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Kamen Rider Zero-One cast announced at press conference

Streamed to millions around the globe, the cast of the next installment in the Kamen Rider franchise were revealed at a press conference late last night.

After the toy catalogues are leaked, the next big event on the Kamen Rider calendar is the official press conference to introduce the cast, story and trailer. Late last night (UK time), Toei Company gathered their forces to put on full display their first offering of the Reiwa Era.

The Story

The main story of Kamen Rider Zero-One focuses on the shows main protagonist, Hiden Aruto, who serves as both Kamen Rider Zero-One as well as the head of Hiden Intelligence. In the universe of the show, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation have become more prevelant in society and have almost completely replaced humans in unskilled work. It transpires that this AI/robotics system, HumaGear, has been hacked and corrupted by a terrorist group,, and is being used for evil purposes. In his role as CEO of Hiden Intelligence, Zero-One vows to fight against them but he’s not the only team that seeks to thwart the terrorist uprising; also fighting the terrorists is the group known as Artificial Intelligence Military Service (A.I.M.S.). It is unclear whether A.I.M.S. will work with or against Hiden Intelligence but, in traditional Kamen Rider fashion, it’s likely they will start as enemies before coming together as allies.

Meet the Characters

Hiden Aruto (Kamen Rider Zero-One):
Aruto’s goal in life was to see his father smile but, after his passing, he is struggling to make ends meet as an entertainer, owing to his poor comedic styling. Quite suddenly, Aruto is appointed CEO of Hiden Intelligence, following the wishes of his grandfather Hiden Korenosuke. After initially refusing the role, Aruto changes his mind when he witnesses a hacked and rampaging HumaGear wreaking havoc. He transforms into Kamen Rider Zero-One using the Hiden Zero-One Driver – a piece of technology that can only be utilised by the CEO of Hiden Intelligence – and devotes himself to the fight against

Fuwa Isamu (Kamen Rider Vulcan):
As the commanding officer of A.I.M.S., Isamu possesses supreme fighting capabilities and, too, devotes himself to fighting the terrorist group, In his past, Isamu was injured in a mystery explosion at Hiden Intelligence’s experimental city. For this reason, he holds a grudge against the Hiden Intelligence CEO but reserves the most of his ire for the “murder machine” HumaGear. Under his leadership, A.I.M.S. believes that breaking the rules is just, so long as you’re destroying the HumaGear.

Izu (Secretary to the Hiden Intelligence CEO):
Izu is herself a HumaGear – a robotic AI assistant. Despite this, she is capable of learning and is able to adapt herself to each person that she interacts with. She is completely devoted to new Hiden CEO, Aruto, but finds herself completely frustrated that she must be the one to explain Aruto’s inane comedy.

Yaiba Yua (Kamen Rider Valkyrie):
As A.I.M.S.’s technical advisor, Yua was responsible for the development of the A.I.M.S. Rise Shooter system that both she and Isamu use to transform. She is a brave and intelligent female warrior who fights to maintain the security of the city. Yua holds an intense hatred towards HumaGear but tries to suppress that during battle.

Jin ( Operative):
Jin is responsible for the spread of data that reprograms the HumaGear. He is destructive and petulent – submitting programming that causes the HumaGear to rampage and attack humanity.

Horobi ( Leader):
The leader of the show’s antagonist terrorist group. He believes that AI systems are superior to people and should surpass humanity. He launched to hack and corrupt HumaGears, turning them into “murder machines”. He considers Hiden Intelligence CEO, Aruto, his rival and uses the catchphrase, ‘the day humanity will become an endangered species is near’.

Fukuzoe Jun (Vice President, Hiden Intelligence):
Jun is an an all around good guy but consistently finds himself playing second fiddle to others. After the former Hiden CEO dies, he believes that he will inherit that role but is shocked to discover that the position will pass to Aruto instead. From that day, Jun has viewed Aruto as an obstacle to his becoming CEO and secretly hopes that he will fail. Despite this, Jun takes pride in the success of Hiden Intelligence and works to maintain its prominence.

Koichi Yamadera will serve as the narrator, with Noriko Hidaka providing the voice for the AI system.

Other staff includes:
Producers – Chihiro Inoue (Kamen Rider Zi-O) and Takahito Omori (Build)
Main Writer – Yuya Takahashi (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid)
Main Director – Teruaki Sugihara (Lupinranger VS Patoranger)
Composer – Go Sakebe (Ressha Sentai ToQger)
Action Director – Jun Watanabe

Should you be so inclined, you can watch the full press conference here:

Kamen Rider Zero-One will begin on September 1st in Japan.

