Toei Company launches global tokusatsu YouTube channel

Toei Company announce the launch of TOEI TOKUSATSU WORLD OFFICIAL; a YouTube channel bringing subtitled tokusatsu to international audiences

With North America riding high on the announcement of their TokuSHOUTsu streaming service on Pluto TV, the rest of the English speaking world, most notably the United Kingdom, were feeling a little… left out. This all changed last night as Toei Company Ltd – the company behind the most popular toku shows such as Super Sentai and Kamen Rider – announced that they are expanding their YouTube offering to bring us TOEI TOKUSATSU WORLD OFFICIAL. Starting April 6th, 2020, this service will launch with the first two episodes of 70 different toku programmes from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The whole list of seventy has not been fully revealed but will include innagural Super Sentai series, Himistsu Sentai Gorenger (1975), Metal Hero Series including Uchu Keiju Gavan (1982), and robot anime such as Voltes V (1977). Once the first two episodes of the full catalogue have dropped on April 6th, future episodes will be released on a schedule with each series getting their own release days.

Full details and the early release schedule is available in Toei’s press release, available here.

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