Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Kamitaman

It was just a matter of time before I suffered reviewed one of the Toei Fushigi Comedy series like my colleagues Sharp-O and Alex before me (see Hard Gumi or Batten Robomaru, for example) and the fifth entry in the series, 1985’s Katteni! Kamitaman (勝手に!カミタマン), didn’t disappoint.

The opening episode begins with schoolboy, Shinsuke Nemoto, moping on the beach, lamenting his unrequited love of his school’s most popular girl when he is struck on the head by a giant ceramic looking ramen pot that swims its way ashore. It glows and a message appears on it, instructing people not to pour hot water in it. Of course, the boy promptly takes the pot home, pours hot water in it and gets his chopsticks ready for a feast. Rather than a head-sized portion of delicious ramen, though, the boy is greeted by a troll-looking, fang-toothed… thing – Kamitaman!

Waking up next morning, Shinsuke believes it was all a dream. That is, until it shows up in his kitchen and startles his family. Kamitaman informs the family of his God-like status while Shinsuke promptly tells the God that he owes him for pouring hot water in his ramen pot. Then, it gets weirder; word gets to Shinsuke that his love interest, Yumi, has been taken by some lollypop licking paedophile who calls himself The Chief. Kamitaman transforms Shinsuke into a superhero, Nemotoman, and he proceeds to try and Rider Kick the guy. Turns out, though, Nemotoman has no powers at all and he gets his butt whipped by nonce guy and his bully boy underlings. In the nick of time, Kamitaman fires his mohawk at the bullies and everyone runs away.

To be brief, Kamitaman is a God but he’s a crappy God with no grasp on his powers and this series appears to be the story of the hilarity that Shinsuke and his family undergo trying to exploit his powers. It’s not a laugh a minute but it was chuckleworthy and could be a nice diversion if you need a break from regular tokusatsu.

You can watch Kamitaman as well as the other Toei Fushigi Comedy Series on the Toei Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel. The first two episodes are currently available with English subtitles.

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