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Anniversary Review: W and Lost

Flash! Back! Now count up your sins!

A little over 10 years ago, we were given one of the first Kamen Rider anniversary series. Kamen Rider Decade gave us a look back through ten years worth of Riders, and how their stories evolved the franchise into what it is today.

With another anniversary series currently airing, it seems approprriate we take another look back over the years, but this time we look at the Drivers, how they’ve progressed in terms of technology and gimmick, and if they still hold as much charm today as they did back then.

Next up we have the W Driver.

Stylishly coloured in black and silver, and sporting red detailing, the W (Double) Driver serves as a perfect platform for a technological Driver.

Using oversized USB drives as gimmicks, the W Driver is simple to operate, and still oh so satisfying.

There are three kinds of “Gaia Memory”, Body, Soul, T2. Body is on the right, Soul on the left, and T2 operate independently, often used for Accel or the Lost Driver. They are identifiable by the colour of the USB port, Body has a golden colour, Soul is a silver, and T2 are a blue tinted silver.

The Memories operate on a button press system, press the button on the front to trigger the call out (IE: Joker! or Heat!). When inserted into the Driver, another system of pegs and buttons inside trigger the standby and full Henshin sounds, this is done by a peg inside the Driver pressing a button inside the USB connector part of the Memory.

To start, take two memories, for the left side you have Cyclone, Heat, Luna and Fang, and the right, Joker, Metal, Trigger. Ideally you want one from each side, though it does work with ones from the same, however the sounds will overlap and just give you a jumbled mess.

To be correct to the show, press the button on the front of the “Memory” and get a nice loud callout, then insert into the Driver. Once both Memories are in and the activation jingle sounds, pull each side of the Driver to the side and let the music fly.

Also featured with the Driver is a “Maximum Drive slot”, typically located on the right side of the belt. To use, close the Driver, remove the desired Memory, and insert directly into the slot. You’ll get another standby sound after hearing “Memory name here – Maximum Drive!”, press the button on the side and off you go, showing those Dopants who’s boss!

If you’re using Fang, it’s a little more involved than just pressing a button. Fang is quite unique, in that it is themed after a Dinosaur! Quite a snappy little Dinosaur as well!

Going from Dino mode, fold up the rear legs, spin the USB out and fold in the front legs, then press the button. After inserting into the Driver and opening it up, fold Fang over so it sits in the middle of the Driver, and fold down the mouth, just hidden in the back of the right leg (now positioned over the second memory). You’ll be presented with a skeletel, and very asthetically pleasing Dinosaur head, with a horn over the nose.

The horn isn’t for looks however, in this case it is used to trigger Fangs Maximum Drive feature. Press down on the horn 1, 2 or 3 times to trigger different attacks, in order you’ll get “Arm Fang”, “Shoulder Fang” and finally, “Fang, Maximum Drive”.

Now as far as the show is concerned, Fang can only be used in conjunction with the Joker memory, as this allows greater control over the wild nature of Fang. With the Driver however, any Body Memory will work with it, so the unseen combinations of Fang/Trigger or Fang/Metal can be used.

Moving along now, the Lost Driver!

While I could have done this part as a review of its own, the tech is identical to the W Driver, and for the most part I would just be repeating myself, and you would be bored beyond belief!

The Lost Driver, as said, operates the same as the W Driver, but it is quite literally half of the W Driver. Specifically the left side, as the Memories inserted into it are “complete”, serving as both “body” and “soul”.

Unlike the W Driver, the Memories used in the Lost Driver don’t have a delay between the call out and the music, so once you pull the Driver to one sie, rock away!

The Lost Driver features two Memories, Skull and Eternal, though is only supplied with Eternal. It also features a Maximum Drive Slot.

All Memories work in each Driver, but those for the W Driver will feature a delay between the initial call out and the jingle, this is because they feature a delay to allow the second memory to do its own call out before the music.

Overall, I personally think the tech holds up, the Drivers themselves feature a simple mechanic, there to trigger the electronic gimmick devices placed inside it. This feature would later be used again for Ex-Aid and its Gashats, but more on that in another review.

