SODO Sundays – June 10th, 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. This time we have a bit of news from Kamen Rider Build as well as Lupinranger VS Patoranger.

Kamen Rider Build

Over the last few weeks the lineup of Set 10 had been revealed. Recently the final figure for that wave was shown to be Kamen Rider Evol. Set 10 will include his base Cobra form as well as his Rabbit and Dragon forms.

But that is not it for Evol. The first figure of set 11 has been revealed to be his final form Black Hole.


But the villain Riders don’t stop there. The newest Rider to show up in the show has also been revealed for Set 11. That is Kamen Rider Mad Rogue.


Lupinranger vs Patoranger

Moving on from SODO there is a new set of YUDO figures being released for Lupin vs Pato. Since the first set came out more forms and Rangers have popped up so this set gets everything up to date. First is the PatorenUgo figure. This is the combined form of the three Patorangers.


But that’s not it for new Rangers. The newest member of both teams, X, has also arrived in the YUDO line. Both his Lupin X and PatorenX suits are getting released.

With all these new Ranger figures they need someone to fight besides the other team. For that this new YUDO wave is including the Pordermen grunts.


All of these figures do not come with their accessories as there is a weapons pack being released that has a stand and all of the weapons for every figure in the wave.


As always you can watch SODO Sundays Episode 20 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.

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