Uchu Sentai Kyuranger & Kamen Rider Build November Toy Scans

Another new month means new toys for Uchu Sentai Kyuranger & Kamen Rider Build. Voyagers, Full Bottles, new Riders, new forms, and new weapons are in store for this month.

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

This month only features the release of one more voyager. The Kojishi Voyager, coming with Kyutama 77 allows KyurenOh to become Super KyurenOh. This toy releases on November 3rd for 3,024 yen in Japan.

Kamen Rider Build

At the beginning of the month, there are 2 new Full Bottle sets that are based on past Riders. To kick this line off there is the DX W Full Bottle Set & DX Ex-Aid Full Bottle Set. Both sets will be released on November 3rd for 972 yen each.

The W set features the Full Bottles for Tantei (Detective) & USB Memory.


The Ex-Aid set features the Full Bottles for Doctor & Game.


Both these sets allow Build to access his Legend Rider forms based off of W & Ex-Aid.

Continuing with Full Bottles this month features the release of the Full Bottles missing from some of Build’s newest forms. The DX Pandora Panel, releasing on November 11th for 2,138 yen, comes with the DX Shoubousha (Firetruck) Full Bottle. The panel is able to hold 10 Full Bottles and makes a nice display piece.

Build’s bike also gets released on November 11th for 4,104 yen. The DX Build Phone comes with the DX Lion Full Bottle. This bike can be ridden by the Build Change Rider Series figures.

At the end of the month features the debut of Build’s new Best Match KaizokuRessha! This Full Bottle set includes the Kaizoku (Pirate) & Densha (Train) bottles. Releases on November 25th for 972 yen.27.jpg

The rest of the Full Bottles being released this month are a bit special. The DX Dragon Full Bottle will be released on November 18th with the DX Cross Dragon! The DX Cross Dragon is the main transformation device used by Kamen Rider Cross-Z, along with a Build Driver, to transform. This toy has sounds and can hold the Dragon Full Bottle as it does in the show.

Also releasing with the debut of Cross-Z is his main weapon the DX Beat Crosser. This sword weapon can hold a Full Bottle but it does not come with any. It also releases on November 18th.

The DX Cross Dragon can be bought for 3,024 yen while the DX Beat Crosser can be bought for 4,320. The 2 can also be bought together in a special set for 7,344 yen.


The other half of the Best Match for the Dragon Full Bottle will be released as a campaign this month. The DX Lock Full Bottle will be handed out with purchases of the DX Build Driver, DX Drill Crusher, or DX Beat Crosser.


The Lock Full Bottle can also be paired with the Orange Full Bottle from Gashapon Set 5 to get the Legend Rider sounds for Kamen Rider Gaim.


Finally, the Candy Toy Set 3 will include the Cake Full Bottle and Magician Full Bottle. Cake goes with the Santa Claus bottle coming with the Christmas Cake next month. The Magician bottle can be paired with Diamond to get the Kamen Rider Wizard sounds.

All of these Full Bottles can be used with the DX Build Driver and can be used to get many more Trial Forms and Best Matches.

The final DX toy for this month is the weapon that goes with Build’s KaizokuRessha form, the DX Kaizoku Hassha. This toy releases on November 25th for 3,240 yen.


Moving into figures and vinyl figures we have plenty.

The Build Rider Change series figures see the releases of the NinninComic (November 3rd), FireHedgehog (November 18th) and LionCleaner (November 25th). All of these figures will cost 3,780 yen. As with any Build Rider Change figures, these can be separated to make a bunch of Trial Forms.

This month’s vinyl figures include Build’s new Best Matches: LockDragon (November 11th) and KaizokuRessha (November 25th). The new Kamen Rider Cross-Z will also be released on November 18th. All of these figures will cost 972 yen.

Seems like a great month full of great toys for these toku series! Of course all these toys and more will be available at http://www.tokutoystore.com/ !

What toys are you looking forward to seeing in the show this month? Are there any you are picking up? Leave a comment below!

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