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Kamen Rider Build Episode 25 Review

Wow! This was a very packed episode with a lot of great character development. Let’s dive right in!

We open the episode on Misora literally moving sections of the Sky Wall to repel Rogue and the Kaiser system bros before she collapses into a heap once again. She utters a single word as she does so, “Evolt,” which will likely end up becoming a big plot element later on. The Build team takes her back to Cafe Narascia and watches over her, debating about what may have happened. Clearly loathing the idea, Sento realizes he has to go to Blood Stalk for more information.

2018-03-06 (2).png
The next scene cuts to a secret meeting between the chairman of Nanba Heavy Industry and the president of Seito. It’s a brief scene but shows that is still spying for them.
When Sento and Isurugi meet, they discuss Misora, and where her bracelet came from. As it turns out, Misora’s bracelet came from Mars as well, and it had some kind of attraction to her. Isurugi acknowledges that his daughter may very well be the most powerful lifeform on the planet if she can move the Sky Wall.

2018-03-06 (3).png

Isurugi also explains that the Washio brothers (Engine Bros and Remote Control Bros) and Utsumi are agents not of Seito, but of a group under Nanba Heavy Industry called the Nanba Children. The way the group is described, they are presented as a sort of private intelligence network directly reporting to Nanba.

2018-03-06 (4).png
When Misora wakes up, she is fine. She appears confused but otherwise has come to no harm or visible injury, and asks them to discover the cause of what has been happening to her. The team agrees, and we cut to Ryuga helping a soldier for Touto coordinate a move of Pandora’s Box. Here, Chairman Nanba’s true motives are revealed. He tells Utsumi that he wants to have the weapons to win a world war, so that he can “rest atop the military industrial world.”
Sento and Misora begin to go over the bracelet and what happened to her, using a VR headset, wired between Misora’s bracelet and the computer, to project Misora’s thoughts onto a screen. In this way, they discover that what Misora sees when she purifies bottles is possibly the end of Martian civilization, destroyed in fire by the power of Pandora’s Box. Misora confesses she is deeply troubled by these images, and vows to keep fighting as long as she can anyway. In this moment, Sento and Misora have a real bonding experience as he renews his own vow to fight.

2018-03-06 (6).png
Engine Bros and Remote Control Bros are deployed to a factory in Touto to retrieve Pandora’s Box. Grease, hearing the order and alert that they are coming, has a brief exchange with Aka about burying the dog tags for Aoba and Kiba at the base of the Sky Wall. This moment, though small, shows that the characters have been changed and grown from these losses, if only slightly. The Washio brothers arrive, only to be met by Sento and Ryuga, and discover their intel had been falsified. A battle ensues and they begin in earnest. In time they are joined by Kazumi, who jumps eagerly into the fight against the brothers who killed his friend.
The fight doesn’t last long, and when it ends, we cut back to the prime minister’s office in Touto. Sento, Ryuga, and others discuss Sento’s possible theories on who the spy might be within Touto, and Sento takes very little time to point the finger at Mazusawa, the Prime Minister’s aide. Mazusawa confesses to the crime, and says that Rogue will be on his way to the true location of Pandora’s box before long.

2018-03-06 (8).png
He then kills himself using a bottle and declares, “Glory to Nanba Industries!”

2018-03-06 (9).png
As we find out, Pandora’s Box is being guarded by Aka, who is set upon by Gentoku. Aka is killed by Gentoku, while Kazumi, Ryuga, and Sento look on.

2018-03-06 (10).png
Kazumi picks up Aka’s tags off the floor, we see a small sequence of motivational words, Aka’s final farewell, and the three join in the fight to take on Gentoku together. This scene is powerful, especially given how short and sudden the attack is. Kazumi feels the loss heavily, visibly, as the fight continues on.
Even three on one, Gentoku easily outclasses the team. As they try to figure out what to do, they are joined by Misora, who insists on joining in the fight. She is attacked by Gentoku, and Ryuga steps in the way of the shot. It is at this point that Sento gives the warning that he is using the Hazard Trigger. Gentoku takes one hard hit, otherwise watching as Sento loses control and turns on his team, only acting when Ryuga turns his attention to Gentoku himself. After knocking Ryuga back with a finishing attack, Gentoku takes Pandora’s Box and makes his escape.
Sento, still in his berserk status, now turns on Misora, and begins to radiate some kind of black smoke. As he does, a transfer of energy occurs between Misora’s bracelet and Sento. One of the antennae on his helmet glows as the black smoke swirls around him.

