Kamen Rider Build Episode 10 Review

So last episode we had a couple of interesting reveals hinting Katsuragi Takumi could still be alive and that Faust are making a move on Pandora’s Box.

After the opening credits we see Banjou watching the video of Katsuragi showing Build’s initial features in a demo video when he gets a phone calls off Sento about Faust attacking the lab. We then see the three leaders of the Great States open the box containing Pandora’s box, cutting to a scene where we see Blood Stark attacking the lab and signalling one of his allies when a force-field goes up around the three leaders, followed up by Gentoku’s assistant acting distressed and concerned, then turning away and giving a subtle smirk.

Blood Stark and his troops are held up by the lab security, but at the click of his fingers he hacak the Government bots, making them attack the security team. We then go to Sawa Takigawa talking to Chairman Nanba about Pandora’s Box getting stolen and how it could start a war between the three states which could force Touto to use the Kamen Rider system.

Following that, we plan outside of the lab and Banjou is trying to break in by pretending to be one of the lab assistants that works there. He’s stopped by a guard who he lures away and steals his gear to sneak in. We then see the barrier lower as Blood Stark approaches the three leaders and Pandora’s Box. He then shoots out the cameras so Gentoku can’t see him then walks off with the Box in hand when Banjou catches up to him in a corridor. Banjou then fights some Faust bots to get to Blood Stark, using the Dragon FullBottle to help him.

After he wins, the other Lab assistant aiding Faust shows up and Blood Stark turns him into the Chain SMASH to fight Banjou. We then get Blood Stark on the roof with Gentoku who questions Stark about shooting out the cameras before transforming into Night Rogue and demands Pandora’s Box before fighting Blood Stark when Banjou catches up to them again and says that he beat the SMASH but didn’t grab it’s essence, which both confuses and impresses Blood Stark.

Banjou is then thrown aside by Blood Stark when Build shows up using HawkGattling then changing to LionCleaner to take on Night Rogue. Banjou fights Blood Stark again and starts winning against him with help from the Dragon FullBottle, and Blood Stark says about him finally awakening through his Hazard Level rising, which is now at Level 3.0

After that we get Build switching forms again to FireHedgehog against Night Rogue and pins him against a wall. Blood Stark then starts beating Banjou when Build tries to save him and gets grabbed by Night Rogue and Blood Stark shoots them both, defeating Build and making him change back to Sento and scattering his FullBottles before grabbing the Box and leaving. We then see Night Rogue taking Sento’s FullBottles, putting them on a Pandora Panel on their Best Matches, when he says about how Sento had used them to “kill” Banjou’s girlfriend, Kasumi. Cross Dragon flies up to Banjou and he has a flashback of Misora telling him how Sento built it to help him while Sento tries to stop Night Rogue from taking his FullBottles.

Banjou then tells the Cross Dragon to give Sento the Dragon FullBottle. Cross Dragon throws it into the port on it’s back and activates Cross Flame to attack Rogue and get the Lock FullBottle back allowing Sento to make the KeyDragon Best Match. Banjou then thanks Kasumi when Build announces he’s got the winning formula and starts beating Night Rogue forcing Rogue to retreat with the bottles. Build then suffers an electric shock from the Dragon FullBottle and changes back to normal, stating how the Dragon Bottle has some crazy power behind it. He then walks up to Banjou and returns the Dragon FullBottle and walks off. Before he leaves, Banjou says he believes in Sento and Sento says he was thinking the same about Banjou.

We then cut to Blood Stark with the Box who runs into an injured Chain SMASH and defeats him and takes the essence back when Sento catches up and the lab assistant, Kawai, says how Katsuragi Takumi couldn’t have died like everyone says. Blood Stark tells him Takumi is dead but the assistant says that Takumi could’ve easily faked his death. Blood Stark then walks up to him and sprays smoke into Kawai’s face before walking off. Sento then runs up to him and Kawai’s face changes to Kuwata’s face and Blood Stark jumps onto one of the mega robots which Sento gives chase to as Build.

Build then uses his bike and drill/gun to take out the mega bot and stop Blood Stark. He then changes back and questions Stark about if Stark is Takumi, why he faked his death, why he framed Banjou and why he was dosed with Nebula Gas. Stark replies asking if that’s really what Sento wants to know. Sento then asks about why Stark started Faust and created the SMASH and says about how he thought the Rider System was meant for National Defence and asks if it was meant for the sake of mankind’s future and if Stark, who Sento believes is Takumi, has lost sight of his scientific ideals.

Blood Stark then pushes him back and says that the Rider System is a military application meant for killing. He also says that the scientific ideals thing is Sento’s ego talking. Sento then says that if science is used right, it can make people happy when Stark Questions if Sento is sure and asks if Sento is trying to say he’s never hurt someone when Night Rogue knocks Sento out and demands the Box off Blood Stark again. Stark hands it over to Rogue while saying there’s only one place for them to return to when Rogue throws him aside.

We then return to the lab again and see two of the state’s leaders questioning what Touto’ s leader is gonna do about the Box being stolen when he says it is his fault but then suddenly collapses in what appears to be a heart attack. We then see Misora singing and dancing in the lab when she finds a bug under the stairs to the refinement chamber. We then get Rogue looking at two FullBottles when Sento grabs his ankle, demanding the Bottles back and Rogue kicks him and walks off laughing. Gentoku is then walking to the lab when he sees his dad being put into an ambulance who says that Gentoku is in charge of Touto till he’s better, to which Gentoku smiles about after his dad is taken away.

So what did you guys think of this week’s episode? Do you think Blood Stark really is Katsuragi Takumi? What will Faust do with the Pandora’s Box? Let us know in the comments below.

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