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Kamen Rider Build: Episodes 8 & 9 Review

Apologies for the delay in our regular programming! A lot has been happening recently that has slowed us down a tad. Full steam ahead now!

So at the end of Episode 7, we saw Build get a new Best Match in the form of RocketPanda as well as finding out that Katsuragi Takumi was the founder for Faust and creator of the SMASH.

Episode 8 begins with Katsuragi’s mother lying to local authorities about where Sento and Banjou the clown are then she questions if Blood Stark had been telling the truth about her son, Takumi, founding Faust.

Returning from the opening credits we see the three leaders of the different parts of Japan in a meeting about what Build and SMASH are doing in Hokuto as well as questioning if Touto is planning to turn them into military weapons. We also see Himuro saying the other two nations want to attack Touto because the leaders had been exposed to the light emitted by the Pandora’s box when the Sky Wall event happened.

Following in from that we see Himoru talking to Blood Stark about retrieving Build’s Rider System for the military uses it could have. We then see Sento talking to Katsuragi’s mother about Takumi and what kind of man he was and what role his father had. It’s also revealed that Takumi was at the Sky Wall event and that the light could’ve changed him as well and that his father had committed suicide after the event due to criticism which made Takumi decide to be a scientist and try to understand Pandora’ s Box. 

Sento then reveals that he’s after some research data that may have been left with her when Banjou’s stomach rumbles and we see a flashback of Takehiko saying about how Takumi’s mum would only make rolled omelettes every day. Takumi’s mum then reveals that Takumi had visited her a week before his death and had left a memory stick with her with all his research data on it which she had hid in Touto.

We then see her driving to Touto with Sento and Banjou the clown hidden in the boot when they reach the checkpoint. Once they were cleared they headed onwards when they are suddenly attacked by Night Rogue who kidnaps Takumi’s mum. We then see her in a Faust facility with Himoru, talking about the hidden data Takumi had given her. Himoru tries to use a letter left by Takumi to bribe her into revealing the location of the data which she says is in a safety deposit box in a Touto bank when it’s revealed the letter is a fake and Himoru orders that she be dosed with Nebula Gas so she doesn’t remember talking to him.

After that happens we see Sento and Banjou the clown back at their base when Mii-Chan picks up a SMASH signal and gives Sento a new FullBottle as well as Owner giving Banjou a new disguise as a workman. We then see Katsuragi’s mum, as the SMASH from Episode 1, attacking a construction site when Banjou the workman fights her while Sento gets a new Best Match using Hedgehog and Firetruck to make FireHedgehog which he uses to swiftly defeat the SMASH  and return her to normal.

Sento then explains that she was kidnapped by Faust as she has no memory of it happening but she does ask Sento for more help. We then go to the bank where it’s revealed that the data isn’t there when Blood Stark calls Himoru with the real location which is where we find Sento and Banjou the workman digging up a small tin with the data in it when Blood Stark shows up and attacks the pair, easily dealing with Banjou and Sento transforming into HawkGattling. Himoru then shows up behind a tree and becomes Night Rogue to join in the fight and help Blood Stark fight Build while Banjou attacks Blood Stark to get the data back. As Build fights Night Rogue, he changes to GorrillaRocket then RocketPanda to try to defeat Night Rogue.

As Blood Stark fights Banjou, he comments about how Banjou’s Hazard Level keeps rising and he gives Banjou the data back and allows Banjou and Build to escape by holding back Night Rogue which he explains by saying they don’t need the data and that Sento can help them finish their project and that Banjou can put the project to use.

We then return to the café with Takumi’s mother giving Sento the data then a flash back explaining that the safety deposit box key was for anyone she didn’t trust with the data. Sento then tells her that he was able to decipher something he had found that was written by Takumi before he died basically thanking his mother. Sento then accesses the data revealing that Takumi had been working on the Build system before Sento became Build.

So at the start of Episode 9 we get the weekly recap of the previous episode then we see a video of Takumi showing what Project Build is. He explains that it’s designed as a defence system and that the FullBottles directly impact Build’s abilities. We also see the Wolf and Smartphone FullBottles just before the video ends.

