About Us

Hello and welcome to Toku Toy Store. You’re here because you want to know a little more about our shop, so let’s tell you all about us…

What is Toku Toy Store?
Toku Toy Store, launched in January 2015, is a toy store that specialises in tokusatsu toys, collectables, accessories and miscellanea. We find exclusive, rare or one-off items from all around the world, bring them onto British soil to be picked up by collectors and children alike.

Who is behind Toku Toy Store?
Toku Toy Store is owned and operated by Jeremy Walker. A toy collector himself, Jeremy launched Toku Toy Store in an attempt to provide a service for people like him. Having become frustrated with the lack of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider toys available in the UK, Jeremy wanted to provide somewhere for collectors like him to pick up these items without the risk of items being lost during international freight or incurring hidden costs like import taxes. Toku Toy Store have also accelerated the release of the latest Power Rangers toys in the UK, which normally don’t hit stores until months after the show has aired on television.