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Breaking News! New Mini Power Morphicon coming in 2019

Power Morphicon is well underway, and Ranger fans from all over the globe have arrived and are ready for another fantastic experience! The hype has been surreal and it seems Hasbro are definitely delivering the goods this year, giving the attendees what they want.

In that same boat, it seems the people behind Power Morphicon have decided that it’s time to test the waters at having some form of Morphicon every year! This is being tested, in short, by trailing a smaller Power Morphicon next year in 2019!

“Power Morphicon Express” is the name they’ve chosen to go with, and it brings with it a feeling of a smaller, more streamlined experience as opposed to the main PMC.

What could this mean for Power Morphicon? It could mean that more than one PMC a year could be a thing, on a smaller scale! Having it in Pasadena, Texas is also exciting! So much to process!

What do you think about having a Power Morphicon every year, even if just on a smaller scale? Let us know!

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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cast and Trailer Revealed

As is the tradition at Power Morphicon, the cast of the next season of Power Rangers has been revealed!

Showing up on stage at the end of Super Ninja Steel panel the cast for the main three members of Power Rangers Beast Morphers were revealed to be:

Photo Credit: Ranger Command Power Hour on Twitter

Rorrie D. Travis as the Red Beast Morphers Ranger


Jasmeet Baduwalia as the Blue Beast Morphers Ranger


Jacqueline Scislowski as the Yellow Beast Morphers Ranger


Power Rangers Beast Morphers follows the story of 3 Rangers who combine the power of the Morphin Grid with Animal DNA to fight against the sentient Evox computer virus with the help of their Beast Bots sidekicks!

A trailer for the upcoming series was also shown. You can watch it below, courtesy of io9:

And you can follow the new cast here:




At this time the names for their characters have not been revealed. You can catch these new members of the Power Ranger family on Power Rangers Beast Morphers on Nick in 2019!

Who is your favorite member of the Beast Morphers team? Are you going to watch this new season in 2019? Leave a comment down below!

Thanks to @MisturYellow on Twitter for pointing us towards the cast images!
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Other Reveals from the Power Rangers Toys and Collectibles Power Hour

Hasbro has just finished wrapping up their Power Rangers Toys and Collectibles Power Hour panel at Power Morphicon 2018. There was a lot of reveals that came from this panel.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

First up was the 25th Anniversary announcements involving the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. This past week, an image showing five orbs of different colours has been revealing the next characters to join the game. After reveals of Shadow Ranger, Samurai Gold, Titanium Ranger, and Ranger Slayer the final reveal was shown off at the panel to be Hyperforce Yellow. This is Hyperforce’s first introduction into Legacy Wars and continues their presence in more Power Rangers products.

Funko POPs!

Two new Funko POP’s were officially revealed at this panel as well, first being a metallic version of the helmetless Tommy Green Ranger that was just recently released. This will be a Galactic Toys exclusive. Another Tommy related POP was announced with Lord Drakkon getting his own POP as well. The rest of the new wave already announced will be popping up in the next few weeks.

Heroes of the Grid

The new Kickstarter game Heroes of the Grid, which has already reached over $200,000 in it’s goals has revealed another figure for the game in the works. Cyclopsis will be the next figure joining the game. It was also mentioned how the game will allow fans to create their own Ranger team with the different add-on packs that are going to be released. They choose to use Kickstarter since it gave the game a more direct connection to fans in the development of the game and see if the interest was there.

DropMix & Lineage Studios

Joining with Hasbro two new partnerships with Power Rangers have been announced. DropMix was announced to be producing cards that break down songs to create new songs based on other parts of songs. A card based on the original Go Go Power Rangers theme song will be offered at Power Morphicon.

The other partnership, Lineage Studios, will be working on wearable collectibles. They will be starting with a Power Morpher in both the silver and gold version with swappable coins, including coins from such events as Shattered Grid. Lineage will also be producing movie posters like artworks based on major Power Rangers events with Forever Red,  Shattered Grid, and Soul of the Dragon being shown off first.

What do you think of these reveals? What will you be picking up?

