Ultraman R/B New PV Released

As we draw closer to the premiere of Ultraman R/B on July 7th, Tsuburaya Productions has released a new PV for the series, highlighting characters, transformations, and some of the mechanics of how the series’ gimmick items will work. In the feature, we get our first proper look at the brothers in action, both in human and Ultraman forms, and we finally see how the R/B Gyro will be used.


The crystals used in the R/B Gyro, as it turns out, are discs, or chips. When activated by one brother or the other, the chip gains either one or two horns, depending on which activates the chip. Once inserted into the R/B Gyro device, the person transforming calls out the element of the chip, and uses a crank-like function in the R/B Gyro to push and pull three times, finally transforming.

This seems to be a constant, no matter which of the brothers is using which element, as we see them swap elements (fire and water) in the PV, which is just over three-and-a-half minutes in length. The fire crystal, when used by Ultraman Rosso, has two horns like a bull. When used by Ultraman Blu, it has one horn, like a unicorn. The same is true in both cases of the water crystal. The brothers swap colour pallettes after their form changes, as shown below.

Ultraman Rosso Aqua and Ultraman Blu Flame

Though we are never given a full view of him, we do catch a glimpse in this video of Ultraman Orb Dark, as well, using his own Gyro to generate black energy, for his element of Darkness. The video, linked below, highlights a Kaiju battle, and shows that like Ultraman Belial before him, Ultraman Orb Dark can directly manipulate and create new Kaiju. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out when Ultraman R/B premieres one month from today, July 7th, in Japan and shortly after, for the rest of the world.

Ultraman Orb Dark Kaiju Change.PNG

Are you excited for Ultraman R/B? Do you have any theories about what could happen? Leave your thoughts below and let’s discuss!

Source: Tsuburaya Productions via YouTube

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