We then get Sento, Banjou and Owner in the café basement saying about how they didn’t expect that Takumi was the one who had built the Build Driver system and Owner saying that he took the Driver, some FullBottles and a Pandora Panel from Faust, admitting he wanted to use it to protect Misora but couldn’t Henshin when Sento says about needing an above average Hazard Level to operate the Driver when Banjou has a flash back to Blood Stark telling him that his Hazard Level was rising higher, then Sento explains that the Nebula Gas experiments could be Faust looking for people compatible with the Rider Systems and Banjou getting angry over being used as a guinea pig and that Takumi deserved to die. Sento and Banjou then argue till a new FullBottle is ready and we go to the opening credits.

When we return from the opening credits we see Himoru in the bath at a bath house when someone called Nanba Juusaburou, Chairman of Nanba Heavy Industries, joins him and they talk about the Rider System and how it could change the global military status quo and that Himoru needs to convince someone to do something.

We then go to Sento at his day job, questioning if Takumi really is a Devil’s Scientist and someone turns round and tells him that Takumi wasn’t a bad person and was a genuine genius when Himoru’s aid shows up and tells Sento that the three presidents are visiting the next day and that they need his finding on the Pandora’s Box asap.

We return to the café and Banjou and Misora watching a video on a tablet when Banjou apologises and they go out in disguise and come across the shop that has an outfit Misora wanted. Misora then starts trying on outfits then they start doing other random activities together when they are almost found out by three of Miitan’s fans. Misora then reveals that she fell unconscious for 7 yearswhen the Sky Wall appeared and that purifying FullBottles made her sleep before Sento had built the tramsfer chamber.

Following that we see Banjou having a flash back of him with Kasumi before she died and him telling Misora they went on a lot of dates and that he really loved her and that the Dragon FullBottle makes him feel like she’s still with him when they are found by Faust bots. Misora calls Sento but gets cornered by Night Rogue who tells her he’s taking her back and she passes out. Banjou tries to fight Night Rohue but is easily punched aside when Blood Stark shows up and allows Banjou to escape with Misora.

They get cornered by Faust bots when NinninComic Build shows up and saves them. We then go to a Faust hideout with Blood Stark talking to Himoru and the latter revealing they are gonna steal the Pandora’s Box from Touto. We then see Himoru’ s aide telling Touto’s President that the other two Presidents have arrived to see the Pandora’s Box then Sento laying on a bench saying all-nighters suck. He then spots someone carrying an odd gas canister then finds him hacking a computer in a room full of knock out gas and questions what he is doing. The scientist, called Kuwata, then reveals a FullBottle and turns himself into a SMASH to avoid capture when Sento uses HawkGattling to follow him.

After that we see Misora waking up in her bed after passing out and Banjou again saying Sento could have been the one who  killed Takumi when Misora says that Sento told her that thanks to her ability, the Rider System can be used for good. She also tells Banjou that the Dragon was built as a guide for him. She also says how Sento is trying to atone for things when Banjou says he’s done nothing wrong. She then explains that Sento is trying to make sure something Takumi created is used for good instead of evil.

Following that, we go back to Sento fighting Kuwata when he uses the Lion and Vacuum FullBottles to make a new Best Match called LionCleaner which he uses to defeat the SMASH and return him to normal in a rather cool Voltech Finish. Kuwata then reveals that his job was to lure away Build and that he wasn’t working alone. Blood Stark is then shown in root to taking the Pandora’s Box and we also find out that Katsuragi Takumi is apparently still alive before Kuwata uses a FullBottle to disappear.

So what did you guys think of this week’s rather interesting reveals? Did you guess that Takumi may not actually be dead? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kamen Rider Cross-Z’s identity revealed in new magazine scans

New magazine scans have just released that show off new forms for build that will be coming out in the next few episodes.

The first few scans show off Kamen Rider Cross-Z. The first page confirms that Ryuuga will be Transforming into Cross-Z, while the next page shows off more of his suit. The third page shows his transformation, using the Dragon Full Bottle along with the Cross Dragon inside a build driver. The next page shows his personal sword weapon, the Beat Clawser, and his Rider-Kick. The next page goes into more detail about his transformation. The next page shows him fighting a SMASH and gives us another look at the Beat Clawser. And finally, there is one more page showing off his Rider-Kick.

