New Catalogue Scans for Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patoranger

Get your wallets ready because new toy catalogue scans have recently been released! These scans cover Kamen Rider Build’s 3rd Quarter And Lupinranger VS Patoranger’s 2nd Quarter. You can expect these Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patoranger toys to come out within the next few months.

Starting with Lupin VS Pato, we have the “X-Changer”. This will be the changer for the new 7th ranger, Lupin-X and Patren-X. The X-Changer is a gun that can switch between 2 modes using Lupin/Patren-X’s two new VS Vehicles…


These are the “X-Train Thunder” and “X-Train Fire”. The X-Train Thunder is a Bullet train that’s used for Lupin-X and the X-Train Fire is a steam train that’s used for Patren-X. These VS Vehicles combine into X-Emperor. Similar to Time Robo, X-Emperor will have two forms (representing either Lupinranger or Patoranger).


Next is his weapon, the “X-Rod Sword”. Like all of the other toys so far, It has two modes representing each of the teams.

Finally, we have some new auxiliary VS Vehicles. For Lupinranger, we have the “Scissors Dial Fighter” and the “Blade Dial Figher”. For Patoranger, we have the “Trigger Machine Crane” and “Trigger Machine Drill”. These will be compatible with all of the mecha and weapons.


Moving on to Build, we begin with Cross-Z’s final form: “Cross-Z Magma”. Ryuuga will access this form using a new attachment for the Build Driver, the “Magma Knuckle”.


As well as new forms, a new rider will appear by the name of “Kamen Rider Evol”. He will use the “Evol Driver” alongside the “Cobra EvolBottle” and “Rider EvolBottle”. He will also use the “Evol Trigger” to become “Kamen Rider Evol Black Hole”.



Evol won’t be the only rider to use the Evol Driver. Build will use it with the Rabbit & Rider EvolBottles, Cross-Z will use it with Dragon & Rider EvolBottles and Rogue will use it with the Bat and Engine Full Bottles.




Finally, Build’s Ultimate form, “Kamen Rider Build: Tensai (Genius) Form”! He will access this form using the “Genius FullBottle” in the Build Driver.




You can expect these toys to come out between April and June.

[Source and huge props, as always, to @TheRealMattHunt on Twitter]

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