Kamen Rider Amazons Officially Released in US and UK

What a surprising turn of events! This is definitely a welcome sight, as Kamen Rider Amazons season one has been officially released on Amazon Prime Video in the US and UK under the name Amazon Riders. As of writing, only season one has been posted, but season two is likely to follow, if season one is well received. Kamen Rider Amazons is one of the most beloved series in recent years, and the first to be released in an English-speaking territory since 2009’s Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, an English adaptation of Kamen Rider Ryuki which featured mainly American and Canadian actors.

Starring Tom Fujita as Haruka, the adopted son of a Pharmaceutical CEO, and Masashi Tanaguchi as Jin, a disgraced scientist who dedicates his life to hunting the Amazon monsters, Amazons is a dark, violent, bloody twist on the Kamen Rider formula, but it is definitely not without its light moments. The series places a large focus on self-discovery in Haruka, as well as a survival-against-all-odds scenario in which predator and prey are one and the same. Haruka, an Amazon, must consume protein to survive his mutation and the effects of it, and joins Jin in hunting other Amazons after discovering that Amazons have become the apex predator, taking humans down one notch in the food chain to make them into prey. The plot twists and turns many times along the 13-episode first season of Amazons, and is sure to keep you entertained.

Tom Fujita (Left) as Haruka Mizusawa and Masashi Tanaguchi (Right) as Jin Takayama

Are you planning on watching Kamen Rider Amazons now that it is officially available? Are you rewatching the series? Let’s discuss!

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