Lupinranger vs Patoranger Wave 1 Toy Pictures

Next month the 42nd entry in the Super Sentai series Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger premieres in Japan. Bandai has released the official pictures for Wave 1 of the toys.


For the Lupinranger Bandai is releasing vinyl figures of the team like they do every year. LupinRed, LupinBlue, and LupinYellow are each getting one. Each figure retails for £9.99.

Like any Sentai the Lupinranger have their main weapon. For the Lupinranger that is the DX LupinBlade, a sword that doubles as a claw weapon. Retails for £34.99.

Now for the mecha. Each Lupinranger has their own mecha. LupinRed has the DX Red Dial Fighter. LupinBlue has the DX Blue Dial Fighter. LupinYellow has the DX Yellow Dial Fighter. Each VS Vehicle retails for £27.99.


Just like Lupinranger the Patoranger will be getting vinyls as well. PatorenIchigo, PatorenNigo, and PatorenSango. Each figure retails for £9.99.

The main weapon of the Patoranger is the DX MegaBou, a sword that doubles as a megaphone. Retails for £34.99.

Each member of the Patoranger has their own mecha as well. PatorenIchigo has the DX Trigger Machine Ichigo. PatorenNigo has the DX Trigger Machine Nigo. PatorenSango has the DX Trigger Machine Sango. Each VS Vehicle retails for £27.99.

Both Teams

The transformation device of both teams is the DX Double Henshin Jyu. This changer is able to be purchased as the LupinRed Set or the PatorenIchigo Set. To transform you insert the VS Vehicle Mecha of that Ranger and the changer will make lights and sounds. This changer retails for £49.99 per set. Each changer is the same but the included VS Vehicle is what’s different per set.

When the DX Good Striker is released the VS Vehicles will be able to make a full mech.

All of these new Sentai toys can be pre-ordered now at

Will you be picking any of these toys up? Which team do you like most? Leave a comment down below!

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