Now onto Build, beginning with his new form “KeyDragon”. KeyDragon fights using a giant key on his arm. His next new form is KaizokuRessha. As the name suggests, the form is themed after a Pirate and a Train and it fights using a crossbow. And, good news for Den-O fans, Momotaros now has his own full bottle. Build can use this bottle to transform into Den-O sword form. We then get some photos from Heisei Generations FINAL, as well as Build using different full bottle combinations to transform into different Heisei and Neo-Heisei forms.

Expect to see these forms in-show very soon.

What do you think of these scans? Let us know in the comments!


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Power Rangers Hyper Force Primer

We stand on the edge of history, looking toward a future of limitless possibility and potential. No, this isn’t the announcement for some grandiose tech innovation but it still holds the same weight to many of us so I’m here to give you all a primer on what you can expect!

Power-Rangers-HyperForce-LogoPower Rangers Hyper Force, a collaboration between Saban Brands and Hyper RPG, airs tonight at 6pm Pacific Time (1am Greenwich Mean Time) on Twitch. Starring PR alumni, YouTube personalities, and Voice Actors, this 25-episode adventure will see a brand new team of Power Rangers do battle across time against the forces of evil and oh, boy, am I ever excited.

Not only is the Hyper Force team wholly unique to Power Rangers but it is also a sequel to one of the most beloved series in the franchise; Time Force. Set in the year 3016, this RPG adventure sees a class of Time Force cadets under the tutelage of Jen Scotts (played by a returning Erin Cahill) and will consist of the team going on adventures throughout Power Rangers history. That is immensely cool and very thematically appropriate for the upcoming 25th Anniversary.

hyperforcesuitsNaturally, you can’t have a Ranger team without suits and Hyper Force does not disappoint. Designed by Hyper RPG and Peter Sudarso himself, the suits have a very unique feel, paying homage to Rangers past while being consistent with the Time Force theme. The Greek Titan theme is cool because of the connection to mythological interpretations of Chronos/Cronus.

hyperforcecastThe cast is not only an interesting bunch but also includes some exciting prospects. We have Peter Sudarso trading in his Ninja Steel Blue suit for Hyper Force Red, playing the Captain Marvellous-inspired Marvin/Marv. The YouTube personality Meghan Camarena (aka Strawburry17) playing Chloe, the Hyper Force Pink Ranger. Power Rangers super-fan Andre Meadows (aka Black Nerd Comedy) plays the Blue Hyper Force, Eddie. Sailor Mars/ Miraculous Ladybug voice actress Cristina Vee as the franchise’s first female Black Ranger, Vesper, and last, but certainly not least, is the big man himself — Paul Schrier aka Bulk as Jack, the Yellow Ranger. HE FINALLY DID IT! Paul gets to be a Ranger! If nothing else, I’m tuning in for him but the rest of the cast are no slouches either so we should be in for a very entertaining series!

hyperforce1hyperforce2As I said, Power Rangers Hyper Force is a card-based RPG that utilises D6 dice for decision making. Under the watchful eye of game designer and Games Master, Malika Lim, this live show will feature an element of audience participation with the Twitch chat viewers able to lend energy to their favourite Rangers to perform actions and even have their own Ranger avatar to send on missions. It’s an interesting mechanic to add into the game and could easily break it if the audience keeps the Rangers stocked or even overflowing with energy points but Hyper RPG did mention that the system will be balanced if this occurs.

Overall, there’s a lot to be excited about here. With an all-new, all-different team of Rangers, a brilliant cast, and audience engagement, Power Rangers Hyper Force is shaping up to be a very interesting entry into this storied franchise and I, for one, cannot wait to cheer them on! You can catch the first episode of Power Rangers Hyper Force tonight (Tuesday 24th October) at 6pm PT (1am GMT) on Hyper RPG’s Twitch channel or a week later on their YouTube channel.

