Kamen Rider Build Episode 40 Review

We open on the debut battle for Build’s final form, Genius, and he is fittingly able to decimate Utsumi with ease. Mad Rogue is defeated effortlessly and with devastating effect, before Evol enters the fight. Evol vows that he will be in control of humanity’s future. Leaving Kazumin in a near-catatonic state, he leaves with Mad Rogue and we are treated to a very different look at Gentoku, as well as a fourth-wall break intermission.


Gone is the ronin seen previously, replaced by a 90s era punk rock image, long hair and unkempt beard and all.


In a brief meeting, Kazumin receives the Dragon Jelly from Banjou, somehow, despite it being melted and destroyed in a previous episode to form the Magma bottle.

As Evol’s full plan is revealed, Kazumin laments the loss of his friends once again, as well as the ever-escalating conflict. Sento returns to Katsuragi Takumi’s childhood home, in hopes of retrieving his father’s research notes on Evol. The two men, sharing a body, have a brief exchange about a new idea called Lost Bottles, which are revealed to be the source of the Hokuto Trio’s Smash forms.

A few more big reveals come to light, as Kazumin tries and fails to retrieve the Lost Bottles, and becomes a subject of human experiments to become a Lost Smash. As Kazumin flees the facility, we learn that the first new Lost Smash, shown earlier to be a woman, is actually the former Prime Minister of Hokuto, and she takes of the form of Shokuchi’s Hard Smash.


One thing about this episode that doesn’t seem to make sense is that, when rescuing Kazumin, Sento holds himself back and actually begins losing ground in the fight in his reluctance to use the Genius bottle. It’s only when Utsumi has him decidedly outmatched that he finally switches to Genius. As Kazumin lays seemingly dying, he sees Sento continuing to fight and manages to get up. An attempt to use the Dragon Jelly gives Kazumin a second Twin Breaker weapon, rather than a new form, but he is now able to charge each with the power of Robot and Dragon, and flies into a rage that allows him to seemingly ignore his earlier injuries.

Lost Smashes are rendered a near negligible threat nearly as fast as they are introduced when Sento finds a way to destroy the Smash cells without harming the human host, and manages to save the Prime Minister. This will end up being important in the episodes to come, as Evol continues to build the army he discussed in this episode.

The episode ends on the revelation that Katsuragi Shinobu is alive, and a preview gives us a glimpse of what is to come, as well as a trailer for Build’s summer movie, Be The One, featuring Kamen Rider Blood. The film will release in Japanese theatres on August 4th, 2018, shortly after the end of the series.


After the reveal that Katsuragi Shinobu is alive, do you think Build will repeat Ex-Aid’s final character reveal, a la Dan Masamune/Kamen Rider Cronos? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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