Personal note: Huge thanks and kudos to @TokuChris for streaming the panel. We love you!
Photo credit also goes to Chris, via TokuNation, from here.
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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Announced

During a panel at Power Morphicon today, the world was finally given a sneak peek at what Hasbro intends to do with the Power Rangers brand. This news brought hope to a great many fans, myself included, in the form of the Lightning Collection, a new anthology series of figures set to drop its first wave in spring 2019. Hasbro was very open with information about these new figures, and in a preview video, showed the production of a prototype Mighty Morphin’ White ranger figure. The features are as follows:

  • 27 points of articulation
  • True-to-life colours and proportions
  • Photo-realistic swappable actor faces
  • Weapons and accessories included
  • Optional Special Effects included

Prototype on display in the main Power Morphicon hall (Photo credit: KyoryuZeo on Twitter)

The figures were confirmed to retail for a price point of $19.99 in the US and will be released as an Anthology series, rather than dividing sets by individual team. Hasbro representatives were adamant that all eras of Rangers will be included, rolled out over time similar to the Marvel Legendary Collection series, also made by Hasbro. In addition, during a Q&A at the end of the panel, the question of Monster figures in this series was brought up, and an implicit yes was given but nothing has been confirmed there just yet.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available, including pre-order information.

Are you excited to see the Lightning Collection in person? Which ranger are you most looking forward to seeing realised this way? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

Personal note: Huge thanks and kudos to @TokuChris for streaming the panel. We love you!
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Soul of Chogokin Titanus Revealed at Power Morphicon

We knew it was coming and now it is confirmed. Soul of Chogokin Titanus is coming soon.

Bandai Tamashii Nations are in the process of setting up their space at Power Morphicon but we can confirm that one of their main display pieces is a prototype Soul of Chogokin Titanus. With this release, all 3 of the Zord/Megazord forms from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1 will have been released in this ultimate, die-cast style.

More details to follow, when available.

Tamashii Nations booth also featured the following displays:

What do you think of this news? Will you be ordering a SoC Titanus? Sound off in the comments!

Legal Note: All photographs are property of Toku Toy Store. You are welcome to share the photos freely but must include a prominent link to this article when doing so. 
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Power Morphicon 2018: First Look at the Convention Hall

Not at Power Morphicon? Not to worry! Toku Toy Store is here to keep you informed with all of the up to the minute news and information from the world’s largest Power Rangers convention!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know by now that Power Morphicon 2018 is just getting underway this evening. This biannual convention is the sixth of its kind but the first to emanate from the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California; this replaces the event’s former home of Pasadena, California, about which fans of Morphicon had long complained that the show had outgrown. While Toku Toy Store doesn’t have a booth at the event, we have representatives on hand to bring you closer to the big show, even if you’re unable to attend yourself.


Before the general public were allowed through the doors, the hard work of getting the convention ready commenced. On our Facebook page, we showed you what the Convention Center looked like yesterday (Thursday).

From this high vantage point, you were already able to see the basic layout of the room. For their first Power Morphicon, it’s clear that Hasbro are setting up to have a big presence – more on their section later. Since yesterday, the main hall has continued to take shape with all parties working hard to prepare.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the convention floor so far is the Lord Drakkon throne, as featured in the live action trailer for the Power Rangers Shattered Grid comic book series. Presumably, the throne will be available for photo opportunities throughout the weekend. How many different Ranger cosplays will take the throne? If you take the throne, please send us pictures!

In addition to these updates, the guests area is set up and ready to go. Expect a lot of footfall in this area throughout the convention.


Where Saban Brands were reluctant to bring out the props and suits for, well, any reason, the opposite seems to be true of Hasbro. There is a lot to see in their section but if you want to take a look, be aware that, by doing so, you consent to Hasbro using the footage of you browsing in any way they like.

Don’t worry, this isn’t as sinister as it sounds… chances are it means that Hasbro actually plan to use footage from Power Morphicon to highlight, publicise and celebrate the Power Rangers franchise. Here’s hoping, anyway, because that would be a welcome change to Saban’s indiference.

The centrepiece of Hasbro’s section is their display for the upcoming Power Rangers Beast Morphers series. As they were at San Diego Comic Con, all three of the main Ranger suits have been (Go)busted out for PMC.

Another familiar sight is the, now infamous, helmet wall with updated Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Logo.

But that’s not all! Hasbro have been delving deep into the storeroom and have unearthed a number of Ranger and  villain suits from past seasons of Power Rangers.