What are your thoughts on Power Rangers Hyper Force? Excited to have a brand new team? Hoping to see returning Rangers? Let us know in the comments below!

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Episode 17 Review


The last few years have had many elections. The 2016 presidential election, the French presidential election, the general election, the other general election and the impending 3rd general election. But all of them are irrelevant compared to this! *Cough* Yeah, sorry for that. But anyway, school election episode. I can’t think of a segway.

The episode starts off with Calvin and Hayley being late to school where we get introduced to Phonepanzee, a monster who can copy people’s voices. I have a lot of problems with this villain. Firstly, considering he has to collect the voices individually, why didn’t he just watch clips of past Galaxy Warriors episodes and collect them from there? Considering how quickly he got their voices in the episode it would’ve just made sense to do that. But anyway Calvin and Hayley arrive at school and they see that the student body president elections are happening so they both compete. They each hire some of the other rangers to help them with their campaign. While the Rangers were discussing the election, Phonepanzee copies the rest of their voices and they notice him after he trips on a bike. Ignoring the fact that that a bike is one of the hardest things to trip up on, this is the next problem I have with him. They can’t decide whether to make him good or bad at being a villain. For example: he trips up on a bike, making himself noticeable yet he cleverly uses the Rangers voices against them in the fight scenes.

And now a problem I have with the episode as a whole, it cuts between the action and the subplot really awkwardly. When the Rangers were talking earlier, It looked like they were going to carry on with the campaign after the conversation finished. But they out of nowhere just started a fight scene. Remember how in the introduction It looked like I had a clear idea of how it was going to go but I changed it for something completely different? I did that to show how awkward the episode can be at times. And when the fight scene was over, they went back to the subplot nbd acted like nothing happened. So yeah, the presidential campaigns go on normally until someone starts a food fight using some cake that Hayley and Calvin were giving out as freebies. The writers then decide to actually do something clever and make Phonepanzee phone the Rangers individually, pretending to be another Ranger blaming the food fight on a different Ranger.

So Brody, Calvin and Sarah go to confront Hayley, under the impression that she started the fight, and they getting kidnapped and their power stars get stolen by Phonepanzee. Hayley and Preston hear that Calvin started the fight but they get stopped by Mick on the way, telling them they they shouldn’t believe everything they hear. While that is a good lesson, how does Mick know that the monster was behind the phone calls? In fact, I don’t even think he knew about the food fight. They go and investigate anyway and they bring Levi with them. They release the other rangers and retrieve their stars. They all morph and defeat Phonepanzee using one of the coolest finishers in the show so far. He, of course, grows (after a nice season 1 reference) and they defeat him using the Megazords. They go back to school and Calvin and Hayley withdraw from the election after all the trouble competing has caused.

Besides a few clever moments, this wasn’t a very good episode. It awkwardly cut from the action and the sub-plot and it had a ton of unnecessary scenes. It felt like an episode from earlier in the season where they had no idea where the series was going to go.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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SODO Sundays: October 22nd, 2017

Hello, tokusatsu community! Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my biweekly series, SODO Sundays. This week we have news from Kamen Rider Build, and other Kamen Rider seasons.

Kamen Rider Build

Build SODO Set 2 has just released in Japan. To showcase this set one more time to show off some of the Trial Forms that can be achieved by getting this set. Pictured here are:






Of course, these aren’t they only Trial Forms that can be made with these pieces.

Moving on to Set 3, Blood Stalk was revealed last time, this time we have the next 2 Best Matches for Kamen Rider Build.

FireHedgehog & LionCleaner

Set 3 only has the Fire Truck & Lion pieces for Build. The Hedgehog & Cleaner pieces are back in Set 1. Both of these figures come with stands like the other Best Matches have.

The Fire pieces also include a Steam Blade for either Night Rogue or Blood Stalk. This means you don’t have to buy doubles to give both of the villains their weapons.


Speaking of Blood Stalk. It appears that Blood Stalk comes with the Transteam Rifle. This is a weapon for both Rogue & Stalk. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bandai also showed off the fact that you can take parts from Build and mix them with other Build figures, including Night Rogue to make strange not seen in show forms.

