SODO Sundays – May 13th, 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! In a break from the usual schedule, it’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. This time we have a bit of news from the Kamen Rider Build.

Kamen Rider Build

Last year, when the Ex-Aid SODO line was doing very well, a special set of SODO figures called Dai-SODO was released that featured new versions of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Brave, and Snipe including more paint and extra articulation. It seems Dai-SODO is returning again this year with Kamen Rider Build.

Build’s Dai-SODO set will release this summer featuring new accessories and paint applications from the original releases. The figures included are Build in his RabbitTank form and Cross-Z in his default Dragon form. Both figures include a now painted Build Driver Strap and have their signature weapons that look more show accurate then before.

Both Riders also come with a set of hand accessories that allow for the recreation of their signature transformation poses.

The biggest new inclusion to this set is the Snap Ride Builder piece that can recreate the transformation sequence by attaching the Rider halves to it like a model kit as seen in the show.

This special set will release exclusively at Japanese Aeon stores in June before moving to Premium Bandai at a later date.

As always you can watch SODO Sundays Episode 18 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays! The next edition will release on May 20th on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.

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