Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger Episode 12 Review

This episode opens on a boy, presumably around middle school age, practicing for an upcoming track meet with his coach. Before we can get too much build-up here, we are treated to an alarm in the police station where the Patrangers are beginning to track a Gangler who can seemingly teleport all over the city. They spot the same Gangler in three different locations, as reported by Jim, in an interval of less than ten seconds. On this premise, the episode gets interesting quickly, leaving the viewer to wonder as the dual theme songs play, how the lightspeed Gangler will cross over with the boy who would be a track star.

When we next see the boy, he is nearly trampled by Jenco Copanio, this week’s Gangler and the one moving so fast in the previous reports. The Lupinrangers are ready and waiting, and remark that they had been waiting there because Jenco Copanio is so fast. While Kairi and Touma distract him by praising his speed, Umika takes his Lupin collection item, which is knocked away and retrieved by the boy. The item itself, humourously enough, is a repainted Chrono Morpher, previously used in Mirai Sentai Timeranger and Power Rangers Time Force.


After the battle ends, we see the boy, Yuuki, now much faster thanks to the item. He runs away from Touma, who follows him to the roof of a hospital, and there we see him with a girl about his age. The boy and girl have a tender interaction, in which he encourages her to smile because it’s good for her health, and she banters back that he is trying too hard to be cool. The relationship between them is not explicitly defined. When Touma finally confronts Yuuki, the boy explains that his friend is paralyzed and can never walk again, so he runs for her. The girl is a singer, and he runs to encourage her. After a few more lines, heavy with emotion, the boy runs off.


At the mention of a picture book, Touma loses focus, and Kogure shows the other Lupinrangers a copy of the same book.


The book, for Touma, has meaning because of his fiance, and we see a flashback of the pair reading it before the pivotal moment in their lives that led to him becoming a Ranger. The Lupins agree to target Yuuki, planning to take his Lupin Collection item before an upcoming track meet, and Yuuki manages to hide the item.


Before long, the police are able to put together that Jenco’s actual power is bombs, and the speed was only due to the Lupin Collection item he carried. They begin to plan, and the Lupins make their move to get the item, while protecting Yuuki from Jenco.


The battle is fairly standard, other than Touma encouraging the boy to run off with the item. He knows that it can’t be used to enhance Yuuki’s speed, and that he can retrieve it later, so getting it back won’t be a problem. In this way, the Rangers are free to focus on their fighting.

All in all, this was a fairly average episode, despite the comedic and obvious re-use of old props. This recycling seems to be a recurring pattern for the series, as we have previously seen items from Go-Onger as well. After a slightly generic, motivational sports scene, the Lupinrangers, looking on, turn to leave. Yuuki has seen them, and follows, agreeing to return the item. A familiar message about working hard and being the best plays out, a moral lesson for children watching the show, and we find out that Touma had already stolen the item.


The one Yuuki held onto for most of the episode was a copy. After a brief parting conversation, the group parts ways, and we get a preview for the next episode, which will feature a girls’ day starring Umika and Tsukasa.

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