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Kamen Rider Build: Photos of Upcoming Toys Leaked

This year, at the end of year reception in Kawada, some upcoming toys for Kamen Rider Build were shown off. Most of these toys were still in some prototype form as they were unpainted. Thanks to Dengeki Hobby Web we have some photos of these upcoming toys.

Most upcoming toys shown off were some of the November releases. These include the Cross Dragon. The Cross Dragon comes with the Dragon Full Bottle and is used in the Build Driver by the secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Cross.


Continuing with Kamen Rider Cross, here is his weapon the Beat Crosser. Like the Cross Dragon, this toy is seen in its unpainted, prototype form. The Beat Crosser does have Full Bottle functionality but it’s not sold with any.


The toy for Build’s bike, which comes with the Lion Full Bottle can be seen as well. This bike is scaled to work with the Build Bottle Change figure line.

For other Build toys, some upcoming weapons and Full Bottles were shown off. Build’s upcoming weapon for his PirateTrain form, the Kaizoku Hassha. This bow weapon is also unpainted. Like Build’s other side weapons no Full Bottles are sold this this weapon. It dosen’t have any Full Bottle functionality. Also seen is the Pandora Panel, this toy comes with the Firetruck Full Bottle, which is needed to complete the Best Match with Vaccum. The Pandora Panel can hold up to 10 Full Bottles, so 5 Best Mathces. Both of these toys come out in November.


The final toy shown off at this event is the special Full Bottle for Build’s upgrade form RabbitTank Sparkling. This large Full Bottle takes up both slots in the Build Driver. It seems this toy is really close to ready as it matches the finished product from the toy scans. Due to the dim eyes on the bottle it’s possible this Full Bottle may light up on it’s own. This toy is out in December.


Away from this event, some images for a new Build Premium Bandai toy have been revealed. This item, the Snap Ride Builder, is an accessory for the Build Change Rider Series figures. It’s made to replicate the transformation sequence for Build’s Best Matches this piece allows the two halves of Build to be clipped in one on each side and have Build stand in the middle to get the show effect.

The images revealed showcase this being used by the 4 released, or about to be released figures in the Build Change Rider Series.

1- RabbitTank




This piece can be used by future releases of the line as well. Since it’s interchangeable none of the pipes have colors in them as it would make it not show accurate. If you are a collector of the Build Change Rider Series then this piece is perfect for your collection! This toy is due out in February 2018 from Premium Bandai.

Keep your eyes here on Toku Toy Store News for all the details about upcoming Kamen Rider toy releases, as well as those from other tokusatsu series.

Will you be picking up any of these new toys? Do you collect the Build Rider Change figures? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Kamen Rider Build: Episode 6 Review

After the events of episode 5, we get to see the kinda odd reasoning behind why Banjou turned Sento’s friend Tetsuya back into a SMASH after Sento saved him using NinninComic. We also get an explanation behind what the gas is that Faust is using to turn humans into SMASH as well as a little more of an explanation behind Blood Stark’s actions. We unfortunately don’t get to see a new Best Match this week, unless you count the preview for the next episode, but we do get to see a new Trial Form when Sento decides to match up the Ninja and Tank Full Bottles, which was a little interesting. We also find out what happens when someone other than Sento tries to use the Build Driver when we see Banjou attempt to use it.

This week’s episode begins with Banjou following the SMASH he reverted to the Skywall where he’s attacked by some Government Guardians and Officers. He is almost arrested but Build in NinninComic form intervenes and saves him. We then see them back at their base as they start arguing and fighting each other which leads to Banjou trying to use the Build Driver and Sento explaining that it isn’t one size fits all. We also see Sento notice that the Dragon Full Bottle has changed since Banjou has had it.

After that, we see Night Rogue and Blood Stark talking about Blood Stark raising Build’s Hazard Level as well as Owner explaining to Banjou why Sento feels the need to try to save everyone from Faust. We also see Sento doing research on the Skywall when Gentoku Himuro explains to him that it emits a gas from underground that’s made up of minerals not found on Earth.

