Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Crossover Announced

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is getting an unexpected crossover in the way of a visit from Capcom’s Street Fighter series as an event. Beginning today, characters and abilities from Street Fighter can be unlocked or purchased in the game on both iOS and Android, and can be added to your roster of Rangers and villains. A trailer, linked below, was released announcing the event, as well as several screenshots of Street Fighter characters battling particular Rangers.

As it turns out, Capcom and particularly Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono count themselves as big Power Rangers fans, and are very excited to be working on this project. Ono had the following to say.

“The collaboration between Power Rangers and Street Fighter feels like a dream to me. The Rangers series that I also grew up watching as a kid have crossed overseas, became Power Rangers, and is now well received by all ages. I can’t contain my excitement just thinking about the idea of our Street Fighter characters moving about in that world.”


nWay CEO Taehoon Kim had this to add:

“This incredible Street Fighter and Power Rangers crossover shows how the competitive mobile gaming scene is thriving and attracting massive confidence from legendary videogame companies and their passionate fanbases. Seeing Street Fighter characters duking it out with Power Rangers is truly new and magical.“

Kim also sees an untapped market in this crossover, adding enthusiastically that, “It’s never been done before and now we are making it happen in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, proving the rising trend of competitive mobile gaming in the West.”

To ensure a faithful transition, the Japanese office of Capcom oversaw the development of these characters directly, in a partnership with Legacy Wars’ developer, Korean studio nWay. The event kicks off on May 16, starting with the release of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile.

The release for characters and their abilities is as follows:

Available May 16
Ryu – Shoryuken, Hadoken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Chun-Li – Spinning Bird Kick, Kikoken and Hyakuretsukyaku
Guile – Sonic Boom, Flash Kick and Sonic Cross

Available May 19
Akuma – Gou-Hadoken, Zanku Hadoken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

Available June 1
Cammy – TBA
M.Bison – TBA

Each character can be unlocked using the game’s Morph Boxes and by collecting character shards, or purchased outright for $4.99 US each.


Are you excited to see your favourite Street Fighter characters duke it out with the Power Rangers? Leave your thoughts below!

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