Introducing the Toei Tokusatsu World Review Team

With Toei Tokusatsu World Official launching Monday April 6th, a group of plucky reviewers are here to help you navigate through the mountains of content released!

A few weeks ago, Toei announced Toei Tokusatsu World Official: a brand new YouTube channel that would bring free, legally streamed tokusatsu to the world. The announcement was groundbreaking, especially for those of us in the UK and Europe, as it has become a regular occurrence that “available in the West” had become a phrase which actually meant “available in the United States. That’s not to say that the tokusatsu community don’t deserve quality content but, hey, notice us Sempai!

To celebrate this history-making launch, a group of tokusatsu reviewers have teamed up with Toku Toy Store to bring you reviews of every first episode that Toei will be dropping, with English subtitles, on their new YouTube channel on April 6th. The team are ready and raring to go so, before the big day arrives, let’s meet them.

Jeremy is the owner of Toku Toy Store and has been a fan of tokusatsu since childhood. What started with Power Rangers and Godzilla in the nineties, developed into Super Sentai and Kamen Rider in the noughies and, today, is looking forward to diving deep into what Toei Toku World has to offer. Outside of the toku, Jeremy writes about television, sports and WWE, and presents a number of podcasts on his personal website, The Jez Show.

Alex has absorbed himself in tokusatsu for longer than he can remember now, and can usually be found reviewing both the toys and shows at his blog, My Shiny Toy Robots. His favourite character is Hakaider, but he not-so secretly wishes he could be an Ultraman as well.

Joe has submitted himself mind, body and wallet before the altar of tokusatsu and has been in this game a good while by now. While he appreciates all eras of toku, the Showa era is particularly close to his heart. No, he’s not old enough to be a boomer, he’s just a hipster. He is/was also one half of the Spandex Power Armour podcast which shall one day rise from its grave.

Richard “Sharp-O” Sharpe is a British toy reviewer, a fan of Kamen Rider and the BOOM! Studios Power Rangers comics. He has a background of reviewing TV and toys for over ten years with The Website of DOOM and Toku Toy Store.

Matt jumped on the bandwagon early with, like most kids, Power Rangers. 25+ years later, he’s still watching Power Rangers, but now is all about the wider world of toku including Garo, Ultraman, and Metal Heroes. Matt is returning to Toku Toy Store and the tokusatsu fandom after a hiatus of about a year, and what better time to start again with a new Super Sentai and Garo both just beginning?

The Toei Toku World Review team hope to begin dropping content on the day of launch so stay tuned to Toku Toy Store’s social media channels for updates.

Want to join the team and review some tokusatsu? Drop us an email or contact Toku Toy Store on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get involved!

What classic tokusatsu programme are you most excited about seeing on Toei Tokusatsu World Official? Join the conversation across all of our social media channels!

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