Word of caution however, if you are displaying a W Driver, or either of the Lost or Accel Drivers, do not leave a memory fully engaged in the Driver, as the constant pressure on the button switches will both drain the battery inside the Memory, and weaken the spring to a point where the Memory will no longer function.


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SODO Sundays – October 14th, 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Today, the first couple of figures in Zi-O Set 3 are revealed.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

The first few figures have been revealed for Zi-O Set 3! First up is the Fourze Armor. This armor, being more involved than others, will take up 3 of the slots in this set. The first 2 slots will be for the armor itself, and the stand. A rerelease/slight remold of the base Zi-O body from Set 1 will be in the set as well to allow for the different design the Fourze Armor has compared to others. Like in the show, the rocket mode used in the finisher attack can be done as well.

In a surprise move, SODO announced they will be covering the, as of now, toy and Ganbarizing exclusive Ride Armors. Ryuki is the first to be revealed as a part of Set 3. This is a basic armor, just a simple head, chest, shoulder pad, and thigh swap. If you missed out on the armor body from Set 1 and 2 then good news, it’s included in Set 3 as well. Also included with Ryuki is a new version of the Zikan Girade in sword mode that is now molded to have a Ridewatch in the slot for the finisher attack.

Both the Fourze and Ryuki armors are Zi-O only and no Geiz version pieces are included.


As mentioned in the last episode a new SHODO-X set is on the way. The Bandai Candy Toy blog has released some new images of these figures as well as teased some possible upcoming SHODO figures in the works.

On the next episode of SODO Sundays, it’s showtime!

As always you can watch SODO Sundays Season 2, Episode 5 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays Season 2! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.


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Anniversary Reviews: Decadriver

Kamen Rider… F-f-f-f-flashback!

A little over 10 years ago, we were given one of the first Kamen Rider anniversary series. Kamen Rider Decade gave us a look back through ten years worth of Riders, and how their stories evolved the franchise into what it is today.

With another anniversary series currently airing, it seems appropriate we take another look back over the years, but this time we look at the Drivers, how they’ve progressed in terms of technology and gimmick, and if they still hold as much charm today as they did back then.

Starting today we have the Decadriver, the primary Henshin device of Kamen Rider Decade.

Small and sleek, the Driver kept things simple, while also being quite pleasing to the eye. With a white centre and a very nice gun metal mount that contrast beautifully against the black waistline of the suit.

The Decadriver is the third Driver, following Ryuki and Blade, to use the card system, this time scanning barcodes down the side.

To use the Driver, simply pull on either side of the mount, the core will rotate and lock into place. Once in this position, simply slide a card in the top and you’ll be greeted with a nice, loud callout that announces the type of card entered.

The cards come in five forms, Kamen Ride, Form Ride, Final Form Ride, Attack Ride, and Final Attack Ride.

The Kamen Ride cards feature an image of the Rider with a name banner on the front, and on the back the logo of the Rider with “Kamen Ride -name-” along the edge. Similarly the Form Ride cards feature an alternate image of the Rider, usually one of the different forms the Rider can take, such as Kiva Garulu or Faiz Axel, and share the detailing on the back but with “Form Ride” instead of “Kamen Ride”.

The Final Form cards show images of the Rider the card belongs to, along with an altered form of said Rider, usually where they’ve been turned into a weapon or vehicle.

These forms are used by Decade in the second episode each Rider appears in. Blade for example, becomes his own sword, where Agito becomes his bike in glider mode. Though as a one off, when Final Form Ride W was used, it split Cyclone/Joker into Cyclone/Cyclone and Joker/Joker, essentially creatng a second Rider.

The Attack and Final Attack cards are a little different, instead of an alternate form of the Rider, the Attack cards show an image of the attack in motion, such as Decades “Attack Ride Slash” showing Decade swinging his sword.

Now though, the Final Attack Ride cards are something special. Each card features a glossy gold logo of the Rider it belongs to, on a deep dark blue background. During the callout these cards trigger, the voice stutters for dramatic effect, for example “Final Attack Ride R-R-R-R-R-Ryuki”.

Moving along, lets see how the tech holds up.


Turning the core of the Driver over, you’ll find two screws to the left and right side, opening these panels up will allow you to insert a pair of AAA batteries. once in just screw the panels back on and hit the power switch on the bottom.