We also see Misora and Sawa chatting about relationships when Sento walks in and declares his love of openings. He then tells Banjou about the opening and they plan to attack Faust HQ, which is hidden under the Skywall. We then see Gentoku talking to someone on the phone about showing Sento the data on the Sky Wall. With Sento and Banjou at the entrance that Sento found and while they are talking, Sento gives Banjou a new invention he came up with in the form of a mini Dragon he made for Banjou. They then proceed to sneak past patrols as they break into Faust HQ under the Skywall.

Once they’ve made it past the patrols into Faust HQ, we see some scientists in hazmat suits experimenting on someone. They start to run away, scared by the sight of Banjou and Build. We then see Sento having some flashbacks while Banjou interrogates one of the scientists about who framed him. Blood Stark appears and attacks the fleeing test subject. We then discover that Sento and Banjou are unique in that they were dosed with enough Nebula Gas to turn then into SMASH but neither of them changed. Banjou is then poisoned by Blood Stark but his new toy Dragon saves him and spits out the poison. Meanwhile, Sento loses his temper and attacks Blood Stark. As Blood Stark leaves, Banjou calms Sento down by reminding him what Banjou asked was most important to him.

We then see Sento and Banjou save Tatsuya by turning him back then they narrowly escape the Faust facility before it explodes. As the episode reaches it’s end, Tatsuya explains to the pair that he delivered Sento to a new part-time job making medicine at Katsuragi Takumi’s place who’s murder is blamed on Banjou. It’s revealed that Sento was there a full hour ahead of Banjou and could’ve seen who killed Katsuragi Takumi or that Sento could’ve been the one who killed him.

So all in all, it was quite a nice and informative episode where we learnt a little more about Sento’s past as well as finding out that Faust has multiple facilities hidden under the Skywall. We also find out what they are using to create SMASH. In my opinion, it was a good episode as it filled in more blanks as well as progressed the story a bit more. I’m excited to see what happens in regards to Sento and his memories as well as the dynamic between Sento and Banjou.

So that’s it for this week’s Kamen Rider Build review. Do you think Banjou’s Dragon may be a hint as to what’s to come? What’s your opinion on the Katsuragi murder and who’s guilty or innocent? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Kamen Ranger’s Ramblings: Mask or Helmet?

Now it might seem silly to even debate this point. The title of the show is “Masked Rider” after all. However, this has been something that’s bugged me slightly ever since Samurai Flamenco brought it up in the first episode: Is Kamen Rider’s mask actually a mask or is it a helmet?

The definition of mask in this context refers to something that covers all or part of one’s face and while a Kamen Rider’s “mask” certainly does that it doesn’t stop there. The whole of their head is covered by a protective layer which would also make it a helmet.

Now we can argue this point back and forth but what does it mean either way? Well, if a Kamen Rider’s mask is actually a helmet then they’ve been lying to us all and can they really be considered true heroes of justice if that’s the case?

On the other hand if it really is just a mask then they’re riding motorbikes without a helmet and as Samurai Flamenco points out. This is hardly fitting behavior for a hero and doesn’t set a very good example.

Then of course we have Riders like Shin and Hibiki who don’t wear either, though in Shin’s case he doesn’t really ride a bike and neither of them are that well liked either so maybe they’ve already received their punishment for their heinous crime. We may have gotten those Shin Kamen Rider sequels if only he’d have obeyed traffic safety laws…

There’s also the issue of how Kamen Riders even see out of their masks. Both versions of Birth seemed to have an Iron Man style set up in theirs but Heads-Up Display (HUD) was hardly a thing in the Showa period and those big compound eyes don’t make for the clearest of viewing mediums – unless you want to see several dozen of the one thing you want to look at.

