Aniki Cosplay Helmets Seized by US Customs

Power Rangers cosplayers have always had a tough time, due to the high cost of suits, helmets, and props, but now a new obstacle has seemingly presented itself. Recently, a trend has been appearing on social media in regards to certain cosplay props being seized and later destroyed by US Customs Enforcement. A few posts have emerged in Power Rangers fan groups on Facebook in recent days, with one user including a letter from US Customs stating that the helmet he’d purchased from Indonesia-based Aniki Cosplay was a “counterfeit Power Rangers product.”

The user declined to comment when approached.

According to the letter, a copyright claim had led to the seizure and destruction of the items, valued individually at nearly $350 US (about 257 quid) per unit, based on Aniki’s pricing. As of writing, there has been no word on other countries having the same issue, nor if other high-end cosplay makers such as Miccostumes and JToku are affected. Aniki Cosplay recently gained fame outside the normal tokusatsu cosplay scene for making the new Lord Drakkon suit used in the live-action Power Rangers: Shattered Grid trailer, starring veteran Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank as the new villain.

Following the news of Hasbro’s acquisition of the Power Rangers license, it was revealed that Aniki is now an official partner of the Power Rangers brand, and that the copyright claim may be invalid under US copyright and trademark law. No further details are available at this time, but stay tuned for updates as they become available.

What are your thoughts on this new development for Power Rangers cosplayers? Leave a comment below!

Source: Pricing information via Aniki Cosplay

Source: Hasbro Buys Power Rangers brand for $500 Million US

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