SODO Sundays – May 17th, 2020

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Today nothing about Zero-One once again!

Kamen Rider W

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Kamen Rider W a new Premium Bandai SODO Chronicle set has been revealed. The first part of it is a Premium special version of the CycloneJoker figure. This time they have added much more paint and molding to him as the only stickers are really the Gaia Memories in the Driver. He will also include a sticker that shows the Joker Gaia Memory in his Maximum Drive slot and a sticker that matches with the memory missing from the Driver.

To go along with this figure they are also making the first SODO Chronicle bike the HardBoilder. Also included with it are the attachments to make the HardTurbuler, the HardSplasher, and Start Dash Mode.

Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O

More figures for AI-08 have been revealed! Joining Kamen Rider Zamonas in this set from the Zi-O Over Quartzer movie is the final member of the trio Kamen Rider Barlckxs! Bandai went all out with this figure. He comes with everything that he would need to, like his sword that is modeled after Kamen Rider Black RX’s RevolCane which also has the alternate finisher “lightsaber” mode. The stickers also feature the designs of the Black RX, RoboRider, and BioRider Ridewatches he has on his holder.

At the end of the film he holds up a banner shield that says “Heisei” as he is defeated by the 20 Heisei Rider final form Rider Kicks, so that is included as well and featured engineering to try and make it as accurate to the CGI piece it is in the film.


Now, they could’ve stopped there…

However, in the movie when he uses the BioRider Watch, he can summon Black RX’s power to liquify to attack and avoid attacks. This turns him all blue. So SODO is doing that too!!! Barlckxs will be in this set for a second time! This time cast in an all-blue translucent plastic to mimic this appearance.


They mentioned that there eventually will be a Zero-One character in this set as it has been nothing but Zi-O for it so far.

You can watch the latest SODO Sundays video over on the Toku Toy Store Facebook page.

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays Season 3! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store and the Toku Toy Store Facebook page.

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