So what do we take away from this conundrum? Is it that sometimes even heroes have to blur the lines of morality at times to preserve peace? Or is it that “Masked Rider” Sounds cooler than “Helmeted Rider” and it’s best not to read too deeply into a kid’s show?

It’s probably that last one.

What did you think of this ramble? Do you consider it a mask or a helmet? Let us know in the comments.

[Photo Credit: Viofitz]
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Pacific Rim: Uprising – Trailer Analysis

It should come as no surprise that the Toku Toy Store team dig giant robots to a level that can only be rivalled by Megas XLR. However, it’s fair to say that only the biggest and baddest robots can be found wading around the Pacific Rim and with a brand new trailer hitting our screens, I think it’s time I entered the Shatterdome and gave you the run down for Pacific Rim: Uprising.

YEAH BOY(ega)!


With a tasteful lick of the original Gipsy Danger theme on a mournful guitar (followed by the most god awful trailer song I’ve ever heard), we get a look at, and some sweet monologue from, John Boyega as Jake Pentecost and boy(ega), is he a fantastic choice to play the son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba, in the original film). We’re treated to what I imagine is his own rallying cry and while it’s no cancelling of the apocalypse, it shows that Jake is already a fine leader and is more than up for the task of filling daddy’s Drivesuit.

Old’s Cool

With only ten years passing between films, we thankfully get some returning characters in the form of Mako Mori, Newt Geiszler, and Hermaan Gottlieb (played by their reprising actors; Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Burn Gorman, respectively). Shame Charlie Hunnam couldn’t make an appearance and somewhat redeem himself for his performance in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie.

Teenagers with Attitude 


No one man makes an army (even if it’s Boyega playing Elba’s son) and we need to fill out the cannon fodder – cast with more Jaeger pilots. Not much to say on them since I bet most of them will barely make an impact outside of their respective robots but they’re really pushing the “New Generation” thing hard.

Wir sind de Jaeger!


Intercut with shots of kaiju destruction we get glimpses of the new Mark 5 and Mark 6 Jaegers. It’s interesting that these newer models are literally launched like rockets into crisis zones. I’m not a fan of most of their names – Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena, Guardian Bravo, Titan Redeemer, and Bracer Phoenix – they lack the lunacy of the likes of Brawler Yukon, Matador Fury or Striker Eureka but I will admit that Gipsy Avenger is a belter of a name.

Dark Rangers


Something the trailer hints at heavily is the inclusion of an antagonistic force of Jaegers but I can’t find any information about them or their seeming leader who goes toe-to-toe with Gipsy Avenger in multiple different battles. Are these new Jaegers man-made or have the kaiju reverse-engineered their own super-robots? Hard to say until the film gets released but I’m sure it’ll be fun finding out!

Monster Mash

PRU7The last few shots of the movie give an indication of what the actual fleshy kaiju have been up to and, frankly, they’ve been taking cues from the giant robots because now they can COMBINE! That’s a neat new twist on the giant monster genre and I can’t wait to see how that fight plays out.

PRU6Overall, Pacific Rim: Uprising is being targeted to a much younger demographic while trying to maintain a series continuity and retain the original’s audience. Bringing back original cast members and casting John Boyega as the Son of Pentecost will go a long way to do so. Despite it’s new Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic, I can’t wait for this movie to be released on March 23rd, 2018!

What did you think of the trailer? Excited for the movie? Hungry for all those delicious Bandai toys? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kamen Rider Build 2nd Quarter Toy Catalogue Revealed

It’s time, once again, to prepare your wallets and clear out some shelf space because the new Kamen Rider Build catalogue is here! All of these toys will be releasing between November 2017 and February 2018.