2018-03-06 (13).png

The preview for the next episode sets up a new proxy battle against Seito, which will likely take us through the next few episodes.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Leave a comment down below!

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New Power Rangers RPG Game Coming Soon

Video game developer “Nexon” has just finished the closed beta for their new Android device game, “Power Rangers RPG”.

The game features two modes, Story Mode and VS Mode. In the story mode, you pick your own team of Rangers and fight monsters from throughout the series to earn money and items.


The story mode also has daily and weekly challenges to attempt such as beating a certain amount of levels or upgrading a ranger to a certain level. The VS mode involves battles against two teams of five Rangers.


You start off with a small team of three RPM Rangers but you unlock more as you progress through the game. Each Ranger has its own unique set of skills and can be upgraded using the in-game currency or other items that you unlock while playing. So far, twenty-nine Rangers and three Megazords have been confirmed to be playable but more will likely be announced when the game is officially released.


Unfortunately, the closed beta is no longer available, but there is plenty of footage of the game on YouTube.

Will you be getting the game? Let us know in the comments!

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Kamen Rider Build Episode 24 Review

Rogue is back!

Once again, Gentoku steals the scenery in the opening of Kamen Rider Build episode 24. We open the episode on Gentoku telling the story of how he became Kamen Rider Rogue, beginning with the immediate aftermath of his last appearance on the show. When we last saw Gentoku, he’d been cast aside by his family and the Touto government after inciting the current war.


Now, though, he is so determined to get revenge that he goes directly to Utsumi, prepared to kill the man if Gentoku is not made into a Rider. Utsumi is really coming into his own as a foreboding figure in these scenes, making Gentoku literally beg before they move forward, even going so far as to ask if revenge is more important to Gentoku than his pride.

2018-03-03 (1).png

The experimentation and transformation scenes are brutal, with Gentoku first being chained up in a cage, screaming to his captors the questions of what he lacks that Sento and the others all have.

2018-03-03 (3).png

When he is finally let out, it is only so Isurugi/Blood Stalk can strap a Sclash driver on him and set him loose in a room full of hostiles. Gentoku is initially defeated, and Stalk orders the group to kill Gentoku, saying, “We chose the wrong guy.”

2018-03-03 (4).png

This is the first transformation of Himuro Gentoku in Kamen Rider Rogue.

2018-03-03 (5).png

All this happens before the opening credits even begin to roll.

When the action picks up, we learn there is a bug in the office of Touto’s prime minister as he and the Touto Riders discuss moving Pandora’s box elsewhere. Sento, in the quiet that follows, even goes so far as to mourn Aoba, the first man he killed while using the Hazard Trigger, and is interrupted by Isurugi, looking for a fight. Isurugi compares Sento to Gentoku, saying the latter’s strength comes from his desperation the fact that Gentoku has nothing left to lose. Sento, on the other hand, is said to have such a burden that it is too much to bear. In this scene, we see PirateTrain Hazard form for the first time, to date the only time Sento has used a Best Match other than RabbitTank with the Hazard Trigger.

2018-03-03 (9).png

Even while being absolutely crushed by Sento’s new power, Isurugi encourages Sento to go further, noting with every hit that Sento’s Hazard level has increased. Kazumi/Grease intervenes to stop Sento from losing himself, and Isurugi leaves with the red Pandora Panel and a collection of full bottles.

This exchange gives way to a bonding moment between Sento and Kazumi that ends in Kazumi asking Sento directly for help. Ryuga still doesn’t trust them at all, but as things between Kazumi and Ryuga begin to escalate, Misora tries to step in, using her best Miitan face to calm Kazumi. True to Ryuga’s hard-headedness and Kazumi’s ability to never back down, it doesn’t last long. Sento spends some time after thinking on Isurugi’s words, clearly troubled.

2018-03-03 (12).png

After being joined by Misora in the lab, Sento reflects on how idealistic he was before the war began, and a brief exchange on the merits of love and peace as motivation to fight leads to Misora blacking out. Gentoku makes a move on the Touto government offices, accompanied by dozens of Seito forces and our heroes join the fight. Engine Bros and Remote Control Bros block the path of the Touto and Hokuto team, while Gentoku confronts his father with his weapon drawn and clearly leveled directly in the Prime Minister’s direction.

