Kamen Rider Build SODO Action Figures


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SODO figures are SG (Candy Toy) construction figures, approximately 4in tall in size. Each set comes with two parts, A-Side & B-Side, to create one complete Kamen Rider Build action figure.

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RabbitTank (Set 1), GorillaMond (Set 1), Harinezumi (Set 1), Soujiki (Set 1), HawkGatling (Set 2), NinNinComic (Set 2), RocketPanda (Set 2), Night Rogue (Set 2), KeyDragon & Cross-Z (Set 3), Lion (Set 3), Shoubousha (Set 3), Blood Stark (Set 3), OctopusLight (Set 4), KaizokuRessha (Set 4), Build Bike (Set 4), RabbitTank Sparkling (Set 5), PhoenixRobo (Set 5), Cross-Z Charge (Set 5), Night Rogue – Reissue (Set 5), Grease (Set 6), DoctorGame (Set 6), RabbitTank Hazard (Set 6), Blood Stark – Reissue (Set 6)


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