The mechanics for the physical operation are relatively simple, on the back of the core there is a small switch, this is pressed when the driver spins as you open/close the mount, this plays a sound to show the Driver is turning.

While not as advanced in terms of electronics, it features a set of LED lights in the card scanner which light up around the window, showing off the Rider logo of the inserted card.

This Driver still delivers clear, great quality sound.

Even coming up to 10 years old, in my opinion this Driver still has a place up there with the most recent ones such as Ex-Aid or Drive.

It’s worth noting however, that over time, and with prolonged use, the scanner in the Drivers core can become rather twitchy. Sometimes misreading cards, giving errors, or in some more extreme cases failing entirely. But even if that should happen, be honest, you’d still have an amazing display piece on your shelf.



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Kamen Rider Zi-O: New Forms and Rider Revealed

A series of new scans were released today, showing new forms for Kamen Rider Zi-O and Kamen Rider Geiz, seemingly using new gimmick items from the Q2 toy catalogue. In addition, a third Rider has been revealed, Kamen Rider Woz. As the name indicates, this will be the Rider Armor form of Woz, the beautiful Time Jacker who has served as both ally and antagonist up to this point. The forms, seen below, are called Zi-O II (2) and GeizRevive. 

Zi-O II uses the Zi-O RideWatch 2* to transform, and will be given a new item, the Saikyou Grade, which can combine with the Jikan Grade to form Zi-O’s Ultimate Weapon.

GeizRevive will come in the form of the Revive RideWatch, a black hourglass that is usable by Zi-O or Geiz.


In addition, Kamen Rider Woz and the DX BeyonDriver have been revealed in the same batch of scans. For his Rider Form, Woz is heavily inspired by Kamen Rider Necrom, right down to the wrist-mounted Driver and green colour scheme. The BeyonDriver fits as the time piece not yet shown in Zi-O’s motif of clocks as gear, being that it is the series’ allegory for the Apple Watch and other smart wearable technology. It has a digital face and buttons, giving it a look that is somewhere between Necrom’s Mega U-Loader and the Buggle Driver II from Ex-Aid.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kamen Rider Woz will have the following forms:

  • Rider Quiz
  • Rider Kikai
  • Rider Shinobi

Look for all of these power-ups and items, as well as Kamen Rider Woz to debut in the upcoming episodes of Kamen Rider Zi-O over the next few weeks. Be sure to check back with us at Toku Toy Store for more information and scans as well.

What are your thoughts on these developments in the series? Are you excited for Woz to become a proper Kamen Rider? Leave your thoughts and let’s discuss!

*Translation per Matt Hunt (@TheRealMattHunt) via Twitter

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SODO Sundays – October 1st, 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Today the rest of Zi-O Set 2 and some news from the SHODO line on this special Monday edition!

Kamen Rider Zi-O

The rest of Set 2 has now been revealed! First up is the Ex-Aid armor. Just like with Drive and Ghost the SODO Ex-Aid armor is including pieces for both Zi-O and Geiz versions. Also included is the punch hammer fists and a stand like usual.

Although it doesn’t premiere till next week’s episode the Geiz exclusive Faiz form has also been revealed! Bandai included everything they could’ve with this one, he comes with a stand, the Faiz Shot weapon. a swappable leg piece with the Faiz Pointer on it, and even the gun mode of the Faiz Phone X! Sadly there are no pieces to make a Zi-O version of this armor.

These 2 armors finish up the complete Set 2 line-up, the Ex-Aid, Ghost, Faiz, and Drive armors as well as re-releases of the Zi-O and Geiz armor bodies from Set 1.



Premium Bandai has revealed a new SHODO-X Set due for release in February 2019. Included are figures for Kamen Rider Diend, Faiz, and Faiz Axel. Faiz’s bike Auto Vajin is also included, as well as pieces to make the robot form for Auto Vajin.

SHODO doesn’t stop there as new Showa bikes and the Yellow Shocker Rider #1 have also been revealed at a toy fair in Japan.


Next time blast off when SODO Sundays returns to its normal Sunday release.

