Power Rangers Zeo Legacy Releases

Here’s a brief recap on some interesting news for the Legacy Power Rangers line in the form of the new Legacy Zeonizer and Golden Power Staff.

We’ve got some new pictures which show us the size of the new toys compared to the originals and from what we can see, they look to be a lot bigger and better in every way.

The Golden Power Staff has a few new LEDs and sounds and is about twice the size of the original toy. One of the new sounds is the “Gold Ranger” theme song which was played in the show!

As is the case with most of the Legacy line, the new toys also have die cast metal parts and the Golden Power Staff now has a moveable blade on the handle.

The Zeonizer also includes some cool new LEDs and sounds including the “Zeo Rangers” theme. It also now includes a colour change dial for choosing which Ranger you wish to morph into!

It also has a new colour changing LED and die cast metal parts so won’t break as easily as it’s original counterpart.

The expected release date is between Febuary and March of this year. The Zeonizer is expected to be £99.99 and the Golden Power Staff is expected to be around £149.99.

Are you excited for the newest additions to the Legacy Power Rangers line? What series do you want to see get a Legacy release?

Let us know in the comments!

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