Details of the Kamen Rider Build YouTube Mini Series Revealed!

Keeping with the recent tradition of having a YouTube special series at the beginning of the year that Ghost and Ex-Aid did Kamen Rider Build will be getting one as well. As it was teased back in the 2nd quarter toy scans for Build the special will be released next month titled “Kamen Rider Build: Raising the Hazard Level with 7 Best Matches” This will be a 2 part special to get a closer look at the other Bottles from the other regions in the show.

As the title suggests new exclusive Best Matches will be revealed for Kamen Rider Build that are activated with the Full Bottles from Hokuto and Seito. This special will also feature a large number of Full Bottles that don’t appear to have Build forms tied to them.


The DX Full Bottle sets that go along with this special will be released between February and March for 800 yen each.

First up from Hokuto:


The 10 Full Bottles shown on the Blue Hokuto Panel are Phoenix, Robot, Rose, Helicopter, Smapho (Smartphone), Wolf, Unicorn, Keshigomu (Eraser), Turtle, and Watch.

Additional Hokuto Full Bottles that would go on another Blue Panel include Kuma (Bear), Televi (TV), Spider, Reizoko (Refridgerator), Kabutomushi (Beetle), Camera, Dog, and Mic.

Not pictured in the special trailer but shown in the toy catalog is Scorpion and Gold to finish off the Hokuto.

Of the Hokuto bottles, the special will focus on the Build Forms for PhoenixRobo, SmaphoWolf, and GoldScorpion.


Now on to Seito:


The 10 Full Bottles shown on the Red Seito Panel are Tora (Tiger), UFO, Kirin (Giraffe), Senpuki (Fan), Kujira (Whale), Jet, Shika (Deer), and Pyramid.

Also shown on this panel are the Sai (Rhino) and Dryer Bottles, neither of which have any toy release at this point.

Additional Seito Full Bottles that would go on another Red Panel include Penguin, Suekbo (Skateboard), Obake (Ghost), and Magnet.

Also shown is the lone Hachi (Bee) Bottle which will be paired with Sensuikan (Submarine) Bottle. Neither of these Bottles along with Magnet have any toy releases at this point.

Of the Seito Bottles, the special will focus on the Build forms for ToraUFO, KujiraJet, and KirinCyclone.

For the final of the 7 mentioned Best Matches, Build will get the Same (Shark) and Bike Full Bottles to make the SameBike form. It’s unknown what region these Bottles belong to or how these will get any toy release.

The Kaisers from Heisei Generations FINAL will also appear this time being white and green instead of Blue and Red. Finally, Build using the new Hazard Trigger will also use the SmaphoWolf Hazard form in this special.

Part 1 of this special will be released on February 5th. Part 2 will be released on March 12th. Both on the official Toei YouTube channel.

Thanks to Genm Corp subs for subbing the trailer you can check out the full trailer here:

As always you can get all these new Full Bottles at

What do you think of the new Build forms and Full Bottles? Wil you watch this special? Leave a comment down below!

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