The first of the new toys is a brand new gimmick line, the “Scrunch Jellies”. These are Full Bottles in the shape of a drinks pouch and can be used with the new DX Scrunch Driver. The Scrunch Driver allows Kamen Rider Cross (Banjou Ryuuga – Cross, Claws, name TBC) to transform into Kamen Rider Cross Charge using the Dragon Scrunch Jelly. A new Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Grease, will use the Robot Scrunch Jelly to transform. The Scrunch Driver will be released in December.


The next new toy is the “Twin Breaker”. This will be the main weapon of Kamen Riders Cross Charge and Grease. The Twin Breaker will have 2 modes; Attack Mode and Beam Mode. It will also be able to do 3 different finishers; Single Break (when one Full Bottle is inserted), Twin break (when one Full Bottle and one Scrunch Jelly is inserted) and Let’s Break (when the Cross Dragon is inserted). The Twin Breaker will also be released in December.


Next up is the “Hazard Trigger”. The Hazard Trigger is a red device that attaches to the top of the Build Driver, allowing Build to access upgraded versions of some of his forms. Using it alongside the Rabbit and Tank Full Bottles will allow Build to transform into RabbitTank Hazard form. The Hazard Trigger will be released next February.


Now for more Bottles! The new Full Bottles are Wolf, Sumaho (Smart Phone), Phoenix and Robo. The Wolf and Sumaho Full Bottles will also be compatible with the Hazard Trigger. There will also be two new Full Bottles representing past riders: The Medal Full Bottle (OOO) and the Friendship Full Bottle (Fourze). The Medal and Friendship Full Bottles will be released in November, the Phoenix and Robo Full Bottles will be released in December & the Wolf and Sumaho Full Bottles will be released next February.

The next Bottle is the Crocodile Crack Full Bottle. When used in the Scrunch Driver, it will allow Night Rogue to transform into Kamen Rider Rogue. The Bottle will be released next February alongside Kamen Rider Rouge’s main weapon, the Nebula Steam Gun.


Next we have even more new Bottles! We have; Unicorn and Keshigomu (Eraser), Gold and Scorpion, Tora (Tiger) and UFO, Kujira (Killer whale) and Jet, Turtle and Watch, Shika (Deer) and Pyramid, Kirin (Giraffe) and Senpuki (Fan) & Penguin and Sukebo (Skateboard). All of these Bottles will be released in February.


And finally, the figures. There will be Bottle Change and Rider Hero Series figures of Build RabbitTank Sparkling, Cross Charge and Grease released in December And Kamen Rider Rogue to be released next February. There will also be “Legend Rider History” figures of Ex-Aid and Fourze.


What do you think of the new catalogue? Which new Build toys will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on our Facebook/Twitter pages!

[Source: “No Good Toku Talk” on Facebook]
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SODO Sundays: October 8th, 2017

Hello, tokusatsu community! Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my biweekly series, SODO Sundays. This week we have news from Kamen Rider Build, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, and the Ultraman franchise.

Kamen Rider Build

Last week, Bandai revealed the lineup for SODO Set 2, due out at the end of October. The final figures revealed for this set were two more Best Matches for Build. His newest form NinninComic was shown off first; this figure comes with the Ninja half, the Comic half, a stand, and his weapon the 4 Koma Ninpoutou.

Bandai also revealed Build’s next Best Match: RocketPanda! This figure comes with the Rocket half, the Panda half, and a stand. RocketPanda also comes with the Steam Blade weapon for Night Rogue and Blood Stalk. To give both of them the blade, you’ll have to buy two of RocketPanda, sadly.

Of course, as with all SODO Build figures, the Ninja, Comic, Rocket, and Panda halves can be mixed and matched with all the other halves already released to get all of Build’s Trial Forms.

The full line up for SODO Build Set 2:

1-2: HawkGatling

3-4: NinninComic

5-6: RocketPanda

7: Night Rogue


When it comes to Blood Stalk, his figure was just revealed last night as the first figure in Set 3, due out in November. Stalk comes with the sticker for his stand (stand sold in other sets) and the Transteam Gun. The gun is cast in red plastic this time, probably to cut down on costs a bit.

