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Kamen Rider Zi-O Early Silhouette and Gimmick Revealed

The first silhouettes of ZI-O and his gimmick have been revealed! (sort of). The speculation begins now on what this rider will look like and how they’ll portray themselves on screen. 

In this article, we’ll have viewpoints from everyone at Toku Toy Store, so be sure to have a read and cast your votes on what you think the Rider will be like!

“The silhouette gives us little to go off, but if it’s anything like the final design it’ll be a very unique Rider. The body is very Heisei themed, but the simple head sculpt feels almost Showa in a respect. With each aspect of the suit we see, we’ll know more on whether this is rider is designed like Showa, Heisei, or something completely different to welcome in the new Era next year in Japan. The gimmicks could be a similar theme to what we’ve seen before, or something totally unique that would reflect this new design of suit. How they’ll move and how they’ll act when on screen will also influence this, as every era have had different movesets influenced directly by their respective eras. Will this be a serious Rider? A childlike Rider? Only time will tell. We will definitely know more once we begin seeing actors surface, but for now the speculation is always exciting!

 I even sharpened up the existing silhouette to show more detail as to what Zi-O will potentially look like! Notice the crown motif on the helmet” –Will

Following up on this, Jeremy had this to say:

“The digital/computer code background really jumped out at me, at first glance. It’s reminiscent of many of the Ganbarizing promotions that we’ve seen over the years which leads me to think that Zi-O will have access to other Kamen Rider forms using a connection to a database of some kind. 

The silhouette doesn’t really give us much to go on but the fact that it’s so plain could mean that his default form is a template up on which other forms and upgrades are impressed. Either that, or perhaps were getting an old-school bugman Rider without the crazy appendages we’ve become accustomed to ok the Heisei period.

Finally, the price point of the gimmick item almost confirms that we’re getting an electronic based gimmick for Zi-O. As much as Bandai Japan are happy to pile on the wallet pressure, ¥1500 for a single item would be far too much for a gimmick that doesn’t do very much. As much as I’m not ready to let Build go yet, im really looking forward to Kamen Rider Zi-O!” –Jeremy

We even got some opinions from our usual episode review writer, and our very own SODO Sundays host!

“Not much is out there right now for Kamen Rider Zi-O, but what is known has me excited. According to what rumours are out there, Zi-O will be a globe-trotting adventurer type of character. I’m hoping this is something similar to Indiana Jones, or maybe even the PlayStation game series Uncharted. At this point, it is too early to say, but now that we have seen at least a silhouette of Zi-O, let me make some predictions.

The head of the suit, in base form, will be a globe. As the top is rounded, I see this being likely, as well as possibly including some adventuring gear or other world-themed designs on the body of the suit. 

There is a certain hope for the story beyond this, as well. The one flash of colour we see is pink, in the poster, so maybe Zi-O will end up jumping between worlds, like Decade on the tenth anniversary of the Heisei era. This would fit, considering Zi-O is the 20th Heisei era Rider, and would allow for Legacy Riders to return for the final year of the Heisei era. Maybe, as a tribute to the past, they could even bring in suits of Showa Riders with new human forms, like Toei has been doing with the Metal Heroes characters, such as Space Sheriff Gavan.” –Matt

“When it comes to the new silhouette released for Kamen Rider Zi-O it’s not a lot to go off of but I get vibes from different Rider designs in him. The shoulder pads make me think of a design like Black, Kuuga, or W. There are little nubs on the sides of his belt which make me think of the designs of the Ryuki Riders with those connectors on the suit. Since it’s a black silhouette there is not a lot here but I think it will be interesting. As for the gimmick it’s just a circle, now that could be to hide what it really looks like, but last year the silhouettes of a bottle like gimmick were shown off in the image for Build so who knows. With the higher price for the gimmick that probably means it has electronics in it, which means Bandai can make many for years to come. That might be great since if  Zi-O is an anniversary season this could allow for the gimmicks to continue being based on Rider’s after Zi-O is over. I really hope Zi-O has some sort of Legend Rider theme to him like Decade. Overall I’m very excited to see next month when those 1st quarter toy scans drop.” –Josh

Even our own toy reviewer, and host of Mint In Box Reviews, Richard chimed in.