As always you can watch SODO Sundays Season 2, Episode 4 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays Season 2! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.

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Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 2 & 3 Review

Kamen Rider Zi-O is off to a running start so far, cramming character development, lore, and more into just the first episode. Now, following up on that fantastic debut, the show is in full swing with no signs of slowing down.

Episode 2

This second episode focuses heavily on Build, Cross-Z, and the impact of time travel on history. Another Build makes a return, and a new Rider Armour makes a debut. Just like before, this episode is packed, but the emphasis is heavy on action this time around.

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When Another Build returns, this time with a regeneration ability, Sougo and Geiz have a tough time taking it on. Continually absorbing powers, Another Build becomes so strong that it is unbeatable. This takes about a year, beginning in 2017 in Build’s timeline, and after a brief combat encounter, Sougo and Geiz time travel back to 2017 to stop Another Build from gaining that power. Thankfully, the consequences of time travel are at the forefront here, as both Sougo and Geiz end up using powers drawn from Sento and Banjou, in the form of the Build and Cross-Z Ride Watches. One of the biggest questions they end up asking after, though, is how Sougo got the watches in the first place.

This is explained, expertly, in the form of a temporal causality loop, presented as follows:

  • Sougo and Geiz defeat Another Build
  • Another Build’s defeat allows Sougo to obtain two blank Ride Watches
  • Ride Watches are given to Sento for refinement
  • Sento gives Sougo the Ride Watches in the future
  • Sougo  and Geiz travel back in time to defeat Another Build and restart the loop

Overall, this episode is excellently crafted, heavy on well choreographed action scenes, and shows that the series is not afraid to tackle high-concept ideas in science fiction. This keeps the bar set high for the rest of the series, and with the next episode focusing on Ex-Aid, we are off to a strong start that will carry forward for the whole run of Zi-O, in the best case.

Episode 3

Who would have thought the future Demon King of the human race would be bad at video games? Shortly after Geiz and Tsukuyomi rent out the spare room in Sougo’s house, one of Sougo’s friends falls ill while playing an “Unbeatable” game on his GENM-branded game system. The game? Mighty Action X.  Following advice from Woz, Sougo takes his friend to the Seito University hospital, where they meet the genius surgeon, Kagami Hiro, who tells them the symptoms Sougo’s friend has are increasingly common, but the cause is unknown. No mention of Game Syndrome is made, but a link to Mighty Action X is suspected. Based on this, it’s safe to assume Sougo arrives somewhere towards the beginning of the Ex-Aid timeline.


As they begin to do more and more research, they are finally confronted by Another Ex-Aid, whose design is equal parts lazy, clever, and hilarious. The comparison has been made endlessly, up to this point, but I will include it here. Another Ex-Aid uses elements of Ex-Aid’s level 2 form and his final form, Hyper Muteki, to make something that looks a bit like The Predator, from the film series of the same name. Before they make too much more progress, though, they need more information and return to the hospital.

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It’s here that another of the easter eggs in this episode pops up, as they find the Genius Gamer M’s notes about Mighty Action X on the desk of pediatric doctor Hojo Emu, whom veteran fans will know better as Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. The notes are written in German, instructions for inputs on the game that translate to the Konami Code. When Sougo uses the notes, he clears level one of Mighty Action X, and they end up sucked into the game.

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It’s here we meet Emu, and then the episode ends on a cliffhanger, getting ready for a fight. Overall, this episode is fantastic like the previous ones, but ends rather abruptly after building a great deal of excitement. Episode 4 will continue the Ex-Aid arc, followed by a combined Faiz and Fourze arc for episodes five and six.

What did you think of these episodes? Is Zi-O everything you hoped it would be? Leave your thoughts and let’s discuss!

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Full details on the Kamen Rider Kuuga CSM Henshin Belt Arcle

As teased last month, the next entry into the Complete Selection Modification line is the Arcle Henshin Belt from Kamen Rider Kuuga. Premium Bandai has now revealed the full details for the set.

The Arcle itself has all of the sounds and lights it was expected to have. Mighty, Dragon, Pegasus, and Titan forms are all included.

