Kamen Rider Build: Episodes 8 & 9 Review

Apologies for the delay in our regular programming! A lot has been happening recently that has slowed us down a tad. Full steam ahead now!

So at the end of Episode 7, we saw Build get a new Best Match in the form of RocketPanda as well as finding out that Katsuragi Takumi was the founder for Faust and creator of the SMASH.

Episode 8 begins with Katsuragi’s mother lying to local authorities about where Sento and Banjou the clown are then she questions if Blood Stark had been telling the truth about her son, Takumi, founding Faust.

Returning from the opening credits we see the three leaders of the different parts of Japan in a meeting about what Build and SMASH are doing in Hokuto as well as questioning if Touto is planning to turn them into military weapons. We also see Himuro saying the other two nations want to attack Touto because the leaders had been exposed to the light emitted by the Pandora’s box when the Sky Wall event happened.

Following in from that we see Himoru talking to Blood Stark about retrieving Build’s Rider System for the military uses it could have. We then see Sento talking to Katsuragi’s mother about Takumi and what kind of man he was and what role his father had. It’s also revealed that Takumi was at the Sky Wall event and that the light could’ve changed him as well and that his father had committed suicide after the event due to criticism which made Takumi decide to be a scientist and try to understand Pandora’ s Box. 

Sento then reveals that he’s after some research data that may have been left with her when Banjou’s stomach rumbles and we see a flashback of Takehiko saying about how Takumi’s mum would only make rolled omelettes every day. Takumi’s mum then reveals that Takumi had visited her a week before his death and had left a memory stick with her with all his research data on it which she had hid in Touto.

We then see her driving to Touto with Sento and Banjou the clown hidden in the boot when they reach the checkpoint. Once they were cleared they headed onwards when they are suddenly attacked by Night Rogue who kidnaps Takumi’s mum. We then see her in a Faust facility with Himoru, talking about the hidden data Takumi had given her. Himoru tries to use a letter left by Takumi to bribe her into revealing the location of the data which she says is in a safety deposit box in a Touto bank when it’s revealed the letter is a fake and Himoru orders that she be dosed with Nebula Gas so she doesn’t remember talking to him.

After that happens we see Sento and Banjou the clown back at their base when Mii-Chan picks up a SMASH signal and gives Sento a new FullBottle as well as Owner giving Banjou a new disguise as a workman. We then see Katsuragi’s mum, as the SMASH from Episode 1, attacking a construction site when Banjou the workman fights her while Sento gets a new Best Match using Hedgehog and Firetruck to make FireHedgehog which he uses to swiftly defeat the SMASH  and return her to normal.

Sento then explains that she was kidnapped by Faust as she has no memory of it happening but she does ask Sento for more help. We then go to the bank where it’s revealed that the data isn’t there when Blood Stark calls Himoru with the real location which is where we find Sento and Banjou the workman digging up a small tin with the data in it when Blood Stark shows up and attacks the pair, easily dealing with Banjou and Sento transforming into HawkGattling. Himoru then shows up behind a tree and becomes Night Rogue to join in the fight and help Blood Stark fight Build while Banjou attacks Blood Stark to get the data back. As Build fights Night Rogue, he changes to GorrillaRocket then RocketPanda to try to defeat Night Rogue.

As Blood Stark fights Banjou, he comments about how Banjou’s Hazard Level keeps rising and he gives Banjou the data back and allows Banjou and Build to escape by holding back Night Rogue which he explains by saying they don’t need the data and that Sento can help them finish their project and that Banjou can put the project to use.

We then return to the café with Takumi’s mother giving Sento the data then a flash back explaining that the safety deposit box key was for anyone she didn’t trust with the data. Sento then tells her that he was able to decipher something he had found that was written by Takumi before he died basically thanking his mother. Sento then accesses the data revealing that Takumi had been working on the Build system before Sento became Build.

