by the 4 released, or about to be released figures in the Build Change Rider Series.

1- RabbitTank




This piece can be used by future releases of the line as well. Since it’s interchangeable none of the pipes have colors in them as it would make it not show accurate. If you are a collector of the Build Change Rider Series then this piece is perfect for your collection! This toy is due out in February 2018 from Premium Bandai.

Keep your eyes here on Toku Toy Store News for all the details about upcoming Kamen Rider toy releases, as well as those from other tokusatsu series.

Will you be picking up any of these new toys? Do you collect the Build Rider Change figures? Let us know in the comment section below!

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