Gallery: Rider Kicks Figure Series – Kamen Rider Evol

The Rider Kicks Figure series is latest in a long line of budget gimmick figures. This year’s line of Legendary Riders takes back to the long-lost past of 2017 with Kamen Rider Evol!

Alien conqueror, Evolto (エボルト), was a member of the Blood Tribe who manipulated the power of Pandora Box, a powerful Blood Tribe weapon used to annihilate the civilization of Mars and was the primary antagonist of the Kamen Rider Build TV series.

RKF_Kamen Rider Evol_Toku Toy Store (1)

RKF_Kamen Rider Evol_Toku Toy Store (4)

A full review of the RKF Armor Series: Kamen Rider Evol by Mint in Box Reviews can be viewed here:

This figure, as well as other Rider Kicks Figures, are available from Toku Toy Store at £24.99 each. Stay tuned for further Rider Kicks Figure reviews and galleries!

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