Next Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave Found?

Last night, thanks to Toku Toy Store’s very own Joshua Perry, we might have found listings for Wave 6 or some future wave of Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures.

Found on the Walmart App were the following coded listings:

Each listing had PRG PET before the name which using previous leaked listings we know is short for the “Power Rangers Lighntng Collection”

630509960422- ZIP ROGER

630509960439- SPC BUCKEYE

630509960446- GENERATOR

630509960452- ICE YANKEE

Using previous code names as a decoder ZIP ROGER may be the Red Zeo Ranger, SPC BUCKEYE may be MMPR Black Ranger.

YANKEE has been shown to be Yellow and ICE is a new keyword believed to possibly stand for ‘In Space”

This leaves GENERATOR as a complete unknown figure!!

At this time it is unknown which Wave these lisitngs could be for but stay tuned to Toku Toy Store as more information comes to light.

Which figure would you be most excited for? Leave a comment down below!


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