Kamen Rider Build Legend Rider Full Bottle Set Revealed

Premium Bandai has revealed a set of Legend Rider Full Bottles for Kamen Rider Build.

Unlike other Full Bottles based on elements of Legend Riders this set features 5 bottles each one based on a different Rider.

Included in this set is the Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, and Ghost Full Bottles. Putting them in the Build Driver by themselves will produce the Legend Rider sound for that specific Rider. With any other Full Bottle, these 5 also have Best Matches with each other. Fourze-Wizard, Gaim-Drive, and Ghost-Ex-Aid. The Ex-Aid Bottle is not featured in this set as it was a ticket campaign with Heisei Generations FINAL.

This set retails for yen and is up for pre-order till December 27th with a March 2018 release. You can pre-order this set at Toku Toy Store here

What do you think of this set? Will you be picking it up? Leave a comment down below!


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