March Pre-Orders for Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patoranger

March is here and Bandai has revealed all the new toys coming out this month for both Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger vs Patoranger.

Kamen Rider Build

As reported last month a large amount of Full Bottles will be released this month including:

Bandai was prepared for all the new Full Bottles to add to the collection with the release of two new Pandora Panels.

The DX Pandora Panel Red and DX Pandora Panel Blue are releasing on March 3rd in Japan. Both of these panels include 6 clips to form the Pandora Box. To make the Pandora Box 6 panels (or 2 of each kind) are required. The DX Spider and Cooler Full Bottles will be released with the panels. Each will retail for £29.99, the same price as the Grey panels. Unfortunately, Toku Toy Store has been unable to secure any of the Red and Blue Panels at release but keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news on the arrival of these items.

Also, to celebrate all the new Full Bottles, will be the DVD release of the ‘Kamen Rider Build: Raising the Hazard Level – The 7 Best Matches; YouTube special. Included in this set is the DX Shark and Bike Full Bottle Set. This set is up for pre-order for £44.99, here.

Build will also be getting two new forms in March: RabbitRabbit and TankTank, accessed with the DX FullFull RabbitTank Bottle. Retailing for £44.99, this bottle allows access to both forms and is used in the Build Driver to achieve the forms. You can pre-order at this link. If you don’t have a Hazard Trigger, a special set of the DX Hazard Trigger and FullFull RabbitTank Bottle will be released for £69.99, available here. We expect both sets to arrive in April.

The BCR release will also be out in March for £57.99. This is a three in one figure that is a base as RabbitTank Hazard and as armor to become RabbitRabbit and TankTank. Get yours here.


Lupinranger VS Patoranger

On March 3rd, Lupinranger VS Patoranger will have the release of the DX Goodstriker in Japan. Able to be used in the VS Changer this mecha allows the Patorangers to combine into PatranUgou, a vinyl of which releases on the 3rd for £9.99, here. The Goodstriker can also be used to combine with the VS Vehicles of both teams to create either the LupinKaizer (click here for the set) for the Lupirangers and PatoKaizer (click here for the set) for the Patorangers. Goodstriker retails for £44.99 and is available at this location.

On March 17th will be the first extra mecha for the teams. For the Lupinrangers the DX CycloneDial fighter which can combine with the LupinKaizer. The Patorangers get the DX Trigger Machine Biker which can combine with the PatoKazier. Each release on March 24th for £27.99. Keep your eyes peeled to Toku Toy Store for pre-orders of these mecha, coming soon.

Very exciting month for both shows! We’ll keep you updated with how Bandai intend to take your money in April.

Which toys excite you the most? Which do you plan to pick up? Leave a comment down below!

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