Better than the suits unearthed is the myriad of props from Power Rangers series dating all the way back to Mighty Morphin’! Whatever your tastes, there’s guaranteed to be something in this selection to get you salivating!


We may be a little biased but we believe that a convention is nothing without a good array of traders on hand to offer reasonably priced fares for the masses. PMC seems to be off to a good start with a few vendors arriving to set up early. Here is a selection of the earlybirds:

What do you think of Power Morphicon 2018 so far? Join the discussion on social media and let us know your thoughts!

Legal Note: All photographs are property of Toku Toy Store. You are welcome to share the photos freely but must include a prominent link to this article when doing so. 
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Beast Morphers Red Ranger Identity Possibly Revealed

With Power Morphicon less than two weeks away, fans of Power Rangers are chomping at the bit for any piece of news or information they can get their hands on. Hasbro, for their part, is doing wonders to encourage brand growth for Power Rangers as a franchise already, including lots of marketing behind the 25th anniversary special and even declaring August 28th National Power Rangers Day in America. The latest of these developments may have been accidental, though. In a now-deleted Instagram post, veteran actor and stuntman Ray Park, known for playing Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, and Snake Eyes in the G.I. Joe films, seemingly revealed the identity of our new Red Ranger, posing for a selfie with a young man the post names as “Rico.”


The now-deleted post can be seen below:

Ray Park Insta Cap.jpg

The post was seemingly deleted quickly after it went up, which leaves a few possibilities as to the reason. The most likely are that the post was inaccurate and Park took it down on his own, or otherwise that Hasbro saw this as an early leak and asked him to remove the post before it spread further. Regardless, we will have confirmation coming up at Power Morphicon, when the Beast Morphers cast and crew are revealed. Until then, stay tuned for any updates. 

What are your thoughts on this possible leak? Let’s discuss!

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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid RPG proves HUGE SUCCESS for Renegade Game Studios.

Remember, way back in October 2017, when I spoke about the upcoming Power Rangers Hyperforce and the potential this had in igniting a fire in the tabletop community for a co-opertative Power Rangers role playing game? Well, guess what? It did and now we’re getting one courtesy of Renegade Game Studios! Here’s my thoughts on Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

A couple weeks ago at GenCon, we saw our first look at the upcoming Heroes of the Grid RPG and the internet got excited! Since Hyperforce went over pretty well with the fan base, Renegade Game Studios seemed intent on capitalising on that with awesome miniatures and gorgeous art from Go Go Power Rangers artist Dan Mora.

Dan Mora_Power Rangers_Heroes of The Grid

The Kickstarter launched a couple days ago and the Power Rangers community was ravenous enough to get it funded in under EIGHT HOURS! The only time I’ve personally seen something get funded that quickly on Kickstarter is when Rooster Teeth puts up a crowd funding page for their movies or card games. It’s a testament to the hunger for this kind of product that we’ve now unlocked two of the additional stretch goals and I’m super proud of the community.

But what is Heroes of the Grid and what do you get for funding this project? Here’s the rundown!

Power Rangers_Heroes of the Grid_kickstarter goals_base set (2)

Pledging $75 (roughly £60) gets you the base game set, which is set to run for around $90 msrp, and includes a whole host of goodies including the core MMPR team, Rita, a selection of famous monsters and an army of Putty Patrollers as miniatures, along with their ability cards and scenario cards.

Power Rangers_Heroes of the Grid_kickstarter goals_base set (4)Pledging at the $150 (£118) mark gets you the base game and the two expansions; Green with Evil and White Light. These Green with Evil expansion come with a different sculpt for Rita in a Boom Studios outfit, and evil Green Ranger, Scorpina, and oddly, Tenga Warriors. The White Light expansion Includes a White Ranger, Lord Zedd and a contingent of Z Putty Patrollers.

Already, Renegade Game Studios are covering their bases to give people the storylines and characters people love from the Mighty Morphin era and I’m loving all of the miniatures (even if I’m too broke to support this at the moment).

