Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Episode 17 Review


The last few years have had many elections. The 2016 presidential election, the French presidential election, the general election, the other general election and the impending 3rd general election. But all of them are irrelevant compared to this! *Cough* Yeah, sorry for that. But anyway, school election episode. I can’t think of a segway.

The episode starts off with Calvin and Hayley being late to school where we get introduced to Phonepanzee, a monster who can copy people’s voices. I have a lot of problems with this villain. Firstly, considering he has to collect the voices individually, why didn’t he just watch clips of past Galaxy Warriors episodes and collect them from there? Considering how quickly he got their voices in the episode it would’ve just made sense to do that. But anyway Calvin and Hayley arrive at school and they see that the student body president elections are happening so they both compete. They each hire some of the other rangers to help them with their campaign. While the Rangers were discussing the election, Phonepanzee copies the rest of their voices and they notice him after he trips on a bike. Ignoring the fact that that a bike is one of the hardest things to trip up on, this is the next problem I have with him. They can’t decide whether to make him good or bad at being a villain. For example: he trips up on a bike, making himself noticeable yet he cleverly uses the Rangers voices against them in the fight scenes.

And now a problem I have with the episode as a whole, it cuts between the action and the subplot really awkwardly. When the Rangers were talking earlier, It looked like they were going to carry on with the campaign after the conversation finished. But they out of nowhere just started a fight scene. Remember how in the introduction It looked like I had a clear idea of how it was going to go but I changed it for something completely different? I did that to show how awkward the episode can be at times. And when the fight scene was over, they went back to the subplot nbd acted like nothing happened. So yeah, the presidential campaigns go on normally until someone starts a food fight using some cake that Hayley and Calvin were giving out as freebies. The writers then decide to actually do something clever and make Phonepanzee phone the Rangers individually, pretending to be another Ranger blaming the food fight on a different Ranger.

So Brody, Calvin and Sarah go to confront Hayley, under the impression that she started the fight, and they getting kidnapped and their power stars get stolen by Phonepanzee. Hayley and Preston hear that Calvin started the fight but they get stopped by Mick on the way, telling them they they shouldn’t believe everything they hear. While that is a good lesson, how does Mick know that the monster was behind the phone calls? In fact, I don’t even think he knew about the food fight. They go and investigate anyway and they bring Levi with them. They release the other rangers and retrieve their stars. They all morph and defeat Phonepanzee using one of the coolest finishers in the show so far. He, of course, grows (after a nice season 1 reference) and they defeat him using the Megazords. They go back to school and Calvin and Hayley withdraw from the election after all the trouble competing has caused.

Besides a few clever moments, this wasn’t a very good episode. It awkwardly cut from the action and the sub-plot and it had a ton of unnecessary scenes. It felt like an episode from earlier in the season where they had no idea where the series was going to go.

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