More Kamen Rider

The next set of the SHODO Kamen Rider VS Set is Set 8. This set, out in February 2018, features:

-Kamen Rider ZX (Cross Shuriken & Impact Concentration Bomb ver.)

-Kamen Rider ZX (Micro chain ner.)

-Tiger Roid

-Kamen Rider Hibiki

-Kamen Rider Hibiki Kurnai

-Kamen Rider Decade


It seems that the 2 versions of Kamen Rider ZX are the same figure but just different in the weapons they have. Previous VS Sets of these SHODO figures have featured Secret Figures, it’s unknown if this set will feature any secrets but it’s possible they could do something like Violent Emotion Decade. We will have to wait and find out.

Of course, SODO Build Set 2-3 as well as SHODO Kamen Rider Vs Set 8 will be available at!

You can watch my full SODO Sunday video below:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays! The next edition will be on Sunday November 5th on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel. For constant updates on the SODO/SHODO line go check out the @SODOFountain Twitter page.

Will you be picking up these figures? What figures do you want Bandai to make next? Leave a comment down below!



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Kamen Rider Build: Episode 7 Review

So last week we found out more on Sento’s past as well as the fact he could’ve been the one who murdered Katsuragi and framed Banjou. We didn’t get to see any new forms last week but we do get PandaRocket this week. 
So following on from last week’s rather shocking discoveries we see Banjou and Sento back at the lab with Banjou asking Sento if he murdered Katsuragi, which he’s asked 328 times so far. We then have Sento explaining that Katsuragi could’ve been dead when he arrived but isn’t sure as he can’t remember with Banjou continuing to blame Sento for the murder again when Owner suggests they look into Katsuragi.

Next we see Sento at the lad doing some investigating into Katsuragi and he reads Katsuragi’s research data and daily log when he notices it ends a month before Katsuragi was fired for trying to use Nebula Gas on humans. We then see Sento back at the cafe talking to the gang when he says about using an anagram to work out Katsuragi’s last update which didn’t make sense at first. He comes to the conclusion that he needs to go see Katsuragi’s mother, who lives in Hokuto, to hopefully work out what happened.

We then get Sawa explaining that there is gaps in the Sky Wall called Sky Road, some of which connect to Hokuto but have a cost attached to get through. We then see Sento and Banjou the clown meet with a Broker in order to get through the Sky Road.

Following that, we see Gentoku talking to Blood Stark about Sento going to Hokuto when we discover that Gentoku wants to make Kamen Riders for the military and that he is Night Rogue. After that we get Sento and Banjou the clown traveling to the Sky Road when they bump into some other people trying to get through just before an ambush by Faust and Night Rogue who are looking for Build. We then get a fight between Build and Night Rogue while Banjou saves the civilians.

After that we see Sento and Banjou the clown in Hokuto at a temple looking for Katsuragi’s mother when kids notice Banjou the clown and get told to leave but her.  Later on we see Sento and Banjou sitting on a bridge when three of the kids show up and start talking to Sento about Katsuragi’s mother when she shows up and tells the kids to go home. Sento then explains to her that Banjou the clown didn’t murder her son and that it could’ve been Sento. We then see Blood Stark attacking the kids when he turns one named Takehiko into a SMASH. Sento then turns into NinninComic and manages to defeat the SMASH.

After being changed back, we see Banjou have a moment with Takehiko while Build transforms into PandaGattling when Blood Stark uses the Rocket FullBottle in an attack against Build, changing him back to Sento. Banjou and his Dragon then join the fight and Banjou manages to throw the Rocket FullBottle to Sento who makes a Best Match with PandaRocket called RocketPanda which he uses to fight Blood Stark and win against him.

Blood Stark then reveals that Katsuragi Takumi originally created the SMASH and founded Faust. Blood Stark then retreats after asking Sento what he plans to do next.

So we got a lot of interesting reveals this week and I like how they revealed more about Katsuragi Takumi and Faust. I also like how they revealed Night Rogue’s identity even though I feel it was a little obvious at times. I’m excited to see what happens next week after this week’s reveals.

So what did you guys think of this week’s episode? Did you guess that Katsuragi Takumi founded Faust? Did you feel the Night Rogue reveal was a little obvious?