“Kamen Rider Zi-O is shrouded in mystery and that what makes speculation so hard. The name itself, Zi-O, is still having it’s pronounciation debated among fans (Geo? The King? Who knows!) Then there’s the fact that Zi-O will be the first of a new era of Riders and with sparse details, there’s nothing to go on except a silhouette of the main rider form and the gimmick, being a relatively simple design compared to Build and what appears to be a coin. 

In my mind, given that Build is somewhat of a spiritual successor to Kamen Rider W, perhaps Zi-O will be the same for Kamen Rider OOO. The coin gimmick is an obvious link, if it is a coin, but the name itself could be an indicator as OOO had a mythological ‘King’ tied to it’s lore and OOO can be pronounced as Oh, which is Japanese for king.” –Richard

And to close:

“Zi-O will be the 20th (and technically the last) Heisei Rider series and they seem to advertise that in the scan so I’m almost certain it will be some sort of anniversary series (similar to decade). The silhouette of the supposed base form is unusually plain, having a very rounded head and not much armour, similar to Den-O’s base form. This could mean that, if this is an anniversary series, this Rider is mostly powerless on it’s own and has to rely on the power of previous Riders. The gimmick of the series could give Zi-O more detailed armour based on previous riders, possibly like how Gaim’s arms forms worked. The glowing blue-green light around the silhouette could suggest the base form of the rider will be bright blue or green. Finally, In the background of the scan, there seems to be some sort of code, possibly suggesting some sort of technology theme that may be more emphasised in the final design. And, since the gimmick seems to be a perfect circle, perhaps it will be some sort of disc.” –Connor

What do you think to these early release images? What do you speculate Zi-O will be like? Please, do let us know! This is an exciting time for everyone!

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SODO Sundays – June 10th, 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. This time we have a bit of news from Kamen Rider Build as well as Lupinranger VS Patoranger.

Kamen Rider Build

Over the last few weeks the lineup of Set 10 had been revealed. Recently the final figure for that wave was shown to be Kamen Rider Evol. Set 10 will include his base Cobra form as well as his Rabbit and Dragon forms.

But that is not it for Evol. The first figure of set 11 has been revealed to be his final form Black Hole.


But the villain Riders don’t stop there. The newest Rider to show up in the show has also been revealed for Set 11. That is Kamen Rider Mad Rogue.


Lupinranger vs Patoranger

Moving on from SODO there is a new set of YUDO figures being released for Lupin vs Pato. Since the first set came out more forms and Rangers have popped up so this set gets everything up to date. First is the PatorenUgo figure. This is the combined form of the three Patorangers.


But that’s not it for new Rangers. The newest member of both teams, X, has also arrived in the YUDO line. Both his Lupin X and PatorenX suits are getting released.

With all these new Ranger figures they need someone to fight besides the other team. For that this new YUDO wave is including the Pordermen grunts.


All of these figures do not come with their accessories as there is a weapons pack being released that has a stand and all of the weapons for every figure in the wave.


As always you can watch SODO Sundays Episode 20 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.

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Ultraman R/B New PV Released

As we draw closer to the premiere of Ultraman R/B on July 7th, Tsuburaya Productions has released a new PV for the series, highlighting characters, transformations, and some of the mechanics of how the series’ gimmick items will work. In the feature, we get our first proper look at the brothers in action, both in human and Ultraman forms, and we finally see how the R/B Gyro will be used.


The crystals used in the R/B Gyro, as it turns out, are discs, or chips. When activated by one brother or the other, the chip gains either one or two horns, depending on which activates the chip. Once inserted into the R/B Gyro device, the person transforming calls out the element of the chip, and uses a crank-like function in the R/B Gyro to push and pull three times, finally transforming.

This seems to be a constant, no matter which of the brothers is using which element, as we see them swap elements (fire and water) in the PV, which is just over three-and-a-half minutes in length. The fire crystal, when used by Ultraman Rosso, has two horns like a bull. When used by Ultraman Blu, it has one horn, like a unicorn. The same is true in both cases of the water crystal. The brothers swap colour pallettes after their form changes, as shown below.

