SODO Year In Review

In 2018, the SODO line brought us new figures for multiple Kamen Rider seasons, Ex-Aid, Build, and Zi-O being the main ones. So, at the beginning of this new year, let’s take a brief look at some of the things SODO has brought us this past year as well as the new figures coming.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

The full contents of Set 5 are here now with the Wizard and Gaim armors. These armors, which were teased before, are now fully shown off.

The Wizard Armor brings with it a new Geiz body cast in red plastic this time. This makes all of the Geiz SODO forms look much more show accurate now.

The Gaim Armor comes with both holdable Daidaimaru’s and fake ones to put on the armor itself. Keeping with the show it can also fold up to its “fruit mode”. The armor also includes the Ride Heiseiber for the Decade Armor and the Suika Arms like Ride Gadget in SODO form.

Finally, Ohma Zi-O is teased for a future set.


SODO has made great progress this year, whether that was including Ex-Aid’s V-Cinema forms in the Build line months later, releasing sets of every accessory imaginable, or going back to re-release figures to correct mistakes or improve their accuracy. Hands have now been included with the Zi-O figures to get more poses out of them, and little things keep being added to make the figures better than before.

You can check out this news and a brief look back at SODO in 2018 below:

What was your favorite SODO moment this year? Leave a comment below!

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