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 16 Review.

Ah yes, Halloween. When this spooky season comes around, we can be certain of 3 things; pumpkins, small children trying to rob you of your sweets and a big celebration from Power Rangers. You know the drill, a new PSA about how to not overdose on potentially poisoned unwrapped fun-size Dairy Milk bars (as we all do) and a halloween special. I don’t usually have high expectations for Ranger halloween specials since they don’t usually bring much to the story, even in seasons I usually really like. But this year, I was quite impressed. This halloween special was a really entertaining watch and it’s not something that would seem out of place in the rest of the season.
The episode begins with the Rangers listening to Levi sing when they receive a mysterious board game. The Rangers go off to play it but Levi doesn’t want to come, because he doesn’t like board games. Levi isn’t that great of a character (I don’t need to remind you how Brody never got his burger in EP8) so him doing something like this isn’t a surprise to me but they kinda made it a big deal near the end. If they did this with a character like Brody, where it would be unusual for them to refuse something like this, it would come across as more mean. But I expect Levi to be a bit rude, making the lesson of the episode less relatable.

The rest of the rangers go off to play the board game when it is revealed that it’s actually haunted. So Cosmo is controlling the game and broadcasting it as a Galaxy Warriors halloween special. That’s actually a really good idea, considering Ninja Steel revolves around another TV show it would make sense to have a halloween special in a halloween special. Also, Cosmo is a main focus of the episode. I actually really like Cosmo. Whereas Galvanax just felt like a discount Sledge, Cosmo’s charisma brought something new to the series that we haven’t really seen in awhile. It’s a shame he hasn’t really had much development (hence why I didn’t talk about him much when I did the EP1-12 recap), something which they actually gave a bit of to him in this episode.

The object of the game is that the Rangers have to get to the end before the time runs out, every space represents a monster they previously fought and they have to fight them again when they land on their space. If the Rangers succeed in defending the monster, they get to roll the dice again. If they fail, the next monster gets a power up or the Rangers get a disadvantage. If the time runs out before the rangers get to the end, they have to give up their power stars. The Rangers aren’t allowed to leave the game or get any outside help. Overall, a pretty cool concept, having to re-defeat past monsters is an Idea that I like a lot and I wish it was done more often. The first monster they face is Trapsaw. Although the episode he was from is pretty good, he was pretty useless throughout it. I don’t know why they didn’t just use Ripperat, especially since we literally never see him placing any traps at all. It goes without saying that they defeated him quickly. The next monster was Hacktrack. But, instead of defeating him normally, Sarah used a really conveniently placed toolbox to create a device to stop Hacktrack’s hacking abilities. Considering that he was really hard to defeat originally, it makes sense that the Rangers chose a different way of defeating him. The next monster is Slogre. While the Rangers come close to defeating him, they get caught in the slow mist and lose the round, meaning they get a disadvantage in the next one. In this case, the Ranger that rolls the dice on the next turn has to face the monster alone. In this case, it’s Calvin facing off against Spinferno. Spinferno takes control of a truck, with the driver still inside, and drives it towards a cliff. To win the round, Calvin has to save the driver from falling. While he succeeds in saving the driver, he falls down the cliff and loses the round. As punishment for losing, the Rangers have to face a Skullgator and a brainwashed version of the Robo Rider Zord.

When Levi (finally) realises that he was being a bit mean for having the Rangers do something that he enjoys while not joining in with something they enjoy, he goes to find the rest of the Rangers so he can join in their game. When the Levi finds out that the Rangers are in trouble, he goes to help them. Cosmo tries to stop Levi by claiming that he’s breaking the rules, but since he isn’t playing he doesn’t have to follow the rules. Levi uses his Zord star to free the Robo Rider Zord and form the Fusionzord to defeat the Skullgator. He then destroys the hourglass controlling the game time, freeing the Rangers.

Despite my minor complaints and Levi being Levi, I really enjoyed this episode. It was cool seeing some of the season’s best villains and Trapsaw fighting the Rangers one more time and it’s nice to see Cosmo get more screentime. As I said in the recap, the show is definitely improving and this episode is proof.