Ultraman Rosso Aqua and Ultraman Blu Flame

Though we are never given a full view of him, we do catch a glimpse in this video of Ultraman Orb Dark, as well, using his own Gyro to generate black energy, for his element of Darkness. The video, linked below, highlights a Kaiju battle, and shows that like Ultraman Belial before him, Ultraman Orb Dark can directly manipulate and create new Kaiju. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out when Ultraman R/B premieres one month from today, July 7th, in Japan and shortly after, for the rest of the world.

Ultraman Orb Dark Kaiju Change.PNG

Are you excited for Ultraman R/B? Do you have any theories about what could happen? Leave your thoughts below and let’s discuss!

Source: Tsuburaya Productions via YouTube

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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger Episode 17 Review

This week’s Lupinranger vs Patoranger opens on a distinctly lighter tone than  Kamen Rider counterpart, Build, as we see a moment of comedic and heartfelt awkwardness play out in the middle of Jurer, with the whole of both Ranger teams in view. Keiichiro is talking to a beautiful woman, Mana, who gives him flowers, and after a brief exchange, she invites him over. He refuses and his teammates spend a while after trying to make him see that Mana is romantically interested in him. Umika consoles Mana, somewhere far away, only to be interrupted by this week’s Gangler. It attacks a crowd, and Umika pulls Mana to safety while calling Kairi for help.


The Gangler’s power is to take humans into a deep sleep, filled with sweet dreams, and once affected, they remain essentially comatose, with their minds stuck in a dream world. This Gangler, in that sense, doesn’t have the most detrimental ability the Rangers have run across up to this point. It does, however, do a lot of good to set up a way for Mana to express her feelings to Keiichiro, or for him to see her for what she is.


As it turns out, Mana’s attempts to get through to Keiichiro were a last ditch effort before she is set to leave Japan and go to school in Austria.

With Sakuya’s help, Umika arranges a date between Mana and Keiichiro, and the pair take the time to try to make Keiichiro understand Mana’s feelings. It’s almost painful to see how oblivious this decorated police detective is to another person’s motives and mindset, but it serves the plot well, and when Keiichiro literally stands up and salutes Mana, the soundtrack almost screams for a sad trombone. The awkwardness is almost painful.


Keiichiro’s explanation is that he wasn’t so oblivious, but played it off that way due to his duty to defeat Ganglers. He tells Umika that he cannot allow himself any distractions, which is reinforced in other parts of the episode later. Shortly after entering the battle, four of the six rangers are drawn into the dream world set up by the Gangler, and we learn from Umika’s arrival that the Dream world is shared.

One man eats all the ramen he can, Tsukasa finds herself surrounded by stuffed animals, and the life energy is visibly drained away from both to fuel the dream world and the Gangler. Sakuya, when he appears, asks Umika to sign an idol photo book of herself, and Keiichiro appears at his happiest as a bicycle cop. Seemingly, Umika is the only one in this world who has the free will to fight the control the dream has. She begins to sing to Keiichiro, the same song he’d recommended to Mana when he gave her the record in the beginning. The shot is artistically cut between Umika singing, and Mana playing the song on her piano as leaves float over the screen. Things begin to cut back and forth, and he finally puts it all together.


This was always going to be a police episode, so it’s no surprise when Good Striker goes to the Patrens. They make quick work of the Gangler, Nero, but not before Kairi can get his item.


There are a lot of romantic overtones in this episode, even through Keiichiro’s awkwardness, and it eventually becomes clear that he does care deeply for Mana, in his own way. As the battle ends we see Mana in the airport, and begin to expect Keiichiro will show up and make some big speech to stop her at the gate, and keep her from leaving or at least keep her thinking of him. Instead, she leaves for Austria uneventfully, and Umika scolds him for hurting her friend so deeply. As she walks off, Keiichiro begins to question how she was in the dream world, even going so far as to ask his partners if they were truly certain they’d ruled out the Jurer trio as the Lupinrangers.

After a cliffhanger finish, we are given a preview of next week, which will seemingly focus on a battle over Good Striker and answer some questions about the Lupin Collection.

Overall, this is a solid, well written episode that rides the waves of emotions and subverts expectations equally well, including a lot of symbolism of Mana as an angel. From the initial previews, I had expected Mana herself to be the archetypal tsundere, the sadistic or insane girl who cares only for love and violence. Instead, the writers went completely the other direction and made her nearly angelic; kind, beautiful, and musically gifted, she is the kind of woman we are meant to believe a hard-boiled detective like Keiichiro could easily fall in love with.