Additional plates and pieces are included as well. First is a plate used for the Rising Forms and Amazing Mighty forms. Another plate is included for the Ultimate and Rising Ultimate Forms. Button caps are also included for the Ultimate Forms.

All of Kuuga’s forms are represented in this release. All 4 base forms, 4 Rising Forms, Amazing Mighty, Ultimate Form with both Red and Black Eyes, and Rising Ultimate with both Red and Black Eyes. Growing Form is also included to some capacity.

But with the Arcle being a pretty basic belt another accessory was added. A replica of the phone used in the show by Karou Ichijo! Ichijo’s actor has returned to record new voice lines in the phone as well.


It’s unknown if the belt itself features any voice clips from Yusuke Godai or Yusuke Onodera as CSMs usually do but there is BGM tracks from Kuuga in the belt.

This belt has already sold out its first wave and a second will release in April 2019. You can pre-order from Toku Toy Store here.

What do you think of this CSM Arcle? What would you like to see CSM cover next? Leave a comment down below!

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SODO Sundays – September 16th, 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Today is the first set of figures for the set 2 lineup for Kamen Rider Zi-O!

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Last time, the entire Zi-O Set 1 lineup was revealed and we now are getting into Set 2 with a new Legend Rider Armor. This time it’s the Ghost Armor. Geiz’s first armor he used in the show. Not only his the Geiz version included in this SODO set but the pieces to use it with Zi-O are included as well.

Also included with the Ghost Armor is the Axe mode of Geiz’s Zikan Zaxe.

Another armor is also been revealed, Geiz’s Drive Armor. To keep with the design the Armor Body from Set 1 has the Shift Cars on the arms are included as add-ons for his hands for the effect of them being part of the arms.

The Drive Armor comes with the Gun Mode of the Zikan Blade for Zi-O but the Drive Armor only comes with pieces for Geiz and not Zi-O.

We will continue to see the next level of SODO figures next time…

As always you can watch SODO Sundays Season 2, Episode 3 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays Season 2! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.

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Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 1 Review

It’s been built up for months, with previews, item showcases, and clips shown during the run of Build, but now here we are at last: Kamen Rider Zi-O has begun! This show starts off with frantic action right out of the gate, wasting no time in establishing the existential threat that is Demon King Zi-O. The opening scene prompts a Terminator-style time travel plot to destroy the Demon King before he can gain his full power, and this becomes the setup for the entire series.


Demon King Zi-O stands before a statue that reads: To Commemorate the First Transformation of Tokiwa Sougo


For those unfamiliar, or a bit confused by the opening episode, Kamen Rider Zi-O centers on Tokiwa Sougo, a high school student in our modern time, and the future Demon King of the entire world. By his own admission, Sougo’s life’s dream is to become a king, and he frequently declares as much to his classmates, his uncle, and whoever else will listen. Unbeknownst to him, the fateful date of 1st September 2018 (the air date of the premiere and setting of episode one) is the beginning of his dream becoming a reality.




Sougo seems like a good person, albeit a bit awkward with others because of his dedication to his goal. It will be interesting to see hints of his future personality come out as the show continues, but as of this episode, there is seemingly no trace of the kind of man who could do the things Demon King Zi-O is shown doing in Sougo. Tsukuyomi, a girl from the Demon King’s future 50 years ahead, believes Sougo’s course through life can be corrected and means to change the future peacefully. Geiz, on the other hand, doesn’t share that philosophy, and is very much the Terminator to Sougo’s John Connor. Each futurian uses their own Time Majin for time travel, and seemingly dimensional travel as one of their stops deposits them in Build’s world, around the time of episode 12 of Build, going by the date used.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Between the time travel, the spectacular fights and world-building, and even the gimmicks and armours the characters use, episode one of Kamen Rider Zi-O does a lot of things right, and sets the bar very high for what is to come. Even our first Another Rider, Another Build, is given ample attention, using a combination of Build’s powers and the human host’s natural inclination to basketball. Every reference used has some purpose in the larger plot, rather than being a reference for the sake of nostalgia, right down to Tsukuyomi’s gun being a modified version of the Faiz Phone, now called Faiz Phone X, and making the same visual and sound effects on a hit that Faiz himself did with the weapon. This show has the potential to be a masterpiece or a disaster, but if this first entry is anything to go by, we are in for a treat over the next year.




