Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger Episode 5 Review

We open this episode on the Lupinrangers chasing down a multiple murderer who has a piece of the Lupin Collection. He is an almost cartoonish stereotype of what a career criminal in Japan looks like.

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The man is ambushed by Destra before they can make a move, and the Ganglers have a brief exchange. Not far away, Commander Hilltop is ambushed while in a squad car, and attacked by a Gangler. During this exchange he holds protectively onto a metal case, containing two new Lupin Collection pieces. One of these is the green dial fighter shown in toy catalogues. The Lupinrangers, having followed along, see this and swing into action.

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The Gangler is big and unwieldy with a large sword in one hand and the case in the other. Commander Hilltop, seeing the fight, calls to have the Patorangers dispatched to his location.

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Back at the Gangler headquarters, it is revealed that Destra went after the previously shown Collection piece without Dogranio’s authorization.
The Lupinrangers move in for the finish right in time for the Patorangers to arrive, and after tossing a card at the Gangler, the Lupinrangers make their exit. The Patorangers, in typical fashion, go after the Lupinrangers instead of the Gangler, and it gets away while Keiichiro looks on with his perpetual scowl.

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At GSPO HQ, Jim gives a break down of the two new Lupin Collection items. One is a bike, the other a helicopter, but both are revealed to be Trigger Machines. The importance of these items is emphasized, and they vow to keep the items out of the hands of the Ganglers. We cut back to the Ganglers going over what happened earlier in the episode and Destra reveals he had an informant. The Gangler from earlier, looking at the card Kairi threw at him, is ambushed in a warehouse by the Patorangers. The case, as it turns out, had a tracker, and it led them right to the Gangler. The Patorangers change and jump right into the fight.

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The Gangler has reinforcements of his own, though, and the Patorangers are set upon by Pordermen who lay down suppressing fire. In a team maneuver, Keiichiro and Sakuya shoot a combustible barrel not far over the heads of the Pordermen, while the Lupinrangers watch and wait for their opening. After the barrell incident, they do not wait any longer, and the fight becomes a three-way team battle.Keiichiro retrieves the green Dial Fighter, while Kairi holds onto Trigger Machine Yongo.

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They agree to settle their differences, red vs red, and the teams agree, going after the Gangler together.
Kairi and Keiichiro have a brief staredown, going over who owns the new devices. Keiichiro says they belong to the police. Kairi says they belong to the Lupin estate. This gives Keiichiro a brief pause before their duel begins, and we are treated to lots of acrobatics as they run around the warehouse shooting at each other. As the battle goes on, we get brief clues into each man’s motivation, and the battle devolves from a firefight into something more akin to MMA, if only briefly.

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Keiichiro activates the green dial fighter, helicopter, and makes his exit while Kairi pursues on the bike Trigger Machine. It’s interesting to note that their equipment seems to be interchangeable, as it is with the toys. Cutting back to the rest of the teams, we see Destra enter the field of battle, remarking that he is disappointed in the Gangler of the week. He introduces himself to the two teams, and begins to take on all four rangers at once. The other, more cowardly Gangler, runs away, and we cut back to the two reds having their vehicle chase. Kairi is now the one being pursued, as Keiichiro fires on him from the sky. The amount of collateral damage to the city in this scene is kept minimal, though it could have easily gone the way most fights in Ultraman do. The pursuit comes to an end, and Destra summons another Gangler already at Kaiju size. Good Striker returns, and Keiichiro freeze for a moment before being pushed on by Tsukasa. Cue mecha transformation.

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After a fairly routine mecha battle, we cut back to the cafe, and we see the Lupinrangers patching up their wounds from the earlier fight. Kairi shows the others that he got both of the new vehicles, and they remember that no one defeated the new Gangler for this week. Kairi departs, thinking of Keiichiro.
At the police station, Keiichiro has a very similar exchange, albeit in anger, thinking about the Lupinrangers. The two faces are transposed opposite two sides of the moon to emphasise the parallels, and the episode ends.

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