Power Rangers_Heroes of the Grid_kickstarter goals_base set (3)Pledging a whopping $240 (£189) nets you everything I’ve mentioned before as well as the Shattered Grid expansion which includes the Hyperforce Rangers and Time Force Pink! I know a lot of Hyperforce fans will be glad to know you can also buy that as an add-on for the two lower tiers too! In that, you also get Ranger Slayer and Black Dragon monster figures, a cadre of Mastodon Troopers, and Lord Drakkon, himself! At the Morphin Master pledge level, you also get a Ranger-themed dice pack, a pack of additional Foot Soldiers and a Mighty Morphin Megazord figure!

Power Rangers_Heroes of the Grid_kickstarter_miniaturesI think I should mention the size of these miniatures at this point and when Renegade Game Studios says they’re oversized, they mean it. They should be great for people who find it hard to paint standard miniatures, like me with my broken hands.

There’s also a page on the Kickstarter that explains the game mechanics but I’ll let you guys check that out for yourselves rather than me mess anything up. Suffice to say that it’s definitely a game I’m interested in playing and I hope I can jump on board with this soon!

Power Rangers_Heroes of the Grid_kickstarter goals_base set (1)As of time of writing, the Kickstarter is a little over $130,000 and they’re creeping towards their next stretch goal at $185k. It’s undoubtedly a success for Renegade Game Studios and the fans have shown their love for it so if this is going to be an ongoing endeavour; which team would you like to see released next? Have you contributed to the Kickstarter? What’s your favourite part of the game as it’s been shown to us?

Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more news, reviews, and more from Toku Toy Store!

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Super Power Con UK VIP Tiers Announced

It’s no secret that Super Power Con is going to be the best thing to happen to the UK since we discovered the Sub of the Day at Subway, and they’ve gone ahead and treated us to some insight as to what VIP options will be available for everyone attending this November!

These VIP options will act like a sort of “add-on”, and will work in tandem with your normal Entry Pass for the convention. The tiers are as follows:


This tier grants you with Level One entry, and consists of:

  • 1 Day VIP Option
  • Silicone Wristband
  • 2x Autographs
  • Q&A Priority Seating
  • VIP Fast Track Entry
  • 1x Evening Party


The second tier is similar in contents but contains a little extra for your money.


This tier consists of the following.

  • 1 Day VIP Option
  • Silicone Wristband
  • SPC T-shirt
  • 2x Autographs
  • 1x Photo Shoot
  • Q&A Priority Seating
  • VIP Fast Track Entry
  • 1x Evening Party


Tier 3 is a little more for the super mega Power Rangers fans 


This tier is packed with way more options, and is proving to be a favourite among attendees. It consists of the following.

  • 2 Day VIP Option
  • Silicone Wristband
  •  SPC T-shirt
  • SPC Postcard Pack
  • 3x Autographs
  • 2x Photo shoots
  • Private Lounge Access
  • Q&A Priority Seating
  • VIP Fast Track Entry
  • Both Evening Parties


Lastly, the fourth tier is the most inclusive VIP pass and will have you treated like a celebrity yourself whilst attending the convention. This otherworldly pass consists of all of the following, and goes by the name:


This tier is the ultimate VIP pass, and will likely not last long among the fans as it contains everything you could want out of a convention like this. The contents are as such.

  • 2 Day VIP Option
  • Silicone Wristband
  • SPC T-shirt
  • SPC Hoodie
  • SPC Postcard Pack
  • 4x Autographs
  • 3x Photo shoots
  • Private Lounge Access
  • Q&A Priority Seating
  • VIP Fast Track Entry
  • Both Evening Parties
  • Private Meet & Greet


These can all be purchased directly from right now, as well as general entry tickets. Remember, a General Entry ticket is REQUIRED to attend Super Power Con UK. Any VIP passes are optional add-ons to your standard ticket. You can also purchase your tickets directly from the convention centre at .

Lots more guests are being announced as the date gets closer, so be sure to book your tickets now before they’re all gone and you miss out!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us or contact Super Power Con UK directly on Facebook!

Will you be attending Super Power Con UK this year? What VIP pass will you be purchasing? Let us know! 

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Ultraman R/B Episodes 4 and 5 Review

Character development and new crystals are the order of the day in the latest two episodes of Ultraman R/B!