What do you think of this episode or of halloween specials in general? Let us know in the comments and have a happy halloween!

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Kamen Rider Build: Photos of Upcoming Toys Leaked

This year, at the end of year reception in Kawada, some upcoming toys for Kamen Rider Build were shown off. Most of these toys were still in some prototype form as they were unpainted. Thanks to Dengeki Hobby Web we have some photos of these upcoming toys.

Most upcoming toys shown off were some of the November releases. These include the Cross Dragon. The Cross Dragon comes with the Dragon Full Bottle and is used in the Build Driver by the secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Cross.


Continuing with Kamen Rider Cross, here is his weapon the Beat Crosser. Like the Cross Dragon, this toy is seen in its unpainted, prototype form. The Beat Crosser does have Full Bottle functionality but it’s not sold with any.


The toy for Build’s bike, which comes with the Lion Full Bottle can be seen as well. This bike is scaled to work with the Build Bottle Change figure line.

For other Build toys, some upcoming weapons and Full Bottles were shown off. Build’s upcoming weapon for his PirateTrain form, the Kaizoku Hassha. This bow weapon is also unpainted. Like Build’s other side weapons no Full Bottles are sold this this weapon. It dosen’t have any Full Bottle functionality. Also seen is the Pandora Panel, this toy comes with the Firetruck Full Bottle, which is needed to complete the Best Match with Vaccum. The Pandora Panel can hold up to 10 Full Bottles, so 5 Best Mathces. Both of these toys come out in November.


The final toy shown off at this event is the special Full Bottle for Build’s upgrade form RabbitTank Sparkling. This large Full Bottle takes up both slots in the Build Driver. It seems this toy is really close to ready as it matches the finished product from the toy scans. Due to the dim eyes on the bottle it’s possible this Full Bottle may light up on it’s own. This toy is out in December.


Away from this event, some images for a new Build Premium Bandai toy have been revealed. This item, the Snap Ride Builder, is an accessory for the Build Change Rider Series figures. It’s made to replicate the transformation sequence for Build’s Best Matches this piece allows the two halves of Build to be clipped in one on each side and have Build stand in the middle to get the show effect.

The images revealed showcase this being used by the 4 released, or about to be released figures in the Build Change Rider Series.

1- RabbitTank




This piece can be used by future releases of the line as well. Since it’s interchangeable none of the pipes have colors in them as it would make it not show accurate. If you are a collector of the Build Change Rider Series then this piece is perfect for your collection! This toy is due out in February 2018 from Premium Bandai.

Keep your eyes here on Toku Toy Store News for all the details about upcoming Kamen Rider toy releases, as well as those from other tokusatsu series.

Will you be picking up any of these new toys? Do you collect the Build Rider Change figures? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Kamen Rider Build: Episode 6 Review

After the events of episode 5, we get to see the kinda odd reasoning behind why Banjou turned Sento’s friend Tetsuya back into a SMASH after Sento saved him using NinninComic. We also get an explanation behind what the gas is that Faust is using to turn humans into SMASH as well as a little more of an explanation behind Blood Stark’s actions. We unfortunately don’t get to see a new Best Match this week, unless you count the preview for the next episode, but we do get to see a new Trial Form when Sento decides to match up the Ninja and Tank Full Bottles, which was a little interesting. We also find out what happens when someone other than Sento tries to use the Build Driver when we see Banjou attempt to use it.

This week’s episode begins with Banjou following the SMASH he reverted to the Skywall where he’s attacked by some Government Guardians and Officers. He is almost arrested but Build in NinninComic form intervenes and saves him. We then see them back at their base as they start arguing and fighting each other which leads to Banjou trying to use the Build Driver and Sento explaining that it isn’t one size fits all. We also see Sento notice that the Dragon Full Bottle has changed since Banjou has had it.

After that, we see Night Rogue and Blood Stark talking about Blood Stark raising Build’s Hazard Level as well as Owner explaining to Banjou why Sento feels the need to try to save everyone from Faust. We also see Sento doing research on the Skywall when Gentoku Himuro explains to him that it emits a gas from underground that’s made up of minerals not found on Earth.