2018-03-03 (19).png

Gentoku’s body language and speech suggest that he would not hesitate to kill his own father if there was any resistance at this point. The prime minister reflects, regretfully, that he should have gone to the ceremony where Pandora’s Box was unveiled, rather than sending Gentoku in his place. This is far from the first time it has been implied the energy wave that created the Sky Wall also damaged the minds of the people present that day.

2018-03-03 (23).png

The battle moves to the base of the Sky Wall, and a battle begins again between our heroes and the Seito forces. Gentoku reveals his true motivation for becoming Rogue, and explains his belief that opening Pandora’s Box will be the end of the conflict, but the beginning of something new. Sento is defeated by Gentoku while Ryuga and Kazumi take on Engine Bros and Remote Control Bros, before Misora enters the battlefield. The camera is used in a variety of ways to convey the weight of her presence, and the episode ends on a flash of Misora’s new bright green eyes, the same colour as emeralds.

2018-03-03 (30).png

Final Verdict

Overall, this episode felt weaker than the previous entry, but was heavier on action and served an important purpose in bringing our core group of Riders together at last. The ambiguity in the relationship between the Touto and Hokuto groups is gone, and they have now all formed a team similar to the Gamer Doctors in last year’s Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. The bits with Misora will certainly need to be explained, and the preview for Episode 25 suggests we won’t need to wait long.

What did you guys think of this episode? Leave a comment down below!

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Kamen Rider Rogue Blu-Ray Special Preview

The trailer for the Kamen Rider Rogue special, Rogue, from Build Blu-Ray Collection 1 just dropped, and it looks impressive!

The special appears to run in three distinct parts, each a different phase in the life of Himuro Gentoku.

We begin with Night Rogue Rises, which shows the founding of Faust and and the transition of Himuro Gentoku into Night Rogue. In this episode, Katsuragi Takumi is shown well before his transformation into Kiryuu Sento, and the ranks of Faust are strong. Here, we see Katsuragi Takumi taking a much more active role in Faust than we’ve been shown previously.

Gentoku is shown holding a Transteam Gun, his original Henshin device, and looking healthy, confident, and proud. This is a far cry from when we see him next.

2018-03-04 (4).png

Dark Night Fall, by contrast, shows Gentoku in a cell with other prisoners, presumably shortly before his transformation into Kamen Rider Rogue. This is Gentoku at his lowest point, beaten, bloody, desperate. A mysterious new figure in a white jacket is shown, before the shot cuts to Blood Stalk and Utsumi. Are they working with this new character? We will have to wait to find out!

2018-03-04 (5).png

The final act, Kamen Rider Rogue, shows how Gentoku first becomes the Gentoku we know from episode 23 forward. Here we see his first meeting with the Kaiser System users, Engine Bros and Remocon Bros. Gentoku is shown here fighting for his life, shortly before transforming into Kamen Rider Rogue.

2018-03-04 (10).png

Look for Kamen Rider Build Blu-Ray Collection 1 March 28th in Japan!

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Toei announces Kamen Rider Ex-Aid novel series

Thought you were done with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid? Toei aren’t done with the doctor gamers yet!

Some interesting Ex-Aid news has been announced by Toei in the form of a novel series being published by Japanese publishing company, Kodansha.

From what’s been announced so far, the novel is set sometime after the events of the Another Ending V-Cinema Trilogy. The writer for the novel series is Yuya Takahashi, who was also the head writer for the series and the first book is due to be released at the end of June.

The title for the series is “Mighty Novel X” and is said to reveal the past and future for a character but we’re unsure as to which character that is yet.

Kodansha has been known to be publishing Kamen Rider novels for a few years now and their recent ones have been supplementary material to V-Cinema releases.

Are you excited to read about Ex-Aid’s continued adventures? What other Kamen Riders would you like to see in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jingi Irie joins the cast of Lupinranger VS Patoranger

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger is adding a tokusatsu alum to their cast

Some exciting news has been announced recently for Lupinranger VS Patoranger in the form of a new regular cast member, Jingi Irie who played Jiro in the Kikaider Reboot. From what’s been announced so far, it sounds like Jingi Irie will be joining the cast as Zamigo Delma, the guy who froze and stole/killed the friends and family of the Lupinrangers.