What did you think of Kamen Rider Zi-O’s premiere? Are you excited for what is to come? Do you have any theories about how the series will play out? Let’s start a discussion below or on social media!

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Kamen Rider Build Final Review

Catching up on Kamen Rider Build, the show has now wrapped in spectacular fashion, paving the way for the future in the form of Kamen Rider Zi-O while ending on a satisfying point for the viewers. Before we dive too far into that, though, let’s take a look back at the previous episode, which sets up the conflict for the finale and delivers a devastating blow to the audience.

Episode 48
Episode 48 of Build begins where its predecessor left off. Sawatari Kazumi, Kamen Rider Grease, is dead. His friends are wounded but still fighting, and one of them critically so. As the desperation begins to mount, Evolt appears to be truly unstoppable. This time around, the shot composition, music, and special effects work together nearly flawlessly to create an air of futility for our heroes. They are battling against a force of nature and they know it. Punctuated by two major losses, it seems, the stakes have never been higher.

Pieces of the cities are being devoured, a black hole open in the sky pulling another reality in to merge with the prime world of Team Build. This, combined with a simple but devastating touch, the broken helmet, lead to an all-encompassing feeling that this time, maybe teamwork isn’t enough. Maybe they can’t do it, but they’ll have to find a way. They know they are fighting a losing battle, and it’s shown all that much more when Gentoku joins Kazumin and falls, the broken helmet and dramatic speech driving the point home so much more. In the end, the plan that cost Gentoku his life ends up proving to be a success, and Evolt is forced to temporarily scale back his power, freezing long enough for Banjou to take hold of him, and launch both of them straight at the energy surge that will fuse the worlds, creating Shinsekai: the new world.


The episode ends, seemingly, with the deaths of Banjou and Evolt, but we are quickly proven wrong as the finale takes center stage.

For this episode, the emphasis is on the very emotional response to the action pieces that, fittingly, take center stage and drive home the desperation our characters feel. All of it comes together to form something unique and tragic, but with a hint of the death leading to a rebirth of sorts. Masterfully crafted, all around.

Episode 49 (End)
Starting right up with the finale, we see the final battle take place, heroes coming together to battle Evolt as Banjou returns, at first in Evolt’s body. Having been absorbed, the most he can do for a time is talk to Sento, before eventually being kicked out of Evolt’s body in the form of a new, silver Dragon Full Bottle. This, combined with the new gold Rabbit Bottle, create Build’s true final form, Rabbit Dragon, but not before a spectacular fight where both Sento and Evolt are forced to downgrade to their base forms, each losing strength and speed visually as well as in the story’s context. Their movements become slower, attacks less powerful, and is all conveyed incredibly well before Sento realises the truth.


There is no defeating Evolt. The entity cannot be killed or contained. As was the original plan, the best they can do is erase it from existence by creating Shinsekai: the new world. The plan succeeds, using Evolt’s energy as the catalyst, and when our heroes awaken, Sento is alone. The world is familiar, yet very different, and we first find Sento at the sight of the Sky Wall disaster, with no Sky Wall in sight.


We learn more about the new world as Sento does, and a few last minute twists and turns not only lead to a satisfying conclusion, but also perfectly set up for the upcoming Kamen Rider Zi-O, which has been confirmed via trailers to share a setting with Build. Zi-O is Shinsekai’s Rider, the future Demon King, and it is easy to see how they can make this premise work in a new setting.

All in all, Kamen Rider Build ends on a fittingly meta conclusion, characters falling into new roles in a new setting and bringing everything full circle. Build was a wild ride from start to finish, presenting a dark and unique look at the realities of what a war on this scale would look like for those caught in the crossfire. Build seems set to go down in Rider history as one of the more well-liked series, and this leaves many of us, myself included, anxious for more. Look for Kamen Rider Zi-O to premiere this coming Saturday, September 1st in Japan. Subtitled broadcasts will be available to the rest of the world shortly after that.

What did you think of Kamen Rider Build? Was this one of your favourite series, or just the show of the year? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Let’s discuss in the comments below or on social media!