A final note for Set 3 is that Bandai said to make sure you have the Vacuum and Hedgehog pieces for this set, basically confirming that Fire Truck and Lion will be released in Set 3 to complete those Best Matches.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Ex-Aid’s new form, featured in the upcoming Kamen Rider Para-DX Hyper Battle DVD, was getting a SODO figure release in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Super Complete Special Edition Hyper Muteki Box in December. Pictures for this figure have finally been revealed. The figure looks great, using all repainted parts from other Ex-Aid SODO figures it captures the look of Double Fighter Gamer Level 39 perfectly.



Finally, two new SHODO Ultraman VS. sets have had some pictures revealed. VS. Set 4 features the figures of the original Ultraman, Ultraman Tiga, Red King, and Alien Balton. This set releases in December.

In January 2018, the next Ultraman VS. set will be released. VS. Set 5 will include the current Ultraman, Ultraman Geed, as well as Ultraman Leo, Astra, and Magma Star. Set 5 also includes some effect parts of buildings and attacks to create great display pieces. The building pieces would also be great for the Super Sentai Minipla robo series.

Of course, SODO Build Set 2-3 as well as Ultraman VS. Sets 4-5 will be available at!

You can watch my full SODO Sunday video below:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays! The next edition will be on Sunday October 22nd on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel. For constant updates on the SODO/SHODO line go check out the @SODOFountain Twitter page.

Will you be picking up these figures? What figures do you want Bandai to make next? Leave a comment down below!

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New Premium Bandai Kamen Rider Ex-Aid DX Gashats Revealed

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid ended a month ago but Bandai isn’t done with your wallet yet! Premium Bandai is back at it again with some more Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Gashats. Revealed today were 2 new Gashats to be featured in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Another Ending V-Cinemas coming out spring of next year.

The first Gashat revealed is one that was already known,  DX God Maximum Mighty X. This Gashat was announced a month ago when the movies were announced. It was to be packaged along with the DVD & Blu-ray special editions of the movie trilogy but now it seems you can buy this Gashat & DVD/Blu-ray set on Premium Bandai. Since it comes only in this special set, the price is pretty steep. Today Premium Bandai revealed the jingles and more photos of this upcoming Gashat. It’s assumed this Gashat will be featured in the Genm vs Lazer V-Cinema but since it’s coming with all 3 movies it could have more importance that that.

This Gashat is a repaint of Ex-Aid’s Maximum Mighty X Gashat done up in Genm’s colors. It has Kuroto Dan written all over it. The sounds also match his characters. It’s unknown if this Gashat will be used for a new form for Genm but it probably will be in at least one of the V-Cinemas.

Here are the translated transformation jingles:

“Gachan!” “I-mmor-tal!”

“The Ultimate God’s Genius” “Kuroto Dan!” “Kuroto Dan”

“God Maximum X!”

“God Maximum Critical Blessing!”

Extremely fitting for Kuroto’s new Gashat. He of course makes his Gashat be all about him.

But wait, there’s more…

The other Gashat revealed from Premium Bandai is the DX Gashat Gear Dual Another. This Gashat is just a greyscale repaint of the original Gashat Gear Dual used by Kamen Rider Para-DX. It’s basically just a Proto Gashat version of his Gashat. The sounds for the Perfect Puzzle and Knockout Fighter henshins appear to be the same as the original release. The new sounds come from what the Perfect Knockout jingle was. In the movie a new Rider known as Kamen Rider Another Para-DX will use this Gashat to transform.

Here is the translated jingle for the new Perfect Knockout:

“The evil power fist,  the dark puzzle chain! A champion of pure evil! Perfect Knockout!”

It definitely sounds evil! It appears this new Rider is the villain for the Para-DX with Poppy V-Cinema. With a Gashat revealed for 2 of the 3 V-Cinemas could more be on the way for the Brave and Snipe V-Cinema as well? Time will tell.

