Inside ‘The Henshin: Complete Selection Modification Exhibition’

This week, in Japan’s Akibahara district, Bandai Japan held an exhibition to commemorate their line of adult collectable henshin belts and accessories, Complete Selection Modification. In addition to a near comprehensive selection of CSM releases, the exhibition also introduced the concept of “the future of transformation belts”, a special exhibition of “future transformation belt toys,” giving attendees a glimpse into the future plans of Bandai’s toy division.

On their official website, Bandai provided this description of the exhibition:

The CSM series has been developed since 2013 as a complete toy series for adults. From the 1st release “Double Driver” to the 24th “Amazons Driver” will be displayed together with the world view of the work, and a reference exhibition of a new lineup will also be held. In addition, the latest CSM work that will be announced at the eve of December 6th will also be exhibited at the fastest.

As we announced on our Facebook page last night, the “latest CSM work” announcement they are referencing was for the Complete Selection Modification Kivat and Tatsulot devices from Kamen Rider Kiva. As promised, these items were on display in the exhibition too.

Thanks to one of our customers and supporters, Drew Hurley, we are able to provide you with a gallery of images from inside the exhibition. We’d like to express our supreme gratitude to Drew for sharing his images with us.

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