Ultraman Russo and Ultraman Bull Changer and Gimmick Items Revealed

More information has been released about the upcoming Ultraman series for 2018, this time in the form of high-resolution pictures of the changers used by Ultraman Russo and Ultraman Bull.

Based on the scans, it seems the default form for each Ultraman will be Russo Flame and Bull Aqua, based on Taro and Ginga, respectively. The gimmicks this season are orbs, rather than capsules, but follow the motif used by Geed’s Ultra Capsules in the sense that each gimmick device will act as a power battery to channel previous Ultraman characters and Kaiju or Daikaiju.


The gimmick items, Orbs, seem to be similar in design to Kamen Rider Ghost’s Eyecons, or Uchu Sentai Kyuranger’s Kyutama globes. Each Orb has a unique design, shown in the images below, such as one Flame Orb having horns but not the other.

A limited selection of weapons is also pictured, one vaguely resembling the Klingon Bat’leth of Star Trek fame, another looking a bit like a container of some kind, maybe for Orbs or for some unseen card gimmick.


Also pictured is a dark version of Ultraman Orb, shown in an image next to one of the new changers made up in similar colours to his suit. Could we be seeing the series antagonist now? Only time will tell.


Look for more information later on. Updates will be provided as information becomes available. The as-of-writing untitled Ultraman 2018 will premiere later this year.

What are your thoughts on these new changers, powers, and gimmick items? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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