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From the 21st Super Sentai broadcast between 1997 and 1998, Denji Sentai Megaranger, comes the transformation bracelet, Degitaizer and the battle brace, Battleraizer. For adult Super Sentai fans, this is the latest installment in the Super Sentai Artisan series!

For the first time in the history of the Artisan line, a speech recognition system is mounted in both items, making it possible to reproduce the transformation, communication and robotic maneuvering sequences of the show. By pressing the microphone button at the top of the Degitaizer and saying “Install”, the transformation lock release sound is played. If you enter “3, 3, 5, Enter” on the numeric keypad of the main unit, a transformation sound will follow, like in Megaranger. Likewise, the Battleraizer plays robo summoning sounds by saying “Delta Mega!” after pushing the microphone button on the top. Also, by pushing any of the three buttons of the main body of the Battleraizer, the corresponding attack sound will play. Both items recognise more than 20 phrases.

An example of the Degitaizer’s recognisable voice commands and corresponding behavior:
· “Install!” ⇒ Transformation lock/unlock sound plays
· “Galaxy mega!” ⇒ Robo summoning sound plays
· “Opening!” ⇒ Megaranger opening theme song playback

After 20 years the cast have gathered and this set includes over 70 recorded cast voices including Mega Red / Date Kenta (act: Oshiba Hayato), Mega Silver / Hayakawa Yuusaku (act: Kanei Shigeru), and International Network of Excel-Science and Technology (INET) Scientist / Professor Kubota Eikichi (act: Saito Satoru).

Also equipped are the theme songs from the series. In the Degitaizer, the opening song “Denji Sentai Megaranger”, and ending song “Kinosei Ka Na”. The Battleraizer can play BGM too, including the songs “Nyuuryoku! Henshin Code 3, 3, 5!”, “Kimeru ze! Denji Gattai!” and “Yuujou no Tsubasa, Delta Mega!”

You can learn more about the features in this video:

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