Source: SpecialForm12
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Ranger alumni reveal original film project: Legend of the White Dragon

After weeks of teaser images and subtle hints, a group of former Power Rangers actors have revealed their own tokusatsu film project.

This Friday was to be the day we learned more about a long hyped project, fronted by Power Rangers hero Jason David Frank and, as promised, the full details have now been revealed.

Produced by Bat in the Sun, the studio that brought us Super Power Beat Down, Legend of the White Dragon is an original tokusatsu film that will be funded through the support of backers on the popular crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.

The trailer for the film, shown below, features a dystopian landscape in which Frank is being pursued by a team of armoured soldiers. After a short skirmish, Frank is confronted by the familiar faces of Johnny Yong Bosch, Jason Faunt and Ciara Hanna who hand him a white crystal, transforming him into the White Dragon.

As well as the trailer, the following description of of the movie’s plot was revealed:

In the Aftermath, the city was left decimated. A past reminder of the great battle and fall of heroes. As a result of the death and destruction the city became known as Angel Graves. The heroes were blamed, stripped of their titles and hunted. But as evil once again threatens to return they must rise from the ashes with the power of the White Dragon.

The full cast of the film consists of Power Rangers alumni from various seasons of the generational franchise: Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin’ Green/White Ranger, Zeo Red, Turbo Red, Dino Thunder Black, Lord Drakkon), Johnny Yong Bosch (Mighty Morphin’ Black Ranger, Zeo Green, Turbo Green), Jason Faunt (Time Force Red), Ciara Hanna (Megaforce/Super Megaforce Yellow), Yoshi Sudarso (Dino Charge Blue, Hyperforce Silver), Chrysti Ane (Ninja Steel Pink), and Jenna Frank (daughter of JDF).

Pledges start at $25 USD, which will secure you a high-definition download of the film as well as access to the original score for the movie. Further incentives are available for more generous donations, such as digital posters, scripts, signed photos and the ability to attend the premiere of the movie in August 2020. Full details are available on the Kickstarter page, here.

Will you be supporting this movie? What’s your impression of fan films / alumni projects in general? Drop your opinions in the comment section below or see what others are saying over on our social media pages!

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Full Q1 Kamen Rider Zero-One Catalogue Scans

While the gap between the reveal of the name and the first images of the new Kamen Rider are excruciating, the drop of the 1st Quarter catalogue is one of the most exciting days of the tokusatsu calendar! Here’s our first true look at Kamen Rider Zero-One…

The inaugural Kamen Rider offering of the Reiwa Era, Kamen Rider Zero-One will feature three Riders in the show’s 1st quarter, as well as a number of alternative and powerup forms; Toei Company really are hitting the ground running with this series!

The programme’s main henshin hero, Zero-One, will sport a yellow and black base form, accessed using the show’s main gimmick, Progrise Keys. Progrise Keys are small audio cassette style devices that hold the forms and weapons of our new Kamen Rider. He will transform using the Hiden Zero-One Driver, as pictured below.

Featuring multiple transformations, Kamen Rider Zero-One’s main sidearm is the Attache Calibur.

Further catalogue images have also revealed additional forms and Progrise Keys for Kamen Rider Zero-One. From the left, in the image below, we can see Flying Falcon, Biting Shark, Flaming Tiger, and Freezing Bear.


As the show progresses, Zero-One will receive his first upgrade form: Shining Hopper.

In Shining Hopper form, Zero-One will wield the Authorise Buster. This weapon will also be shared with secondary Riders.

Ever Rider needs bike (or they’re just a Kamen Walker, right?) and Zero-One is no different. The Risephone will convert between cellphone and motorcycle for the Kamen Rider’s convenience.

The DX toy release of the Risephone will be scaled to accommodate Rider Kicks Figures, unofficially announcing that the RKF series will carry forward into the Reiwa Era. This Rider Kicks advertisment also gives us better full person shots of Kamen Rider Zero-One.

Presumably holding the ability to chain together Progrise Key powers, this is the Progrise Key Connector. The DX toy release will be bundled with the Amazing Hercules Progrise Key.

