Kamen Rider Build Episode 12 Review

The episode starts at the cafe, where Sawa explains that Nanba and the government has connections to Faust. She reveals that there’s an SD card hidden in her necklace that contains data on Faust. It seems quite unusual that Sawa is giving Sentou all of this information considering she seemed pretty committed to Faust in the last few episodes. Sentou and Ryuuga go to the Nanba research lab to find out where the pandora box might be hidden. They break in but they get attacked by Night Rouge. Ryuuga transforms into Cross-Z to fight back, but Blood Stark comes in to attack Rouge. Stark breaks open a door to reveal Sentou’s missing bottles and the Pandora box. It really doesn’t make sense why they hid the pandora box behind an unguarded door, and a pretty obvious one at that. Why didn’t they just put it in a safe? Stark runs off with the box and Sentou runs off with the bottles.

Later, Sawa goes to meet with the Prime Minister about the government’s connections with Faust. The PM, unaware of the connections, denied the claims saying that the government is trying to take down Faust at that moment. He calls in some people to take her away, but she escapes with Sentou. As they ride off, they see some government agents try to take down Night Rouge. However it looked staged so Sentou uses two new bottles (kaizoku and densha) to interfere. He manages to get Night Rouge further away from the government to fight him off. He defeats him but he turns out to be Nariaki in the suit rather than Gentoku. Nariaki reveals to Sentou that he knew it was him all along but Gentoku shoots him, causing him to fall to his death. Back at the cafe, Sawa decides to stay at the cafe to help with build. Meanwhile, Sentou gets a call from Nabeshima. He said that his memories have returned and he remembers who told him to frame Ryuuga.

This episode was pretty good. We get to learn a lot more about Sawa, who I personally thought was an underdeveloped character. Overall, it was another great episode in an already great series.

Who do you think framed Ryuuga? Let us know in the comments!

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