What did you think of this episode? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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Kamen Rider Build Episode 38 Review

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for this week’s episode! If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Build, do yourself a favour and watch before you read this review!


In the penultimate episode of Build so far, we see things play out in a way more akin to House of Cards or Game of Thrones than any Toku series. Political intrigue, conspiracies, alliances being formed and broken, and much more abound. By the end, a major player has been swept completely off the board, and a new one has risen up to take its place. But first, let’s get this out of the way right now: The popular fan theories dating back to the first scans of Mad Rogue are correct. Utsumi is Mad Rogue. What I was not expecting though: Utsumi uses the Evol Driver to transform, combined with the Bat and Engine Full Bottles.


This episode is masterfully crafted, set up on the reveal from last week that Sento now has reverted to Katsuragi Takumi, and has no memories of Kiryuu Sento at all. His struggle is shown through the lenses of his friends and allies as they all talk about him, and what he has become. As he tries to piece together why Banjou is there, why his face is different, and how his creation could have led to a war and the total ruin of his country, we see paranoia begin to bloom among not only Team Build, but the higher ups at Nanba Heavy Industry as well.


When Nanba himself is offered a choice, to be Evolt’s puppet or die, he struggles with the decision, and foolishly begins to believe that he can overwhelm Evolt with sheer numbers before being defeated. It’s here, facing Utsumi, the Washio Brothers, and a squad of Hard Smashes, that we see Evolt’s new transformation for the first time.


Once in his final form, he changes the area around them into the familiar beach hellscape of mirrors and clocks seen previously.

Through it all, this episode does a good job of setting up the Washio brothers as the sacrificial lambs, and when they are finally killed by Evol, the moment is tragic and feels like a punch in the gut. As the first of them falls, he tosses his Bottle to his brother, who picks up the fight in their fused form, only to fall as well as he tries to save a defeated Banjou.



Before anyone else can react, Evol is gone from the battlefield and appears in Nanba’s office, only to assassinate him as well. With these deaths, Nanba Heavy Industry is all but removed from the chessboard that is Build’s battle for domination.


The only remaining Nanba official is Utsumi, who after seeing Nanba killed, swears loyalty to Evol and becomes Kamen Rider Mad Rogue.

The interesting thing to note here, as Evol makes a grandiose show of how overwhelmingly powerful he is, is that he no longer has any interest in destroying Earth. He tells our heroes this, stating that humans are simply too entertaining to destroy. As we see Mad Rogue’s debut, the newly-born Rider turns on the others like him, and we get our setup for the next episode.

In the preview for the next episode, we see the debut of Build’s supposed final form, Genius form, which will be shown next week in Episode 39.

Kamen Rider Build continues to improve week over week, and this episode is certainly the grandest example of that, to date. This trend is likely to continue, as we have now officially crossed into the end phase of Build. With a projected run of 50 episodes, we have only 12 remaining, followed by the summer movie, and it will all be highly entertaining.

What are your thoughts on this week’s developments? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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Complete Selection Modification V-Buckle announced by P-Bandai

Finally, the Complete Selection Modification belt that Bandai teased a fortnight ago has been announced.

Despite a tweet from P-Bandai promising an announcement about a new CSM, fans were left waiting with baited breath for details about a new interloper to their wallets. That wait is finally over as, last night, Premium Bandai announced a date of June 25th for a full reveal of their latest Complete Selection Modification release: the V-Buckle from Kamen Rider Ryuki.

It’s not yet known what form this release will take. Whether it is just the belt that will be released or whether, similar to the OOO Driver set, we will get a full package of V-Buckle and all of the Advent Decks and Cards will be packaged in a dream Ryuki set.

Are you going to pick this set up? Keep those eyes peeled to Toku Toy Store for more details and pre-orders going forward!

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Tamashii Nations is releasing a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger S.H Figuarts

White Ranger! Tiger Power!

Tamashii Nations is bringing the Mighty Morphin love back with the release of the S.H Figuarts MMPR White Ranger. Using their proprietary 3D face sculpting, they’ll be releasing a removable helmet version of the White Ranger including Saba with a detachable blade and different head sculpts to interchange.