Zero-One will not be the only Kamen Rider we’ll see in the show’s 1st quarter, though. These scans reveal secondary and tertiary Riders, Kamen Rider Vulcan, Kamen Rider Valkyrie, Kamen Rider Horobi, and Kamen Rider Jin.

Kamen Rider Vulcan’s catalogue reveal suggests that his base form will be Shooting Wolf, utilising a hand held transformation device modelled after a gun, the Aims Shot Riser.

Vulcan’s main sidearm will be the Attache Shotgun, another transformable weapon.

Production images from the scans give us a closer look at Kamen Rider Vulcan as well as the prop version of the Arms Shot Riser.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Accessed via the Punching Kong Progrise Key, we know that Kamen Rider Vulcan will also be able to access other forms.

We also know that Vulcan will receive a Q1 upgrade form: Assault Wolf.

Our other secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Valkyrie, appears to be female! Hopefully this interpretation is true; we are long overdue a female main Rider. Regardless, Valkyrie will transform using the Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key. As a toy release, it will come bundled with the DX Progrise Key Holder. Like Kamen Rider Vulcan, Valkyrie will transform with the use of the Aims Shot Riser.

Another form for Kamen Rider Valkyrie has been revealed as Lightning Hornet.

In addition to these secondary Riders, the catalogue scans also reveal a couple of tertiary Riders. First up, is Kamen Rider Horobi. Horobi will have his own transformation device, the Forcerise Driver, and will utilise the Sting Scorpion Progrise Key.

Kamen Rider Horobi’s sidearm will be another transforming weapon, the Attache Arrow.

As pictured in the Rider Kicks scan above, another tertiary Rider called Kamen Rider Jin will join the series. Judging by the characters relative absence from the first quarter scans, though, we expect them to arrive closer to the second quarter of the series with any releated Progrise Keys, Drivers and weapons being released then.

Finally, the catalogue scans also featured a full sized mecha but little is know about it at this time. We’ll update the article when we get more information.

Hoo, boy! That’s a lot of toy reveals. We collectors better prepare our wallets accordingly!

Do you have a favourite toy reveal from the Q1 catalogue? What are your thoughts on the Kamen Rider Zero-One reveals in general? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section or join the conversation on our social media pages!

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New Kamen Rider Trademark Filed by Toei

The trademark for 2019’s Kamen Rider series, the first of Japan’s Reiwa Period, has been filed by Toei Company.

Here. We. Go. !

The Reiwa Era’s first Kamen Rider series will be Kamen Rider Zero-One. This series will mark a milestone in the Kamen Rider franchise as it will be the first series to begin its broadcast run in the new era under Emperor Naruhito. Toei’s current Rider series, Kamen Rider Zi-O, is the final series of the Heisei Era, beginning its run in September 2018 before the abdication of Emperor Akihito in April of this year.

Little more is known about the content of Kamen Rider Zero-One but speculation has already reached a fever pitch in anticipation of the new series. We’ll bring you more details as we get them.

What do you think / hope the series theme will be? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: @trademark_bot
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First look and new toys revealed inside Hasbro’s Power Rangers Toy Fair display

Before it’s even officially open, we have a really good look at Hasbro’s display space at New York Toy Fair 2019!

It’s been a busy few days for fans of Power Rangers. With New York Toy Fair approaching, followers of the brand were excited to find out just what exactly Hasbro had planned for us in their first foray into the Power Rangers universe. We already saw early previews of the Zords and 6″ Figures this week, and the Lightning Collection yesterday, but now there are even more news items to digest, as well as a good look at the toys on display.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Lightning Collection

Overnight, the first of the new Lightning Collection figures was made available for preorder in the United States at Hasbro’s new collector hub, Hasbro Pulse. Our first featured Ranger is the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge. As you can see from the gallery below, the figure comes bundled with weapons, hands and a swappable head in the likeness of Tyler, played by actor Brennan Mejia. The US retail price is $19.99 and is expected to be £19.99 in the United Kingdom, too.


Inside the display space, we get our first look at… well… everything!

6″ Action Figures

First up, are the 6″ line of action figures from the upcoming Beast Morphers series, which debuts March 2nd in the United States. We had already seen and fallen in love with these figures. In a 6″ scale, they will match up nicely alongside the Lightning Collection and even it’s predecessor, Bandai America’s Legacy line, which only came in at roughly half an inch more in size. At the back of the display, we also get a preview of the packaging. Each figure is bundles with at least one weapon, as well as a key for the Beast Morphers’ Morpher.

