Samuell Benta breaks ‘banner’ silence in YouTube video

It all seems so long ago now, a distant memory in the minds of some, but for many Power Rangers fans, a deep-seated loathing exists towards Operation Overdrive actor, Samuell Benta. The basis of this loathing? A banner, video from a panel and a lot of he-said-she said… We’ll explain.

The scene is the inaugural Power Morphicon Convention, in the year of our lord Daizyujin, 2007. At the event, four banners were being circulated amongst the considerable number of Power Ranger actors in attendance. These banners were to be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to charity by the Power Morphincon Convention. Benta, though, allegedly took one of these banners as a souvenir, disgruntled with the weekend as a whole. He reportedly refused repeated requests from convention staff to return the banner and nothing more came of it; in a legal sense, at least. Video evidence of the alleged theft exists, seen below, taken during Austin St John’s panel.

Now, almost 13 years after the event, Samuell Benta has broken his silence on the matter in a YouTube video. The description below reflects the original words of Samuell Benta. They are presented without opinion and without the presumption of guilt or innocence.

He opens the video stating that he wishes to “change [Power Ranger fans’] perception on how you guys actually see things” after years of negative reception from the fandom. As the video progresses, Benta explains that during the course of the convention he had resolved to help one of the convention’s staff, whom he states looked “a little stressed”, by taking one of the banners and circulating it amongst the actors and actresses in the Morphicon green room. After successfully populating the banner with signatures, Benta claims it went missing from the green room and that fans, as well as actors, were in the green room at the time. He posits that either one of the staff came across the banner and took it, or that a fan stole it. As conversations around the banner began to circulate on the internet, Benta states he chose to remain silent rather than engage in a confrontation. He claims that at no point did anyone ask him whether or not he stole the banner and was hurt by the insinuation that he had taken it.

I thought silence was the best answer but actually silence infuriated a lot of you.

Samuell Benta

In his closing thoughts, Benta explains that he understands there will still be those that don’t believe him but invites people to stop and ask questions next time a controversy should arise. He adds, “Get your facts straight and stop accusing people before you start posting stuff online”.

You can watch the full video from BENTAVISION, Samuell Benta’s YouTube Channel, below:

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