This figure is due to release in November 2018 for $65.00 (roughly £50)

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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger Episode 16 Review

Yeah, science! We open on an explanation of why Ganglers explode when killed, and how they can be revived as Kaiju. The prevailing theory is that the safe is the Gangler’s core. Before they can go into too much detail, though, we are met by this week’s Gangler attacking a wedding. It’s an odd crab-stingray-man and the Lupinrangers waste no time in engaging. This new threat demonstrates a body-swapping ability early on by turning Umika into a bird. This classic trope is the setup for the episode, leading to some confusing shenanigans as another attempt at swapping a ranger and a bird is made, only to turn Touma into the Gangler himself.


Touma, in a slightly foolish moment, attacks his own body right in time for the police to show up. Not knowing any better, they intervene and assume Touma is the same Touma they know from Jurer. The police know him by name, and they tell him to run, right in time for the real Touma, in the Gangler’s body, to be attacked by the police. The way it tries to swap back, for a moment, indicates that the power is a skill it has,not something connected to its Lupin Collection item.

There is a moment where it figures out it is attractive, by way of a pair of high school girls, while the monster Touma is simultaneously snuck home wrapped in a tarp. Everything in this episode screams of some missing levity returning to the plot. As always, Tsukasa is the first one to realize anything is off as the groups debate why Jurer is closed and where Touma is. The thieves react visibly, which would give them away in any other scenario. However, for plot reasons, their facial expressions are seemingly ignored.


A small, but important detail, is that after the body swap, Touma and the Gangler keep their own voices. For much of this episode, the Gangler’s voice and constant, random, “Yayyyy!” Grated on my ears like nails on a chalkboard, even with as interesting as it was to see how the Gangler adapted to being a human. Tonally, the episode does make a brief diversion back to the heavier darkness of the last few episodes as Touma makes Kairi vow to stop this Gangler, even if it means killing Touma’s human body. The result is the same in the end as if they do nothing, he says, and it sets up a duel between Gangler Touma and Kairi, fighting for control of Touma’s body.


A daring gamble on Kairi’s part leads to another dramatic moment, and then the fight resumes as the tone shifts back to the more familiar Sentai feel.


With all three thieves, we see a new combination form for LupinKaiser, replacing the blue and yellow arms with green and black, for the ScissorBlade and Cyclone Dial Fighters.


The battle comes to an end quickly after that, and things return to normal, with the police none the wiser. Back in Jurer, in a packed room full of all six main characters, the police call Touma out for skipping work, and caution Kairi and Umika about Touma slacking off to hang out with girls.

Next week, Keiichiro has a girlfriend?! Stay tuned and see. What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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Kamen Rider Build Episode 37 Review

Sento has been taken over by Evolt, leaving the roles reversed from the previous episode. In Evolt’s own words, this is a downgrade he took for the necessity of survival after Sento’s plan from the previous episode nearly killed them both. The end result leaves Banjou free, but no longer able to transform. When he tries and fails, there is a moment where a comedic sound effect could have been inserted with great effect. There isn’t much light left in the situation in which our heroes find themselves, but that would have added some levity. After the opening credits, we see Banjou continue to struggle to transform, and learn that Evolt is now whole, making Banjou a normal man. Kazumin tags in and begins to pound on Evol, but to no effect.


It’s then we see Evol truly angry, fighting seriously for the first time. He is able to easily defeat the whole of Team Build, even after taking a downgrade, and this moment is meant to tell us exactly the level of power we are dealing with. This is Evol at Hazard Level 5, and by his own words, he needs to reach Hazard Level 6 to use the Revolution Trigger and the full power of Pandora’s Box. In a secret meeting, we learn that Nanba knows the truth, and is still willing to aid Evolt to some extent.


Out of desperation, Banjou and Kazumin go to Gentoku for help, and when Gentoku admits his involvement in the Faust lab came from a place of nepotism, Banjou literally begs Gentoku to back Kazumin up in the fighting. Like Banjou, Gentoku claims he can no longer fight, but for a different reason relating to the emotional drive needed to power the Rider System. When we do see the now white-haired Sento, he has adopted the voice, mannerisms, and body language of Evolt, which is in part thanks to a great performance by actor Inukai Atsushi. He even manages to pull off the classic crazy eyed head twitching of Japanese super villains flawlessly.