Some of Beast Morphers Wave 1 action figures – From left: Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blaze, Red Ranger, Tronic

More from Wave 1 – From left: Tronic, Roxy, Jack Beast Bot, Powered Red Ranger, Silver Ranger (in background)

Figures from Wave 2, due Autumn 2019 – From left: Red Ranger Powered Up, Silver Ranger, Gold Ranger, Evox, Drilltron

12″ Action Figures

Affectionately known as ‘nutcracker’ figures, Hasbro will also produce a small 12″ line of figures for Beast Morphers. The Red and Blue Rangers, as well as Blaze, are available from April, while Silver and Yellow will wait til Autumn for release.

The first 12″ figures for Beast Morphers – From left, Red, Blaze, Blue, Silver, and Yellow


We already knew about the Wild Force Megazord and Red Dragon Thunderzord coming in this line (not pictured here) but that was not all for the Playskool line of toys for smaller children. Playskool Heroes feature Zords are to be produced, starting with reproductions of further mecha from Power Rangers Wild Force and also the dinosaurs of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Alongside those Zords, Mega Mighties of complimenting Power Rangers will also be released in packs of two.

A first look at Wild Force and Dino Thunder based toys in the Playskool line

Playskool Heroes figures – From right: WF Silver, DT Yellow, Ninjor, DC Green, DC Gold

And finally…

First revealed late last night, the outside of Hasbro’s Power Rangers space gave us a rare treat in a look at the beautiful Dino Megazord from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. A plaque alongside the Megazord reveals that this is the original prop from the 1993 series but, according to fans and experts on various forums, that isn’t strictly accurate. While the base of this Megazord may indeed stem from the original filming of Zyuranger, the suit had to undergo significant repair to be useable again and, as such, you could argue that so much has been changed that this is not the original suit.

This suit was used by Toei Company in the filming of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie and later found its way into the, now closed, Toei Hero World Museum. Over on our Facebook page, good friend of Toku Toy Store, Stu Hix, noted the blemishes in the suit that proved it was one and the same from Hero World.

View from the entrance to Hasbro’s display space

Plaque detailing the history of the Megazord

On the other side of the entrance, far left, is a small display of items produced by third-party manufacturers.

New and existing Power Ranger products produced by third-party (non-Hasbro) manufacturers

That’s it for now! Keep eyes here at Toku Toy Store for further news and updates, as well as the new toys from Hasbro when they become available from April 2019!

What is your favourite new toy reveal? Which items will be coming home to your collection? Join the conversation on our social media pages!

Source: The Toy Book/The Rockfather, Hasbro Pulse.
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Power Rangers Stage Show Coming to the US and Canada

The Power Rangers franchise is taking another shot at live shows.

Amongst the new toy and Beast Morphers premiere news today, Hasbro have announced a new partnership to create a new series of live stage shows across the United States and Canada. This marks the second time in the last few years that a live Power Rangers tour has been announced with the first, under Saban Brands, being cancelled during the run up to the first event.

The full details from Kilburn Live’s press conference is as follows:


PAWTUCKET, R.I. (FEBRUARY 15, 2019) — Los Angeles-based Kilburn Live and Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), a global play and entertainment company, announced today that Kilburn will produce and tour a live stage show and fan experience featuring Hasbro’s POWER RANGERS across North America.

The POWER RANGERS live show will expand the POWER RANGERS storytelling with a live stage experience intended for Power Ranger fans of all ages.

“POWER RANGERS is a powerhouse franchise and we’re excited to build upon its 25-year legacy of entertainment and innovation to bring immersive experiences to a new generation of fans. We’re thrilled to work with Kilburn Live to unlock the potential of the POWER RANGERS Brand Blueprint with the live stage show and fan experience designed to delight existing fans and attract new ones,” said Simon Waters, Senior Vice President and GM of Hasbro’s Power Rangers franchise. “Kilburn is a proven leader in executing creative live entertainment experiences and we know all POWER RANGERS fans and families will find even more ways to engage with their favorite franchise.”

“POWER RANGERS is an iconic brand with passionate fans across the U.S. and Canada and we are honored to bring the stories and characters people know from TV and movies to a live stage show,” said Mark Manuel, CEO of Kilburn Live. “Our goal is to create a memorable POWER RANGERS experience the whole family will enjoy.”

Kilburn will be partnering with Koba Entertainment, a leading family entertainment live touring company, on the North American tour. Tour dates and cities will be announced later this year.

