Full details on CSM Kamen Rider Ryuki V-Buckle and Dragvisor

As teased eailer this month, the next entry in the Premium Bandai Complete Selection Modificiation line is non other than Kamen Rider Ryuki’s V-Buckle and Dragvisor set. Today the contents and other details of this set were revealed.

There are 3 sets that can be purchased. The V-Buckle and Dragvisor by themselves or combined into one set.

The V-Buckle set comes with all 17 of the Advent Decks seen in the original series, movies, including the first release of the Abyss Deck from Kamen Rider Decade.

The 17 decks include:

Ryuki, Knight, Scissors, Zolda, Raia, Gai, Ouja, Tiger, Imperer, Verde, Femme, Ryuga, Odin, Blank Form Ryuki, Ryuki Survive, Knight Survive, and Abyss.

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Each Deck comes with the Rider’s Advent Monster and Final Vent Cards. The V-Buckle comes with a total of 33 Cards.

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The belt itself has a lot more features then previous versions. Buttons have been added that play music from the show, as other CSM belts have done. The belt can also read which deck is inserted and can play voice clips from the returning actors of Ryuki, Knight, Zolda, Ouja, Raia, Femme, Tiger, Ryuga, and Odin.



But that’s not it…..

The CSM Dragvisor is also being released. This time, the Dragvisor has a large handle fit for more adult sized arms. This is also where a ton of cards are being released. Every Advent Card not featured in the driver is included with the visor. This includes 56 cards and is able to read them.


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These 2 huge sets also come with large price tags. The first shipment, due for release December 2018 sold out in hours. Due to popularity, a second shipment was added for release at the end of February 2019. Pre-orders are be available from Toku Toy Store here.

Are you a fan of Kamen Rider Ryuki? Will you be adding this CSM release to your collection? Leave a comment down below!

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