Jason David Frank to return to Power Rangers HyperForce as Lord Drakkon

Some exciting news for fans of Jason David Frank as he once again returns to Power Rangers as Lord Drakkon!

During the ending of this week’s Power Rangers HyperForce, it was revealed that legendary Ranger Jason David Frank is set to return to the series in a different way.

Instead of returning as Tommy Oliver, better known as Mighty Morphin Green/White, Zeo Red, Turbo Red and Dino Thunder Black, Jason David Frank will return as Lord Drakkon, an evil alternate version of Tommy that fans of the Boom Studios comic series for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will recognise.

Jason David Frank’s return to the series as Lord Drakkon is part of the Shattered Grid crossover event that the Hyper Force team are currently taking part in.

The series itself is part of Saban Brand’s 25th anniversary for the Power Rangers franchise. The RPG is set in the year 3016 at Time Force academy. It follows a team of Time Force cadets as they band together and fight an ancient evil trying to destroy the universe. Mentored by Jen Scott, better known as Time Force Pink, and the show’s Game Master, Malika Lim, the newest team of Rangers must cross space and time to complete their mission, meeting familiar faces and eras while on their journey.

Shattered Grid kick-starts in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 25, due to be released on March 25th. Power Rangers Hyper Force is shown live every Tuesday exclusively on Twitch but fans can catch up a week later via the show’s official YouTube channel. The weekly series will have a total of 25 episodes filled with table-top RPG goodness and real-time interaction with fans. Watch the series live on www.twitch.tv/hyperrpg.

Are you excited for Jason David Frank’s return to Power Rangers? Did you expect Lord Drakkon to be personified outside the comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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