Stay tuned to Toku Toy Store for updates as they become available.

Would you like to attend a live Power Rangers show? What cities in North America are you hoping for? Sound off on our social media pages!

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Premium Bandai announce Kamen Rider Heisei Phase One Ridewatch sets

Following on from the general release of the Phase Two Ridewatches, it has been announced that you must turn to Premium Bandai for the Phase One forms.

In a very brief teaser, the Bandai Blog have announced the plans for a release of six DX Final Form Ridewatches via Premium Bandai. The first set, dubbed Volume 1, will feature Kuuga Ultimate, Agito Shining, and Ryuki Survive while Volume 2 contains the Faiz Blaster, Blade King, and Armed Hibiki forms.

According to the graphic, more details on the release will be made available on January 31st. Stay tuned to Toku Toy Store for more information and preorders.

Source: Bandai Blog
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Heisei Kamen Rider Era celebrated with Complete Selection Modification display

You’ll know by now that Kamen Rider Zi-O marks the end of the Heisei Era and the celebrations are in full force, especially in Japan!

As Emperor Heisei prepares to abdicate in April next year, Toei Company and Bandai Japan make preparations of their own to close out an era of Kamen Rider that has spanned nearly 20 years. Starting with Kamen Rider Kuuga at the turn of the millennium, the Kamen Riders we have enjoyed have been umbrellaed under the title Heisei Riders, succeeding the Showa Riders before them.

One of the many celebrations and tributes paid to this historic era of tokusatsu is now on display in Shinjuku, Japan. Shinjuku Station (新宿駅) is a major railway station in the Shinjuku and Shibuya wards in Tokyo, Japan and, in addition to the Toei Subway (都営地下鉄), is the home of a Complete Selection Modification display, where the main henshin devices – belts, drivers… and drumsticks – are all on show in display cases.

Facebook user, Jose Ramon Alanis, was kind enough to let us use the images he took at Shinjuku Station. All the images in this article are his and shouldn’t be reproduced without his express permission.

Banners adorn the room of the station, as well as the pillars holding up the roof.

A wall display exhibits all of the Complete Selection Modification releases to date, including the upcoming Kuuga Arcle and Ryuki V-Buckle.

Rider Kicks is another hallmark of the anniversary celebration; each Kamen Rider has their own boot design.

A display dedicated to each Kamen Rider of the period, showcasing a DX toy for each, was also on display.

If you’re travelling to Japan in the next few weeks, be sure to get down and visit the station yourself; it’s truly a sight to behold!

How do you feel about the end of the Heisei Era? Are Toei/Bandai doing enough to celebrate the legacy of these Kamen Riders? Share your thoughts with us on our social media pages!

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Jackie Marchand posts original concept art from Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

While most of us in the United Kingdom slept last night, Ranger Nation was treated something special from the second Power Rangers film, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

Former Power Rangers writer and producer, Jackie Marchand took to Twitter last night to post some concept art, puportly containing orginal ideas for Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. The images show over suit armaments called the Power Suites [sic] which would have been used underwater.

Jackie Marchand worked on Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin’ Season 3 to Time Force, and then again for the Disney era from Ninja Storm through to RPM. Marchand, while a fan of the Super Sentai series, was known for being against Power Rangers sticking rigidly to Sentai storylines and would routinely seek to add elements that would separate Power Rangers from its Japanese counterpart. These concept drawings seem to be an example of that.

You can view the concept art below:

While there was no mention of where in the movie these suits would have been used, you could speculate that they might have been used to storm Divatox’s submarine or to approach Maligore’s island without their Turbo zords.

What do you think of the concept drawings? Would you have liked to see them in the Turbo movie? Join the conversation on social media!

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Soul of Chogokin Titanus Revealed at Power Morphicon

We knew it was coming and now it is confirmed. Soul of Chogokin Titanus is coming soon.

Bandai Tamashii Nations are in the process of setting up their space at Power Morphicon but we can confirm that one of their main display pieces is a prototype Soul of Chogokin Titanus. With this release, all 3 of the Zord/Megazord forms from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1 will have been released in this ultimate, die-cast style.

More details to follow, when available.

Tamashii Nations booth also featured the following displays:

What do you think of this news? Will you be ordering a SoC Titanus? Sound off in the comments!

Legal Note: All photographs are property of Toku Toy Store. You are welcome to share the photos freely but must include a prominent link to this article when doing so.