SODO Sundays: November 5, 2017

Hello, tokusatsu community! Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my biweekly series, SODO Sundays. This week we have news from Kamen Rider Build.

Kamen Rider Build

SODO Build Set 3 has revealed its final 2 figures. The first one shown off is Build’s newest Best Match appearing next week in Episode 10. This is the KeyDragon form:


This figure comes with a stand like most of Build’s forms. Also included is a Transteam Rifle for either Night Rogue or Blood Stark.


Set 3 also includes the newest Kamen Rider to join the series, Kamen Rider Cross-Z. Cross-Z is made using Build’s Dragon half and another different version of Dragon. Cross-Z comes with his Beat Crosser.


With that all of Build Set 3 is revealed.


  1. Lion
  2. Firetruck
  3. Dragon (Build)
  4. Key
  5. Dragon (Cross-Z)
  6. Blood Stark

Finally, Set 4 is teased to have Build’s bike, we shall see as Set 4 contents are revealed.


That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays! The next edition will be on Sunday November 19th on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel. For constant updates on the SODO/SHODO line go check out the @SODOFountain Twitter page.

You can view this week’s episode from the Toku Toy Store YouTube channel here:

Will you be picking up these figures? What figures do you want Bandai to make next? Leave a comment down below!

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