The information announced so far was revealed on the show’s official Twitter feed along with a photo of Jingi dressed as Zamigo. We’re not sure exactly what episode will be Jingi’s first appearance but it will be exciting to see how well he does.

Are you excited to see Jingi Irie join the Lupinranger VS Patoranger cast? Do you think he’s a bad guy or a good guy? Let us know in the comments below!

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March Pre-Orders for Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patoranger

March is here and Bandai has revealed all the new toys coming out this month for both Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger vs Patoranger.

Kamen Rider Build

As reported last month a large amount of Full Bottles will be released this month including:

Bandai was prepared for all the new Full Bottles to add to the collection with the release of two new Pandora Panels.

The DX Pandora Panel Red and DX Pandora Panel Blue are releasing on March 3rd in Japan. Both of these panels include 6 clips to form the Pandora Box. To make the Pandora Box 6 panels (or 2 of each kind) are required. The DX Spider and Cooler Full Bottles will be released with the panels. Each will retail for £29.99, the same price as the Grey panels. Unfortunately, Toku Toy Store has been unable to secure any of the Red and Blue Panels at release but keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news on the arrival of these items.

Also, to celebrate all the new Full Bottles, will be the DVD release of the ‘Kamen Rider Build: Raising the Hazard Level – The 7 Best Matches; YouTube special. Included in this set is the DX Shark and Bike Full Bottle Set. This set is up for pre-order for £44.99, here.

Build will also be getting two new forms in March: RabbitRabbit and TankTank, accessed with the DX FullFull RabbitTank Bottle. Retailing for £44.99, this bottle allows access to both forms and is used in the Build Driver to achieve the forms. You can pre-order at this link. If you don’t have a Hazard Trigger, a special set of the DX Hazard Trigger and FullFull RabbitTank Bottle will be released for £69.99, available here. We expect both sets to arrive in April.

The BCR release will also be out in March for £57.99. This is a three in one figure that is a base as RabbitTank Hazard and as armor to become RabbitRabbit and TankTank. Get yours here.


Lupinranger VS Patoranger

On March 3rd, Lupinranger VS Patoranger will have the release of the DX Goodstriker in Japan. Able to be used in the VS Changer this mecha allows the Patorangers to combine into PatranUgou, a vinyl of which releases on the 3rd for £9.99, here. The Goodstriker can also be used to combine with the VS Vehicles of both teams to create either the LupinKaizer (click here for the set) for the Lupirangers and PatoKaizer (click here for the set) for the Patorangers. Goodstriker retails for £44.99 and is available at this location.

On March 17th will be the first extra mecha for the teams. For the Lupinrangers the DX CycloneDial fighter which can combine with the LupinKaizer. The Patorangers get the DX Trigger Machine Biker which can combine with the PatoKazier. Each release on March 24th for £27.99. Keep your eyes peeled to Toku Toy Store for pre-orders of these mecha, coming soon.

Very exciting month for both shows! We’ll keep you updated with how Bandai intend to take your money in April.

Which toys excite you the most? Which do you plan to pick up? Leave a comment down below!

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Kamen Rider Build Episode 23 Review

What a week! Kamen Rider Rogue makes his entrance, fighting for Seito. Sento, Ryuga, and Kazumi now have a common enemy as they fight for the freedom of Touto and Hokuto. For me, this episode was powerful. Episode 23 brings a lot of the elements that make Build so entertaining together in a very satisfying way. Kazumi/Grease, in particular, displays a lot of the juxtaposition between silliness and heartfelt character development that have made the show so enjoyable.

To begin, the transition between Kazumi calmly accepting defeat in the Proxy Battle from episode 22 to his reaction at finding out Misora is his idol, Miitan, is just hilarious and stays very true to his character.Grease Acceps Defeat

Kazumi and Miitan

Sawa wastes no time in trying to exploit this, of course, asking for 50,000 “Dollarks” for Kazumi to shake Misora’s hand.

50000 Dollarks

The simple exchange, though played for laughs, fit flawlessly with both of their characters, especially when Kazumi’s companions had to remind him that, “That’s money we need to live!” These little moments, whether for comedy or drama, show how much thought has been put into making every single character believable and consistent. When the group learns Hokuto has been occupied by Seito, however, the dread on the faces of the Hokuto Kamen Rider and his companions is palpable.