So at the start of Episode 9 we get the weekly recap of the previous episode then we see a video of Takumi showing what Project Build is. He explains that it’s designed as a defence system and that the FullBottles directly impact Build’s abilities. We also see the Wolf and Smartphone FullBottles just before the video ends.

We then get Sento, Banjou and Owner in the café basement saying about how they didn’t expect that Takumi was the one who had built the Build Driver system and Owner saying that he took the Driver, some FullBottles and a Pandora Panel from Faust, admitting he wanted to use it to protect Misora but couldn’t Henshin when Sento says about needing an above average Hazard Level to operate the Driver when Banjou has a flash back to Blood Stark telling him that his Hazard Level was rising higher, then Sento explains that the Nebula Gas experiments could be Faust looking for people compatible with the Rider Systems and Banjou getting angry over being used as a guinea pig and that Takumi deserved to die. Sento and Banjou then argue till a new FullBottle is ready and we go to the opening credits.

When we return from the opening credits we see Himoru in the bath at a bath house when someone called Nanba Juusaburou, Chairman of Nanba Heavy Industries, joins him and they talk about the Rider System and how it could change the global military status quo and that Himoru needs to convince someone to do something.

We then go to Sento at his day job, questioning if Takumi really is a Devil’s Scientist and someone turns round and tells him that Takumi wasn’t a bad person and was a genuine genius when Himoru’s aid shows up and tells Sento that the three presidents are visiting the next day and that they need his finding on the Pandora’s Box asap.

We return to the café and Banjou and Misora watching a video on a tablet when Banjou apologises and they go out in disguise and come across the shop that has an outfit Misora wanted. Misora then starts trying on outfits then they start doing other random activities together when they are almost found out by three of Miitan’s fans. Misora then reveals that she fell unconscious for 7 yearswhen the Sky Wall appeared and that purifying FullBottles made her sleep before Sento had built the tramsfer chamber.

Following that we see Banjou having a flash back of him with Kasumi before she died and him telling Misora they went on a lot of dates and that he really loved her and that the Dragon FullBottle makes him feel like she’s still with him when they are found by Faust bots. Misora calls Sento but gets cornered by Night Rogue who tells her he’s taking her back and she passes out. Banjou tries to fight Night Rohue but is easily punched aside when Blood Stark shows up and allows Banjou to escape with Misora.

They get cornered by Faust bots when NinninComic Build shows up and saves them. We then go to a Faust hideout with Blood Stark talking to Himoru and the latter revealing they are gonna steal the Pandora’s Box from Touto. We then see Himoru’ s aide telling Touto’s President that the other two Presidents have arrived to see the Pandora’s Box then Sento laying on a bench saying all-nighters suck. He then spots someone carrying an odd gas canister then finds him hacking a computer in a room full of knock out gas and questions what he is doing. The scientist, called Kuwata, then reveals a FullBottle and turns himself into a SMASH to avoid capture when Sento uses HawkGattling to follow him.

After that we see Misora waking up in her bed after passing out and Banjou again saying Sento could have been the one who  killed Takumi when Misora says that Sento told her that thanks to her ability, the Rider System can be used for good. She also tells Banjou that the Dragon was built as a guide for him. She also says how Sento is trying to atone for things when Banjou says he’s done nothing wrong. She then explains that Sento is trying to make sure something Takumi created is used for good instead of evil.

Following that, we go back to Sento fighting Kuwata when he uses the Lion and Vacuum FullBottles to make a new Best Match called LionCleaner which he uses to defeat the SMASH and return him to normal in a rather cool Voltech Finish. Kuwata then reveals that his job was to lure away Build and that he wasn’t working alone. Blood Stark is then shown in root to taking the Pandora’s Box and we also find out that Katsuragi Takumi is apparently still alive before Kuwata uses a FullBottle to disappear.

So what did you guys think of this week’s rather interesting reveals? Did you guess that Takumi may not actually be dead? Let us know in the comments below.

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