Monthly Archives: October 2020

SODO Sundays – October 19th, 2020

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Saber’s second line continues today as well as more Chronicle Gaim! Kamen Rider Zero-One Before we head into the Saber news for this week, we have a bit of Zero-One news. The annual Super Complete Box at […]

Toku Review Round-up! (October 17th, 2020)

If there’s anything this current lineup of Tokusatsu shows (and reviewing them fortnightly) has taught me, it’s that a ‘good vibe’ can carry a tokusatsu show pretty far. As I mentioned in last week’s edition of the review round up, Kamen Rider’s Saber has done a lot to keep itself charming, even when I foresee […]

Toku Review Round-up! (October 4th, 2020)

It’s that time again, we’re reviewing more episodes of Tokusatsu TV! As always, we’ve had another fortnight of explosive and awe-inspiring action in Kiramager, Ultraman Z and Kamen Rider Saber. Plots are moving at a clip, and events are coalescing in various dramatic and interesting ways!  Kamen Rider Saber – Episodes 3 & 4 As […]

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