Kamen Rider Build’s February Pre-Orders & March Preview

Another new month means another new round of Kamen Rider Build toys!

First up is Build’s newest power-up form RabbitTank Hazard. The vinyl figure for this form, available here, will release on February 5th in Japan so should arrive in the UK towards the middle of the month. To achieve this form Build uses the DX Hazard Trigger. The Hazard Trigger attaches to the top of the Build Driver to access the Super Best Match sounds. Any previous or future Best Match of Full Bottles will work with this. The DX Hazard Trigger also arrives in February and can be pre-ordered here for £29.99.


February also sees the release of two new DX Full Bottle sets. The first is the DX SmaphoWolf Full Bottle set. This set includes the Smartphone and Wolf Full Bottles that have been seen in the show. The second set is the DX UniEraser Full Bottle Set. This set includes the Unicorn and Eraser Full Bottles. You can pre-order SmaphoWolf here and UniEraser here.


That’s not it for Full Bottles…. February 26th sees the release of two more DX Full Bottle Sets in Japan. The DX TurtleWatch Set and the DX RoseCopter set. Included in these two sets are the Turtle, Watch, Rose, and Helicopter Full Bottles. Head here and here for those pre-orders.


As with any Full Bottle Set all of these will work with the DX Build Driver and are £12.99 each.

February also sees the debut of the new Kamen Rider: Rogue! His arrival brings the release of the DX Crocodile Crack Full Bottle, available here for £29.99. Unlike other bottles, this one has lights and sounds while taking a unique design. This bottle is designed to be used in the DX Sclash Driver. It releases on February 19th in Japan so you can expect them to hit British shores around the beginning of March.


Kamen Rider Rogue also brings the release of his weapon the DX Nebula Steam Gun. This repaint of the Transteam Gun done in Purple and Gold will include 2 items known as Gears. The Gears allow transformation into Kaisers. The included gears are the Gear Engine and Gear Remocon. Like the Transteam Gun, the Nebula Steam Gun can combine to form the Nebula Steam Rifle. This will release for £44.99, also expected at the start of March. Get yours here.


Alongside this new weapon, Kamen Rider Rogue also sees the release of his Bottle Change Rider figure for £39.99. The Kamen Rider Rogue vinyl will arrive late February and you can pick it up for the usual £9.99 vinyl figure price. Go here for the BCR and here for the vinyl.



As a reminder, Kamen Rider Grease will finally get his BCR figure on February 10th in Japan. Pre-orders are still open for this item and available here.

That’s it for Kamen Rider Build in February! But Build isn’t done yet…

Some photos of upcoming March toys have also been revealed.

A surprising number of Full Bottle sets will be released in March including:

-DX Orange & Magician      -DX TigerUFO     -DX WhaleJet    -DX GiraffeCyclone

-DX PenguinSkateboard  -DX DeerPyramid   -DX WaspSubmarine

All of these Full Bottle sets will cost £12.99 and release throughout the month of March.

Bandai was prepared for all the new Full Bottles to add to the collection with the release of 2 new Pandora Panels.


The DX Pandora Panel Red and DX Pandora Panel Blue are releasing in March. Both of these panels include 6 clips to form the Pandora Box. To make the Pandora Box 6 panels (or 2 of each kind) are required. The DX Spider and Cooler Full Bottles will be released with the panels. We expect them to retail for £29.99, the same price as the Grey panels.

Also, to celebrate all the new Full Bottles, will be the DVD release of the ‘Kamen Rider Build: Raising the Hazard Level – The 7 Best Matches; YouTube special. Included in this set is the DX Shark and Bike Full Bottle Set.

All these March releases will be available for pre-order soon at TokuToyStore.com

It’s definitely going to be an exciting few months for Full Bottle collectors! What do you think about the new Build toys? Are there any you’re planning on buying? Leave a comment down below!

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