When the heroes do bring Pandora’s Box to Evolt, it’s revealed that the whole thing was a trap, because of course it was. The fact that Banjou expected anything else lends a bit to his character trait of not always being the sharpest tool in the shed, but does give him consistency of character. It’s here we also see a panel missing from Pandora’s Box, likely the recently-revealed Faust Panel, which is due to release for consumers in October of 2018. The battle, originally 3-on-1, becomes 3-on-2 when Gentoku intervenes to protect Kazumin from the fight against HellBros.

After they are defeated, Evol enters the fight in Sento’s body, but does so using the Evol Cobra form. Gentoku, after being confronted with the truth of his inability to lead, acknowledges it, and says that his drive to fight is to lay the foundation for whoever comes next in the name of love and peace. Evol upgrades back to Evol Rabbit, and begins to handily take on both riders at once, while Banjou stands helplessly watching. In a fit of desperation, he takes the Dragon Evol Bottle, and is knocked away from the fight with it still in his hand.

Thinking the Dragon Evol bottle will work the same way as the regular Dragon Full Bottle, he continues fighting with the bottle in his fist. Hoping to use its power to amplify his own, the way he is absolutely crushed by Evol in response, set to dramatic, tragic music, gives the whole exchange a feeling of true desperation, of a fight for survival on Banjou’s part.


At his worst, his lowest moment, the Bottle activates, and explosions of blue fire accompany every punch before the bottle changes to work for him. The Cross Dragon changes as well, and Banjou’s latest form debuts.


Kamen Rider Cross-Z Great is born, and stands on equal ground with Evol Rabbit.


The music, pacing, and shot composition all change to something much more upbeat, signaling the turn in the fight, and Banjou reverts to Cross-Z Magma to end the fight. Evol, clever as he is, absorbs the energy of their shared finishing attack to fully activate the Revolution Trigger, and a tornado of energy forms as Sento is freed. Evol’s final form appears from this whirlwind, and Evol is now able to exist as an independent being, without a human host.


We leave the episode on the cliffhanger of Sento’s memories of Katsuragi Takumi returning.

In the preview for next week, we see the first in-show glimpse of Mad Rogue, who will debut next week, followed by a clip from 5, which is set to release in June.

Once again, Kamen Rider Build has done an excellent job of raising the stakes, creating a more complex and desperate situation for our heroes as we head into the next episode. With between ten and thirteen episodes remaining, who’s to say what other plot twists will come up along the way. Do you have any theories or things you want to see? Leave a comment below!

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Hero Mama League Operation 01 Review

Hero Mama League consists of Nono Nakami (Hurricane Blue), Reimon Marika (DekaYellow) and Ozu Houka (MagiPink). As we open the series, all three have married and become mothers, with children all around the same age who attend the same preschool. The film is short, only about 16 minutes long, but channels parts of both Super Sentai and the American film Bad Moms, as the group tries to flirt with the preschool teacher and then laments the fact that he thinks they look tired. Over coffee, the three of them talk about motherhood, including various over-the-top modifications made to their hero gear or uses for their weapons to calm their children down. As the hero mamas talk about ways to save time doing chores, an alien ninja called Demost creates an army of Mecha Nin Insects using a new type of Ninpo, and prepares to unleash the force on Earth.


The discussion of time goes so far as to have DekaYellow transform before leaving the restaurant to go fight aliens. Her time saving plan fails, leading to the role call needing to be repeated, and she comes back looking more drained than before. This is repeated with MagiPink, though she adds in stories of chores during battle getting her hurt and ruining her husband’s shirt.


When the discussion ends, they emerge from the restroom to find the attack has begun, and vow to stop it without time saving tricks or cut corners. The Hero Mamas enter the battle, but it cuts to Demost, defeated, and we are told that the rest of the story will be shown in a V-Cinema special included with Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger vs Space Squad.

Overall, Hero Mama League is definitely a series targeted at the mothers of children going to theatres to see Super Sentai films, or watching at home with their children, and ends on a message to inspire and empower said mothers. It is a positive message overall, even if the film itself is a little lacking in substance. If you are a fan of these characters, though, this film may be worth a watch for you. You can find Hero Mama League Operation 01 available now, subtitled in English through Tv-Nihon.

What did you guys think of Hero Mama League? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!