Could it be these two Gashats along with Doctor Mighty XX and Knockout Fighter 2 were the Gashats Kuroto was seen working on at the end of the show? It would make sense as these 4 Gashats line up pretty closely to his work here.



Will you be picking these Gashats up? Are you looking forward to the Ex-Aid V-Cinemas next year? Comment down below!

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Upcoming Power Rangers toys revealed at New York Comic-Con

All of the newest, upcoming Power Rangers toys have been revealed at New York Comic Con, and they look great. With Power Rangers Ninja Steel getting closer to Super Ninja Steel, Bandai America have taken this opportunity to unveil some of their upcoming releases. From standard Deluxe toys to Legacy Line, there’s plenty to feed your desire demons.

First, we’ve got our first look at the ‘Blaze Megazord’, Super Ninja Steel’s version of the Gekiatsu Dai-Oh!

Looking almost identical to its Japanese counterpart, the Blaze Megazord definitely looks the part. Maintaining the 6 coloured Rangers in the chest for what we can only assume is a dart-firing action, this toy will be a must-buy if the Gekiatsu Dai-Oh is out of your price range.

We also get a nice look at the accompanying Super Ninja Steel figures and weapon with summoning star.

 These heavily armoured figures have taken Ninja Master Mode to a whole new level, with a nice gold accent.

The Deluxe Blade Bow also sparks some interest, as it’s a sword that springs open into a bow! Double the fun, double the trouble for kids hitting their friends over the head by accident. The included summoning star is just as unflattering as all the Ninja Steel stars, so if anything you’ll only be buying that set for the Power Rangers exclusive original weapon. Shocker!

Now on to the good stuff.

We get a great look at the upcoming Legacy Toys too, and oh boy there’s a lot to see.

Zeo Red, Zeo Pink, Zeo Blue, Dino Thunder Yellow and Dino Thunder Black all looking as great as expected. The Dino Thunder Black figure will be a must-have with the Exclusive Tommy Figure set coming soon, as Dino Thunder Black will not be included in that set.

In the back of that picture you may have noticed some new items as well. Introducing the ‘Legacy Mini Helmet ‘ line.

A great item for any collector, these helmets will be too small to wear, but will fit comfortably on even the smallest shelf. (They’ll be a lot more affordable too). Here’s hoping we see this line release helmets for rangers other than MMPR!

Lastly, we see the Legacy Zords. These zords are an individual release of non-combining MMPR zords. Great for displays, these zords will be better articulated than the existing Deluxe and Legacy Zords. Designed to pose in action scenes, or simply play with, this line will be great if you don’t want your children to choke on the small parts that are normally included with other releases.

What Legacy Zords and Mini Helmets would you like to see released? Let us know in the comments or on the Toku Toy Store Facebook and Twitter pages!

Photo Credit: Power Rangers NOW
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Kamen Rider Build: Episode 5 Review

When this episode was first teased, it left us on a big cliffhanger. The owner was revealed to be in possession of a panel of the Pandora Box, leading Sento to question whether he was a member of Faust. Although the episode did reveal things about him, it was quite anticlimactic compared to what we were originally shown.

The episode begins with the owner telling Sento about how he was the astronaut who activated the Pandora Box, explaining how he found the panel. As I said, this is kinda unexpected. Although it makes sense, it’s still confusing why he didn’t just tell Sento when he found him considering his reaction.

While we get to learn more about the owner, some of Sento’s back story is revealed too. We learn that, before he lost his memory, he was actually a member of a band. It’s kinda funny how he may not be as smart as he was initially claiming, although he did leave the band to work on a new drug so that kinda makes up for it. Personally, I think this is a bit to early for a reveal like this. I know I said in my episode 2 review that I’m glad the show is taking risks this early, but Sento and the owner’s reveals should’ve been saved for episodes 9-12.