We also see Misora and Sawa chatting about relationships when Sento walks in and declares his love of openings. He then tells Banjou about the opening and they plan to attack Faust HQ, which is hidden under the Skywall. We then see Gentoku talking to someone on the phone about showing Sento the data on the Sky Wall. With Sento and Banjou at the entrance that Sento found and while they are talking, Sento gives Banjou a new invention he came up with in the form of a mini Dragon he made for Banjou. They then proceed to sneak past patrols as they break into Faust HQ under the Skywall.

Once they’ve made it past the patrols into Faust HQ, we see some scientists in hazmat suits experimenting on someone. They start to run away, scared by the sight of Banjou and Build. We then see Sento having some flashbacks while Banjou interrogates one of the scientists about who framed him. Blood Stark appears and attacks the fleeing test subject. We then discover that Sento and Banjou are unique in that they were dosed with enough Nebula Gas to turn then into SMASH but neither of them changed. Banjou is then poisoned by Blood Stark but his new toy Dragon saves him and spits out the poison. Meanwhile, Sento loses his temper and attacks Blood Stark. As Blood Stark leaves, Banjou calms Sento down by reminding him what Banjou asked was most important to him.

We then see Sento and Banjou save Tatsuya by turning him back then they narrowly escape the Faust facility before it explodes. As the episode reaches it’s end, Tatsuya explains to the pair that he delivered Sento to a new part-time job making medicine at Katsuragi Takumi’s place who’s murder is blamed on Banjou. It’s revealed that Sento was there a full hour ahead of Banjou and could’ve seen who killed Katsuragi Takumi or that Sento could’ve been the one who killed him.

So all in all, it was quite a nice and informative episode where we learnt a little more about Sento’s past as well as finding out that Faust has multiple facilities hidden under the Skywall. We also find out what they are using to create SMASH. In my opinion, it was a good episode as it filled in more blanks as well as progressed the story a bit more. I’m excited to see what happens in regards to Sento and his memories as well as the dynamic between Sento and Banjou.

So that’s it for this week’s Kamen Rider Build review. Do you think Banjou’s Dragon may be a hint as to what’s to come? What’s your opinion on the Katsuragi murder and who’s guilty or innocent? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Kamen Ranger’s Ramblings: Mask or Helmet?

Now it might seem silly to even debate this point. The title of the show is “Masked Rider” after all. However, this has been something that’s bugged me slightly ever since Samurai Flamenco brought it up in the first episode: Is Kamen Rider’s mask actually a mask or is it a helmet?

The definition of mask in this context refers to something that covers all or part of one’s face and while a Kamen Rider’s “mask” certainly does that it doesn’t stop there. The whole of their head is covered by a protective layer which would also make it a helmet.

Now we can argue this point back and forth but what does it mean either way? Well, if a Kamen Rider’s mask is actually a helmet then they’ve been lying to us all and can they really be considered true heroes of justice if that’s the case?

On the other hand if it really is just a mask then they’re riding motorbikes without a helmet and as Samurai Flamenco points out. This is hardly fitting behavior for a hero and doesn’t set a very good example.

Then of course we have Riders like Shin and Hibiki who don’t wear either, though in Shin’s case he doesn’t really ride a bike and neither of them are that well liked either so maybe they’ve already received their punishment for their heinous crime. We may have gotten those Shin Kamen Rider sequels if only he’d have obeyed traffic safety laws…

There’s also the issue of how Kamen Riders even see out of their masks. Both versions of Birth seemed to have an Iron Man style set up in theirs but Heads-Up Display (HUD) was hardly a thing in the Showa period and those big compound eyes don’t make for the clearest of viewing mediums – unless you want to see several dozen of the one thing you want to look at.

So what do we take away from this conundrum? Is it that sometimes even heroes have to blur the lines of morality at times to preserve peace? Or is it that “Masked Rider” Sounds cooler than “Helmeted Rider” and it’s best not to read too deeply into a kid’s show?

It’s probably that last one.

What did you think of this ramble? Do you consider it a mask or a helmet? Let us know in the comments.

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