2018-03-01 (16).png

The introduction of Engine Bros and Remote Control Bros, and the way they handily defeat Kiba, serves to raise the stakes not only for Hokuto, but for the overall scale of the conflict, and the video of Kiba being defeated by them is paired with a touching, dramatic musical score. This only makes Kazumi’s reluctant acceptance of help that much more vital to the story as a whole. His endless loyalty to his men, especially after so long faking amnesia to create distance, highlights the strength of the bond when he and Aka take on the new Kaiser system users to rescue Kiba.

2018-03-01 (2).png

Like the last major character death on the Hokuto side of the war, Kiba’s exit is a powerful, moving scene, and does a lot to show the lengths the Hokuto group will go to for their own. Even knowing they are beaten, they do everything they can to keep fighting, and do so without hesitation. Seeing Kiba’s desperation as he urges Grease and Aka to leave him, while they refuse to stop fighting for him, only makes the one-sidedness of the second part of this encounter feel that much more dreadful. His sacrifice to protect Kazumi and Aka gives real weight to his character.

2018-03-01 (8).png

Coupled with the shots cut in of the reveal that Nanba Heavy Industry and Utsumi are working together, there was a very real sense of our heroes being moved like pawns on a chessboard.

The introduction of Kamen Rider Rogue plays out in a way that feels very much like a Kurosawa-era Samurai film, with Rogue being painted as the old, gritty ronin, wandering the road in search of a battle. Obviously, he is given a clear motive and purpose, to carry out the orders of Seito’s government, but the shot draws some unmistakable parallels. When Rogue does finally arrive on the battlefield, at the base of the Sky Wall, the feeling harkens back to classic Samurai films like Rashomon, Seven Samurai, and even the more contemporary Rurouni Kenshin.

2018-03-01 (10).png

2018-03-01 (12).png

But, for all the grandeur and weight the show gives to this encounter, the battle is over almost as quickly as it begins. In this respect, the writers do an excellent job of cementing that Rogue, revealed almost immediately to be a returning Himuro Gentoku, is on an entirely new level. Even together, Banjou and Sento are quickly defeated by Rogue and his new abilities using the Crocodile Crack full bottle and Sclash driver. He looks more worn and weary than when we last saw him. Gone is the composed, politically motivated patriot of Touto and in his place there is a man clearly pushed to his limits. Gentoku’s new look evokes images of old cinematic samurai, with the coat-on-shoulders and arms-out-of-sleeves aesthetic. The episode ends on this reveal, leaving us to wonder what comes next.

2018-03-01 (15).png

Final Verdict
Overall, episode 23 is an excellent entry into what is proving to be a quality Rider show. I look forward to seeing what episode 24 has in store.

What do you think? Leave a comment down below!

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New Kamen Rider S.H Figuarts Revealed.

Good news for Dan Kuroto fans, as new figuarts for Genm and Cross-Z have been revealed!

Recently new scans have been released showing off new Kamen Rider SH Figuarts figures. The first figure is Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge, it comes with his twin breaker weapon and will cost 5940 yen (Approximately £39.78 or $55.30 as of writing).


The other new figure is the Tamashii Web exclusive Kamen Rider Genm Level 0, It comes with his Life Counter and will cost 6264 yen (Approximately £41.90 or $58.38 as of writing).



Both of these figures will be released in July.

Will you be getting any of these figures? Let us know in the comments!

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SODO Sundays- February 25th 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnighly series, SODO Sundays. This time we have some news from the Kamen Rider Build line.

Kamen Rider Build

Set 7 of the Build SODO figures releases at the end of March. Already revealed was SmarphoWolf but the rest of the set contents have been revealed.

First up is the newest Rider Kamen Rider Rogue. Rogue comes with the Nebula Steam Gun and a stand. The figure even has the caution sticker on the back of the helmet.

Next up are the Kaizer Bros: Engine and Romocon. They also have the ability to combine into the Hell Bros.

As always you can watch SODO Sundays Episode 13 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays! The next edition will release on March 11th on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel. For constant updates on the SODO/SHODO line, go check out the @SODOFountain Twitter page.