New Power Rangers RPG Game Coming Soon

Video game developer “Nexon” has just finished the closed beta for their new Android device game, “Power Rangers RPG”.

The game features two modes, Story Mode and VS Mode. In the story mode, you pick your own team of Rangers and fight monsters from throughout the series to earn money and items.


The story mode also has daily and weekly challenges to attempt such as beating a certain amount of levels or upgrading a ranger to a certain level. The VS mode involves battles against two teams of five Rangers.


You start off with a small team of three RPM Rangers but you unlock more as you progress through the game. Each Ranger has its own unique set of skills and can be upgraded using the in-game currency or other items that you unlock while playing. So far, twenty-nine Rangers and three Megazords have been confirmed to be playable but more will likely be announced when the game is officially released.


Unfortunately, the closed beta is no longer available, but there is plenty of footage of the game on YouTube.

Will you be getting the game? Let us know in the comments!

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