We also get to see more of Blood Stark. In my opinion, he is probably the most threatening villain in the series so far. He was shown to be intimidating from his first appearance but this episode just makes him look even cooler. Speaking of cool… The new form in this episode, NinninComic, is probably one of my favourite forms so far. I especially like the new weapon, which incorporated 4-panel manga into the design.

The SMASH of this episode was created from one of Sento’s old band mates. He wasn’t defeated though, since Ryuuga stopped Sento from extracting the essence so he could test his theory that SMASH return to the Faust HQ when their essence is returned. Segueing nicely into the next episode.

Overall, this episode was okay. The plot twists should’ve come later on but they were well executed either way. I’m looking forward to the next few episodes.

What do you think of Build so far? Let us know in the comments!


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Saban Brands reveal first details on 25th Anniversary celebrations

In conjunction with their announcement at today’s Licensing Expo, Saban Brands sent out the following press release detailing the early plans for their 25th Anniversary celebration.

Saban Brands today announced the official 25th anniversary campaign for Saban’s Power Rangers, the iconic superhero franchise. To commemorate 25 powerful years, Saban’s Power Rangers’ anniversary campaign will be a multi-tiered program, titled, “You’ve Got the Power”, designed to encourage, enable and empower children and adults to unleash their inner superhero. Saban Brands will soon begin unveiling never-before seen content as well as partnerships, tours and interactive programs that embody the core pillars of the Power Rangers brand: friendship, inclusivity, diversity and teamwork – a powerful combination. Additionally, because “it’s morphin time,” Saban Brands will celebrate the brand’s anniversary date, August 28, 2018, in morphinominal fashion.

In addition to the reveal of the Power Rangers 25th anniversary logo, Saban Brands shared a sneak peek into the celebratory year, which will include, but not be limited to, the following:

• A special 25th anniversary episode will air on Nickelodeon during the “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel” season in Summer 2018.
• A highly anticipated national live tour in partnership with Red Light Management and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) will be an epic, one-of-a-kind and interactive theatre production. More details, along with pre-sale tickets, will be announced in early October.
• Power Rangers will soon be the first licensed property with an official interactive role playing game streaming live on Hyper RPG, an industry leading channel on Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community.
• Interactive experiences with new, game-changing brand partners to create Power Rangers escape rooms and virtual reality centers as well as learning and physical development opportunities for kids and much more.
• The unveiling of the “Top 25 for the 25th” collection which will feature must-have, official anniversary items for collectors of all ages from notable partners including toy partner Bandai, the chart-topping mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars from nWay and record-breaking Power Rangers comics from BOOM! Studios, amongst others.

“At its premiere in 1993, the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ resonated with people around the world, turning it into a global pop culture phenomenon,” said Janet Hsu, CEO at Saban Brands. “Since then, the Power Rangers TV series has continued to exemplify teamwork and inclusivity which is something we are extremely proud of and will be showcasing throughout our 25th anniversary year as we look to celebrate this historic milestone with fans of all ages.”

Created by Haim Saban and launched in 1993, Power Rangers is one of the most-watched television programs in the United States and remains one of the top-rated and longest running kids live-action series in television history. The series and subsequent movies, including 2017’s feature film with Lionsgate, follows the adventures of a group of ordinary teens who morph into superheroes and save the world from evil. The TV show airs in 150 markets around the world and is translated into numerous languages. As a top ranked action brand for decades with more than 150 licensees globally, Saban Brands will work closely with its valued partners to honor this incredible landmark for the franchise.

Teaser campaigns will begin soon and the official celebration will kick off in January 2018 continuing through holiday 2018. For more information, please visit and follow Power Rangers on, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The press release also included the full logo for Power Rangers 25, seen below:


Are you excited for the 25th Anniversary? What do you think of the first announcements? Join the discussion in the comment section below or on Toku Toy Store’s Facebook and Twitter pages!