Episode 4

Episode 4 is a very personal one for Katsumi, the older of the Ultraman brothers. The plot centres on Katsumi’s amateur baseball team trying to win one final game for their retiring coach, who was a mentor to our hero in high school. As you would expect, shenanigans ensue and the plan goes off the rails. From interpersonal drama to Kaiju attacks, seemingly every roadblock that could come up does. Along the way, we see that the brothers are not so good at keeping their identities a secret, with Isami, at one point, even calling out his brother’s name while in Ultraman form.


Going by the size of these men when this happens, the voice must have been booming. Likely the entire city of Ayaka heard this call. By episode’s end, even the baseball coach is able to discern the identity of Ultraman Rosso, supposedly based on the hero’s pitching technique. Along with this, we finally get a full-body, day-lit shot to confirm that Makoto Aizen is, in fact, the human host of the upcoming villain Ultraman Orb Dark and the one behind the string of Kaiju attacks. What remains unclear is his motive, though it becomes a bit of a man-versus-item tsundere situation, as he is seen at the end lovingly touching his Ultra Crystal items, holding all the Kaiju at his disposal. In this episode, he uses the familiar Red King type, and even praises the crystal after his failure.


This episode also marks a milestone in being the first time that either brother obtains Ultraman crystals other than their base, even if it is a weapon upgrade rather than a form change. The new crystals allow the R/B Slugger to be upgraded and the brothers perform a new team attack with this upgraded weapon, mostly due to necessity with Katsumi’s injured shoulder. This injury, sustained early on, is smartly played as a weakness as an enemy combatant would use with an injured foe in the real world, and it does noticeably hinder Katsumi’s baseball performance.

After Aizen sets off the Red King attack, the coach himself is forced to step in and close out the baseball game as pitcher, ultimately failing as the opposing team lands a grand slam in the 9th inning. Despite a solemn promise to go out on a victory for the coach’s final game, he is not disappointed, or upset. He knows they played a good game and that that is what matters more. It’s a lesson in sportsmanship, and in perspective in life and as the coach and Katsumi leave the field together one final time, the shot is fittingly artistic in its composition.

Episode 5

In this episode, we are given a glimpse of the more human side of the citizens of Ayaka, with Isami even being given something of a romantic interest in the form of an engineering student, Ninomiya Yuuha, nicknamed Icarus for her propensity to build flying machines that can be worn by humans. In truth, her experiments are dangerous and even Katsumi and Asami see it. They go so far as to convince Isami to get her to stop and give up on her dreams of achieving flight while wearing wings. I cannot argue with their logic, seeing the machine Icarus builds for herself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a visit from Aizen, a bug is planted in Quattro M so he can gather information, hoping to overhear the brothers talk about being Ultramen. He is quickly foiled by Asahi, thinking the bug is a cookie (as it was disguised), and it is thrown away. It’s a slightly comedic moment as the bite sends a burst of high-pitched sound into Aizen’s earpiece, causing him to do a literal spit-take with the tea he is drinking in that moment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Working with this new character, Isami helps her fix her wings, and the pair discover a new Ultra Crystal, for Ultraman Tiga and a new Wind form. Aizen decides to take it for himself, and unleashes a new Kaiju on the city, leading the brothers to waste zero time in jumping into action. This time around, unlike in previous weeks, they don’t waste time hiding their secret identities from Asahi or Icarus, who are both led just out of range of where the battle will take place before the brothers transform. The new Kaiju is reminiscent of Toho fan favourite King Ghidoriah, though with only one head instead of three, combined with a large bird.


With the wind crystal in the open, Isami is the first to take its power and becomes Ultraman Blu Wind, with a deep purple colour palette and many of the same powers as the Kaiju. It’s a genius move and ultimately ends up leading to Aizen only getting more excited, and after the battle is over we see the Ultraman Orb Dark crystal for the first time. It’s a detailed, close-up shot, and for anyone curious about the odd letters on the crystals, they have been partially decoded by a Facebook user, who deciphered that the letters are simply the Ultraman language versions of whatever character is pictured on the crystal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, Ultraman R/B continues on an upward trajectory, even if only scratching the surface of its lore up to this point. With the debut of Ultraman Orb Dark now set for episode 8, we are only a few weeks away from a massive spike in the conflict. But until then, I would love to see these characters and this world continue to grow.

What did you guys think of these episodes? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!